JBL added a screen to their wireless earbuds case. #shorts

JBL added a screen to their wireless earbuds case.

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The Verge

The new iPod looks sick


If they add storage into the earbuds that’ll be incredible. It’ll be an iPod and earbud hybrid. Similar to an Apple watch but now you ONLY need your earbuds instead of carrying your phone on a workout or to the gym.



Johan Von Bronx

It all comes full circle

Feras almannaa

Can’t wait for my case to make phone calls… Oh wait!




If the buttons were physical instead of touch I kind of think it’d be better. Something you could interact with without looking.

Paul Hamilton

I wonder how much power the screen draws. There has to be a trade off between how much your case can recharge your earbuds and how much it can power its screen. And I’m not really interested in sacrificing much listening time to have a screen.

Jason F

Hope this doesn’t become a trend, definitely not worth the increase in price and decrease in battery life

Mauro Del Core

Gimmicky, maybe they could implement a e-ink display that shows battery, but don’t understand the point of it.

Oscar Imperial

Usually my phone is in my pocket and my case is in a different room 😂

Punav Mirlekar

So we are back to square 1.1


There’s already the Huawei WATCH Buds, a smartwatch with wireless earbuds inside.
And the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio, a feature phone with wireless earbuds inside.


An AirPod case that works as an iPod would honestly be incredibly cool!


The only time my case comes out of the bottom of my bag is when I need to take the buds out, or to put them back in.

Christian Acosta

As a runner, I would love to ditch my phone.




    I have a 7th Gen iPod Nano for running. No way I would use my phone.


I love the idea y’all haters don’t have to buy them but if I could just leave the house with earbuds and nothing else and Apple Pay from it or make calls or whatever with the case I would be stoked. My watch dies a lot so it’s a dope backup

James Conn

Some wireless earbuds had storage in them back in 2018.


We also have Apple Watch. There is literally zero benefit to this besides making the product more expensive and less eco friendly.

Atis R.

What camera and lightning setup you use? So good lightning and overall video quality.

Rajbir Singh

If this was apple, then this must be priced at least $500

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