CNET Ranks The Major Social Media Platforms #shorts

From TikTok to Snapchat, these platforms have become more prevalent in our lives. Which one will take top spot in our rankings?

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CASEY Andersen

Twitter has actually become better. For example, Community notes is the single best feature on any app that gets people on both sides out of their ideological bubbles that has been curated by unscrupulous “journalists” and untrustworthy influencers.

George Knighton

You can’t talk about TikTok without talking about the security concerns. That is a huge fail on your part. No. Just…no. You recommended a platform that for all we know is about to be banned.

Joe’s Vids

TikTok? A social media platform? Surely in that case YouTube is a social media platform?


That’s why they wanna ban cause they can’t compete🤪😭👎🤷🏻‍♂️

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Joshua James

Political activist 😅


Tik tok
I’d say FB and twitter are tied for last. They both suck equally.

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