Uno Funny Moments – Terroriser has QUIT!

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I remember watching vanoss on my grandmas phone years ago 😂😂😂

Wander Gaming

The day terroriser really quits, so many tears


    Of joy

    Leroi Ken

    Tears of joy


    The day terrorizer quits, ww3 will have started


    @Potramon get it because he’s causing it


Mario Party: I destroy all friendships

Uno: Allow me to introduce myself


    Monopoly has entered the chat


    Uno and monopoly are chaotic evil

    Dio D Die

    Mario Kart: *Amatures*

    Petrol Head Motorsport

    And Sorry, not as much, but it can still create some tears


    @William2497 Pico Park: Am I a joke to you?

Gloomy/Sub To Pewdiepie

It’s just so nice to have Lui back in the videos

    Draw 2Death

    Im not a fan. I mean hes okay normaly but the horrible child voice he does hurts my ears!


    ​@Draw 2Death skill issue


    ​@HerbertThePervet doesn’t even make sense 😂


    ​@Samui_Neko😼 skill issue. He had 9 years to train his ears 🐥

    Jason Rogue

    Have not been around? He’s been back for months


i love this vanoss and his crew will never get old fr legends in disguises



    Jason Rogue

    What exactly are their disguises?

Luis R

Nothing better than a bit of Vanoss to get you in the mood

Luis R

One of best duos I have ever seen. Lucky owl and Dathi de Wisdom


    Luigi and Zoidberg

    Jason Rogue

    Best duos are Terrorknuckel

Nigel Jones

0:58 The roast of the century 😂😂😂😂


I love that nogla can annoy anyone by just talking


    That’s more so Brian’s problem than Nogla’s 💀


    @AuthenticSweets nah that’s definitely a nogla thing 😂

    Carrosive Jones

    Moo snuckel enters the room
    And promtly leaves

    Leroi Ken

    @Osciisnow It’s a Brian thing. He’s everything he makes fun of others for. He is a giant snowflake. His classic “Mr Vanoss” line is also projecting. He’s the biggest sck up of the entire group. He has to be handled with little kid gloves at all times otherwise he throws a temper tantrum.

    joseph mcviegh

    ​@Leroi Ken facts not even his own videos show him in a good light he shits on nogla all the time and but as soon as nogla even speaks it’s the end of the world


These vids never get old, no matter how many years pass 😭 LOVE U VANOSS ❤


The more silent Brian is the funnier it is😂😂


    Eh, not really

    VIP Only

    @HolyPho eh


    ​@HolyPho eh


    @HolyPho he doesn’t add much at all.
    Just complains.


I’ve never seen a quit out that fast ever 😂😂😂 terrorizer is hilarious

    Jason Rogue

    There’s been multiple fast ragequits


    @Jason Rogue I’m saying I haven’t seen one that fast

James Taylor

Imagine joining a random game and nogla, vanoss, and lui are there

     α SilverFire738 Ω 

    Funny how you don’t mention Brian


    @ α SilverFire738 Ω because Brian was the one who left😂

    James Taylor

    @ α SilverFire738 Ω  that’s bc he left opening the space for some random person to join. Someone can’t randomly join a game with brian if brian left the game

    Obama doESn’t care #NFT 𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫

    @James Taylor dude don’t you know that you can still join games when they’re full? You just need the uno premium subscription. It allows you to play with everyone to have a 5 player version of uno- that’s what tim0da did! You can still see brain in the bottom right!


Nogla has made Moo, Brine, and now Tim0da rage quit Uno 😂

    Jason Rogue



    @Jason Rogue sorry, I meant to say Burn

    Speedy Gonzalez

    ​@LIL GABRIEL05 you mean Brian?

    Fiyah Quacker

    @Speedy Gonzalez no they got it right.

    The super Doge

    @LIL GABRIEL05 his name is Rain


Uno: I destroy all friendships

Nogla: Allow me to introduce myself

Furry Nonsense

16:12 had me in tears XD


I love how casual this video was. I need 3000 more of these

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imagine Tim is a fan of Vanoss just casually fanboying by joining into that match


The thing that always makes me laugh is vanoss’ wallpaper 😂😂

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Monopoly video would bring nogla and terrorizer into a melt down of tears😂 I’ll always picture video of monopoly with nogla and terrorizer with vanoss and panda playing monopoly together would be a rough one with burst of laugh and fear! 😂

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