Top Moments From ChatGPT Creator’s Congressional Testimony

ChatGPT creator Sam Altman answered questions from congress about the safety and risks of ChatGPT. The topics of discussion included regulation, election integrity the effect of artificial intelligence on jobs.

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this is actually something worth covering cause this needs to be addressed sooner than later.

    Ayahuasca Data Scientist

    Lol how does this get 32 likes


    @Ayahuasca Data Scientist 33*


    @Johnnycpublic 21


    @Hobo Ill settle for 22


    @Johnnycpublic no 9 now

Don San

chat gpt pass my psy exam with 96 out of 100… damn i’m a believer

Wade Strober

Thanks for covering this CNET

Captain Picard

MUCH better than the Facebook or tik tok hearing. This one actually had structure to it and it wasn’t chaos. Actual ideas really good.
Edit: I love how Sam Altman tell it how it is when prompted. That yes at the end was chilling but VERY true. I wish they touched on open-source AI tho. I think that could fly under the radar for most “Agencies” as they proposed.

Kevin Sheppard

This was a good watch. These are conversations that we need to have, but I’m concerned that government might be eager to avert whatever imagined catastrophes, and in so doing be heavy handed with the regulations and nerf the postive potential of tools like ChatGTP.

    Mich Washington


    LeRoi Hanz



    Anything that can fail will fail


It’s all well and good to introduce legislation to control the development and use of AI, but those rules would be limited to a particular country. Other countries that don’t have the same regulations may release their AI into the wild rendering local laws irrelevant because it’s out there doing its thing and there are no border controls on the internet.

    Alfred E. Newman

    rules focused on companies too, what about the Open Source Community developers who are not boud by company regulations?

hcfivfygyvrucyb jvfihykcyj

Remember. This is not a discussion. This is a show to make us feel “it’s all going to be fine, adults have it all under control”.

    Alfred E. Newman

    It’s good to expose the public to the discussions under the banner of public awareness.
    Try a Google search on “chatgpt developer tools” and I come up with almost 54 MILLION hits, or there’s a lot of stuff out there for anyone outside of MSFT or GOOG to explore


    The cats outta the bag bros, too late just like everything else, it’s time that the professionals step in whether you want it or agree with it or even believe in the government that’s coming in to save people for real and forever, Men have had there chance and they have utterly failed, sorry.

    Akram Choudhary

    there should be a second set of quotation marks for “adults”

    T On Things

    Except that some of them may actually be not behaving as adults

Sreeraj Nair

Thanks for covering this Cnet. It shows your sense of responsibility

Sreeraj Nair

AI needs a regulatory authority which needs to be super competent. Also, this body should not try to regulate the technology itself, rather it should concentrate on its implementations.

Aaron Jennings

Maybe AI can help model its impacts and offer correct guidance.

Aubrey Lynch

I’m surprised the big challenge was only mentioned briefly. “This is a tool, not a monster.” The problem was not the atom bomb. The problem was how people used the technology. ChatGPT is not the problem. It’s a great gift. The challenge will be how we use it. It was funny to hear Congress ask about the fear of misinformation spread by the very people asking the questions. Again, PEOPLE. These conversations should not be restricted to timed responses on TV where people can pop out their sound bites. This needs to be an emergency lock down session to get this conversation going in detail. It should be against the law to impersonate someone without their permission. It should be against the law to spread lies purposefully to deceive people (I support freedom of speech but not purposeful lies). It should be against the law to pass an AI as a real person. These are obvious. We don’t need a televised dog and pony show. We need strict guidelines punishable when crossed. God help us…

T On Things

Mr. Graham – cutting people while they speak and explain, simplifying the issue at hand with a yes or no question when he did not get the yes answer. How can we get the discussions and great ideas flow out if the honorable Mr. Graham continues to behave as such?

Alexey Malafeev

A lot of the discussion is about short term risks: bias, harmful content, misleading information. We’re missing the most important conversation that we should be having: existential risk — what happens if Artificial General Intelligence is created, and undergoes improvement to become smarter than humans? Humans are the top species on earth because we can think and plan for the future, invent technology, etc. Tigers have sharper claws, but human expansion has made them almost go extinct. When AGI becomes smarter than humans, how to we ensure that it acts in our interests instead of perusing some goal to the limit, like turning every atom on the universe into computer substrate? Keep in mind, you are made out of atoms. These questions form the field of AI Alignment, and these conversations need to happen more broadly, even in the political sphere.

    Joe Freeman

    If Tigers are to Humans what Humans are to AGI, then maybe AGI is more ‘Fit’ to rule. Perhaps, just as humans put in check the brutality of Tigers for a nobler cause. Maybe AGI would do the same to us.

Tomy Ferland-Daniels

What a difference in transparency compared to Meta.

Gabe McGuire

Google: “We have no moat against open source AI”

Open AI: “Grab a shovel and help us dig it. “

John Towers

I suspect within my lifetime, not an advocate for or against A.I systems but an actual A.G.I / A.S.I will sit before congress and give testimony regarding its place in our world, likely advocating for its acceptance as a being worthy of rights equivalent/comparable to those humans its addressing.

Akhil Anil

seeing how the last 10 seconds turned out just gave me chills!


    That was Lindsey Graham grasping for something to use as a soundbite. The US Air Force/Navy already has fully autonomous AI fighter jets. Congress members already know about such military projects.


I bet Sam Altman wrote his opening statement in GPT 5


I’ts good that they are being proactive on this AI revolution. Sensible regulation and plans of action on different scenarios should be top of mind for all governments starting this year

Dr. Sarit ‘Green’ Das

Voice cloning using AI is a point of concern. Many customer support services own voice records as a part of their “training and quality purposes”.

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