Tech review channel finally reviewing cars,

Tech’s getting crazy.. 😌

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    Malik Kelly

    @Don’t Read My Profile PictureOkay I won’t


    Cars are basically computers on wheels

    Seth Pinnock

    @mcslender well at least Tesla’s are… Right down to the questionable quality control for assembly


    @Seth Pinnock Tesla’s are like Alienware computers, you’re paying a bunch for the name but it’s got really questionable quality at this point

Yaniv Mazin

That Lexus 😍 clearly Austin has some very good taste. Kudos to buying that over the new M3

    Offline dinosaur

    Dude the m3 is better



    Cayenne Pacific

    What about Porsche

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    Malik Kelly

    What Lexus? Lol


The “speed limit” overlay at 0:46 was very well done


    This is the comment i was looking for


    hitting that 77


    What speed overlay 👀?


You hit the hail on the head with cost cutting, as you can see by the rest of the EV industry costs need to come down, they are trying to reduce costs without reducing features people actually care about. I havent personally been in a 2022+ Model Y but Ive heard they finally fixed the suspension. EQS/E is great too but man are they expensive.


    If they are cutting features of the car, and you are in the process of paying it off, then would that make your lease go down since technically you are not able to use it?

    Like if whatever reason Tesla cuts the radio and Bluetooth function for music, would your lease go down or stay the same?


    @Limitless_93 Any vehicles that have the features keep them and are usable. The vehicles without the features have a different version of the software because they do not have the physical hardware

    Ghomer Hust

    vw is doing safety tests to see if they can bring their new entry level EV to the states. prices for that would start at about 27k dollars US, which would be the lowest price for a brand new EV here. competition is coming.

Justin Wagner

I’m so relieved that in Europe we get the model Y from Berlin. The Quality Issues are very minimal. Also my Model 3 from China has very minimal Quality issues.

But nonetheless they could and should improve this.

    Dabbing Duskullz

    Exactly 💯 it seems to be a US problem


Solid work Austin. This is a pretty good video.

Cesar Ruiz Rosa

Its funny cause i have a couple of friends that have Teslas and they complain about these weird things and now hearing Austin with the same complaints now i know they are not nitpicking.

    Ghomer Hust

    one of my friends is a tesla fanboi and he still complains about fit and finish problems. they go like stink, but they flop while theyre doing it

Asad Zaidi

I though the phone as a key issue was limited to my Polestar. My phone always opens and unlocks doors, but depending on who made the phone, it may not start everytime unless I put the phone in the center console.


We need an Austin Evans x Donut Media collab again! This video made reminisce on the bad vehicle tech video you all did together. I personally really enjoy seeing good and bad tech product videos for vehicles because it seems the industry can be so far behind in certain aspects but simultaneously a leader in other areas.

    Mr. Guillotine

    I think we should add in Jay and Linus Media Group and make some sort of competition out of it!

Jeff Kasten

I had many similar experiences with my 2021 Model 3 Long Range. Ordered it and took delivery around the same times you did, so same features were dropped. While the fit and finish were mostly good, the amount of squeaks and noises coming from the interior were pretty annoying. I also had the “smelly sock” issue after 6 months of ownership, which was brutal. I got bored with the car quickly and wound up selling it in June of 2022 for almost the same price as I paid for it. Wound up getting a Polestar 2 and am super happy with it. It’s a blast to drive and just as fast as the M3, and it feels like a real car — not a gimmick. The fit and finish are impressive, too. No squeaks, no rattles — super tight.


As someone who likes to go on road trips a lot, I’m considering a hybrid. It would be great, because just driving to work would be free, but if I wanted to go on longer drives I can just use fuel

    Troy Beyer

    That’s not how it works < hybrid owner


    @Troy Beyer I think it depends on which type of hybrid you have. Isn’t there plug-in hybrids that basically work with a smaller battery that uses the gas motor as a backup afterwards with there being the older type of hybrids which use the gas motor and electric engine together?

    Troy Beyer

    No, they work in conjunction together. One feeds the other and at certain steady speeds you will use electricity. The gas will power on for more intense driving and to recharge the battery. There is an all battery mode in case of emergency but it’s only recommended for less than 30 miles distance. If you’re stranded you use it to get to a gas station.

    Dysfunctional Arm

    @JForce For plug-in hybrids, like a Toyota RAV4 Prime, that’s how it works exactly. It’s on EV mode until the battery is very low and then functions as a regular hybrid afterwards until it’s charged again. Regular hybrids will just swap between the battery and gas engine and use regenerative braking to charge the battery again.


I share the same thoughts on Tesla. I want them to succeed and continue changing the auto industry for the better. They need to step up their game through. They are not a start up anymore. They are a company that needs to plan for the future. I still can’t get over how cheap the inside materials are when I saw a display model in the Tesla showroom. My Kona EV is better and it’s based on the $20K gas version! I hope Tesla steps up their game. Also I think Austin made the right choice for it’s replacement. The EQS SUV is extremely nice and I wish I could afford one.

Gabriel Levgran

I really appreciate that you that is a tech YouTuber actually complain about correct things that a lot of other tech YouTubers misses. No buttons, no heads-up display, bad comfort and most of all the quality issues. The other tech YouTubers are drooling from all the stupid tech like the big screen and Netflix when the ride is most important.

Fresh Vintage

Thanks for making this video! This was a fair/balanced review of Tesla and you are spot on with build issues, supply/demand and their price cutting. I’m excited for more AustinonAutos/DenkiAutos videos (track day, car reviews, etc..) soon 💯


    Did he just swap it for a Merc ICE?

Tom Hayes-Isaacs

Thank you for sharing this. I think so many techtubers get sucked into the Tesla hype they’re afraid to admit the truth. I’ve driven a couple of Teslas with work, and never had a vehicle I’d consider well constructed let alone perfect.


I greatly appreciate this video. Finally explaining what I’ve been seeing. It seriously matters when this is a vehicle you plan on using for at least the next 5 years to own. especially as your only vehicle

Dan Haddix

They changed the suspension on the newer ones. I actually liked the lower, stiffer, suspension on my 2019 Performance better than the soft ride of my new 2023, but you might like the new ones better.

Jeff Sternisha

Used to work for Tesla. The removal of features is awful, but overall, love the Y. Even the 20 inch wheels are way too rough, but definitely test drive if you are thinking about a performance. I recommend to everyone, get the long range with 19″ wheels and just buy the software acceleration if it isn’t fast enough for you.


One thing got me wondering – he says the ionic 5 costs half as much?! Here in Denmark its more expensive than the model y if you configure it to match what the model y has to offer. So is the ionic 5 really so cheap or the model y so expensive in the US?

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