Tesla’s Updated Optimus General-Purpose Robotic Humanoid #shorts

Elon Musk showed off new footage of the Tesla Bot at the Tesla Shareholders Meeting in Austin, Texas. See how far along Tesla's Optimus has come.

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#tesla #robot #optimus #shorts



J Double C

Wow 🤩


Hello 2004 👏🏻


It’s pretty fast how Tesla is catching up. Though the Honda Asimo robot had more functionaliy, though it’s development discontinued in I believe 2016.


A joke compared with Boston Dynamics!!!


    The Boston Dynamics🍆

    Daniel Kiss Gremsperger

    Well they are very different. Tesla will eventually grow bigger thanks to the hivemind way of exponentionally studying the world

D’Andre Browning

Quite possibly the most useless robots ever


    Aww yes thats what your mammas moms nommys mothers muddahs said about the Abacus 🧮simple Calculators are pointless right? Cause i can do basic math….😅ur Face

    D’Andre Browning

    @Ras☆_♡KrysTafari not talking about all robots, just THIS robot. Like an abacus with beads that can only be moved incredibly slowly.


    Most useless,when it’s not even completed and is still being developed and improved??




    Yes but also this is around the 2077 millionth confirmation 👍 in case you mjssed the first 2076 milllion 999,999k confirmstions 😉


Gotta love technology

Mark Gee

Boston Dynamics can do backflips people. Tesla will catch up


How much water is needed to put one when it catches fire?

Just asking for Firefighters across the planet…


    Probably better to not use water but instead a fire extinguisher or worse case dirt

long sho

They all want to go to the toilet at the same time…

Ernesto Miños

Estoy flipando con la música y no miro nada 😊


In the 21st century, a weapon will be invented like no other. This weapon will be powerful, versatile and indestructible. It can’t be reasoned with. It can’t be bargained with. It will feel no pity. No remorse. No pain. No fear. It will have only one purpose: to return to the present and prevent the future. This weapon will be called…The Terminator or Optimus General-Purpose Humanoid 🙂

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