Beats Studio Buds Plus: A Clear Winner.

The Studio Buds Plus upgrade on their predecessors with more enhanced features and a bold aesthetics.

Find these wireless buds here:
Beats Studio Buds Plus:
Beats Studio Buds:
Beats Fit Pro:
AirPods Pro 2:
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Needs over the ear hook

Michael W

I’ll stick with my Earfun Air Pro 3 buds, for $80CAD. Fantastic value, very good performance.

    Serpent Vert

    Yes Canada! I’m sticking with my nothing ear 1 gen 1 $120 CAD with a good mix of features.


    +1 for Earfun Air Pro 3, they are my daily driver and I can’t really complain about anything. It’s a non-starter that Beats don’t have wireless charging.

Nour Moghrabi

Beat studios buds vs beat studios buds plus


So better than the originals but nowhere near the Beats Fit Pro or AirPods Pro 2 lol

Keith Smith

I want the clear buds but cant find them anywhere. I grew up in the clear era and wants these but where do I get them? Even on the apple website they are not there.

    Joshua Lewis

    Because beats have not official announced them yet

    Keith Smith

    @Joshua Lewis thank you so much.

Yohan Bestel

Does it have wireless charging?

    Deepak Madabushi

    No, it doesn’t 6:03



Avogadro Jerson

Nothing will be Nothing 😂

Alex Hsu

Noise reduction still distorts the human voice quite a bit

Gabriel Piñeyro

I won’t buy another beats product ever. Compare to my Pixel buds Pro, Sony’s or the Nothing Ear 2, they seem, feel, sound and look pretty cheap

Daniel Roa

So far first and only video of these on yt! Lol

dharmaraj indrakumar

5:11 it’s good

Daniel Roa

So beats fit pro auto transfer on iOS but these don’t?

Deepak Madabushi

Uh, no wireless charging 🙄


Looks like plastic but good

Jonn Marvy Santamaria

So they want to out nothing, Nothing? As if.

Dave Cober

Oh man, I’d love to see the transparent tech make a comeback. Transparent AirPods would be sick!


Why do I have this weird feeling that, the 1st buyers (especially those who are in the Apple ecosystem) of these Beats Studio Buds Plus will still have the bad surprise to see released in 1-2 months Beats Fit Pro Plus that will have all the advantages of Airpod Pro 2 🤔

On the other hand, frankly, I do not see any interest of this product for those who are on Android, it is actually at the same price as Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Pixel Buds Pro and other Soundcore, 1More, Nothing Ear 2, OnePlus Buds Pro 2, JBL Live Pro 2 by offering fewer features …🤷🏽‍♂️

Eduardo Morales

Love you got the first review always a step forward

rainbow Sagittarius

Cool simple bottons, touch control is annoying 90% of control is accidentally touch control.

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