This Smart Bike Lock Connects to Your Phone #shorts

The Bordo C6500A SmartX folding bike lock is just as big and heavy as its name is long. #bike #bikelife #bikelover

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I only buy Kryptonite bike locker. You have an insurance that come with it in case your bike is stolen ( and it works, I got my money back )


Lockpicking Lawyer: Opens with a gentle hammer tap or magnet.


    You have that exactly right. 15 out of 15, give it to the lock picking lawyer and it’s one out of one. Lol.

    Daniel Hani

    He already posted a video he opened it without anything it has a defect if you shake it hard enough lmao

Arvid Falk

I can see you have great taste in podcasts.


LPL where you at ?

Heeby Jeebies

“…click on one… Click on two… And we’re open.”

Min Mina

Imagine charging a lock at all💀


I had this exact “smart” lock. In less than a year it’s battery died and I couldn’t open it at all. Luckily it wasn’t locked to anything and Amazon returned my money when I returned it. I also lost the keycard (my bad) and I couldn’t have transferred the app from my old phone to a new phone.

The keycard “key” also can’t be changed ever so if you accidentally share a picture of the keycard to social media the lock is completely useless. Do NOT ever share it to anyone you don’t trust 100%, no takebacksies.

I instead bought the Abus Bordo Granite X-Plus with a regular physical key. I now don’t have to charge it and my phone battery could be dead and I can still bike home. I once forgot my keys home, but that’s not that bad of an downside compared to phone app + battery powered.

Always store safely the Abus keycards, that’s the only way to create new keys or transfer to new phone. (You can’t transfer the app from phone to phone even with a rooted phone.)

Matthew Datcher

It looks like the 6500A is going for about $270. Who’s starting the fundraising campaign just to see how fast LPL breaks into it?

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