I Tried a Secret Google Project!

An exclusive first look and footage of Google Project Starline!

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João Vitor

Glad to see Google trying new things and actually showing them


    They will probably kill it anyways 😂


    Don’t they always? Google glasses, etc?


    Aaaaand it’s cancelled


    ??? They have always tried new things. Tf r u on about

    Zaydan Alfariz

    ​@Viv3d Hope they won’t


IMAGINE this keeping the 3D scans of people after they use it. You could be age fifty and tell it to present you at eighteen 😮

    Mohanad Al-Kenany

    So you scan yourself at the age of 18 and then wait 32 years later to do something specific with it? Who would do that? And both 18 and 50 are adults.

    Average Dune Enjoyer

    Catching predators never been easier

    Average Dune Enjoyer

    ​@Mohanad Al-Kenany or just build a model using old photos in a separate program, so many ethically concerning questions

    Daniel Fontes


Jose Tomas Romero

I’ve never seen Marquess been blown away like that with a tech demo. First few seconds you can clearly see him trying to figure out how they were doing this. That’s impressive

    Dirk Walker

    It looked like for a second he actually thought he was going to be able to take the apple from that guy.

    Runner Go

    It sounds a lot like the arcade games that were holograms back in the 80’s 90’s.

    Toms River

    Actually, this is the second time. The first time was when he tried that vacuum cleaner/headphone/air dispenser/mask.

    Matt White

    Aye, that reaction is what really conveys the impact.


As always, the adult entertainment industry will pave the way for tech such as this.

    Josiah Ali


    Josiah Ali

    Only fans customers will finally get there money’s worth 😂😂😂😂

    Alex Frank

    All the fancy tech always feels pointless. Until the adult entertainment gets their hands on it, and suddenly it’s a million dollar industry.


    You made me laugh the most I have since the morning 😂😭

    Rockey Allen



I honestly could not care less about the latest smartphones – *THIS* is the kind of content I subscribe to MKBHD for!
Your access and explanations of the bleeding-edge tech are unparalleled.

    Nernx Ultima

    same but i enjoy the smartphone vids.


Couldn’t stop thinking about those “portals” between cities that was setup couples of years ago and if one day you could use this tech for those types of projects would make it so amazing.


It says a lot that Google let you be the one to show the demo. You’re being fair and transparent about the whole thing. Great video!


    also his skin tone. they’ve tested it with more than just white people (remember the Kinect?)


    Yea unlike Google who is evil.

Ben Soto

I imagine this will become more compact over time and we’ll see this on laptops and phones some day.


    But it would ruin the effect to have the person be tiny lol


    @banditnosey Imagine discussing a serious topic with a tiny 3D version of your boss. That’d be hilarious 😂

    OMG Yeti

    It could be done, but having the cameras closer together will make it harder to produce a realistic depth of field, so it would likely be a noticeable drop in quality compared to this larger one for now(but who knows how well AI might be able to improve upon such a limitation).

    Jared Tashjian

    @OMG Yeti iPhones have actual depth cameras though. So they wouldn’t need stereo cameras.

    Lance Lindle Lee

    I have my doubts it would get any smaller. They want that large of a screen regardless if they can shrink it. Then it’s just the camera which are quite compact already

Ronan Keith

This could be really useful for therapy sessions. It could be used for business meetings and even for entertainment such as films or at theme parks for immersive experiences.


The hardware involved will be interesting! Nvidia’s been putting out papers on a lot of these underlying technologies (real time capture + performance transmission etc) and iirc they usually utilise beefy cards with plenty of tensor and cuda cores.

Is there a nice workstation under there with multiple 4090s and/or capture cards?


Perpetually being reminded of how neat the 3DS was and how the 3D feature would’ve been pretty neat with more powerful modern hardware

    Phil Kehoe

    I was constantly thinking about the 3DS, specifically the new 3DS while watching this as well because it had tracking to make the 3D effect better too.


    The New 3DS felt a lot like what this is with the glasses-free head tracking 3D. When it worked well it worked *really* well. Project Starline feels like the next evolution. Almost like if the 3DS had dual front facing camera and video chat.

    Pete Miller

    I’m so sad that the 3DS line was discontinued. My favorite console of all time.


    @podracer35 I’m still disappointed that I only ever got an original 3DS and not a New 3DS. The eye tracking would be so useful, especially for games that take advantage of the motion controls. I might get one just for that lol, if I ever start to care enough to spend money on it


    @Pete Miller yeah, same. It’s a shame the 3D was not used enough by third party devs to the point where they made the 2DS XL (which is pretty fantastic, even without the 3D)


I think this could be incredible for virtual doctors visits. Would make them feel much more personal, and greatly increase the experience for both doctor and patient.

    Aswin John

    Great point. My mom did a “virtual Physical Therapy session” the other day and this would’ve been soo much better.

    Only problem would be that getting this in your house in the first place is probably unreal expensive.


    I was thinking therapy appointments for people who move a lot. You’d be able to keep the same therapist while minimizing the detachment that comes from remote sessions


    Other than they are not seeing you they are seeing a 3D model of you.


    Prisons can really make good use of these for their inmates.

Pavan Jadda

This is something I could buy for my parents living overseas. Amazing, can’t wait to see production ready version.


Your reviews are legendary…you look at the products from many different perspectives and also giving your honest opinion


Thank you so much for these piece, Amazon’s AZM77X looks to have great prospect

El Rudiiisimo

I like the curiosity that you had for this project cause this is literally the good feels about technology getting better and is being a part of it and making it better by curiosity! I love this 🤝🏼


All of them are really nice picks. But the potential of project that elegantly combine blockchain and AI is Amazons AZM77X and should not be overlooked, I guess. Among them, this truly tackle real-world problems and have vibrant ecosystems, like Aiwork.



Muhammed KOR

Super hyped for AZM77X , a L3 DEX with native swaps between BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. (No more wrapped IOU’s and massive gas fees)They use lightning and connext state channels which allow for zero gas fees, fast finality, and increased privacy. Main net coming supposedly soon, easy 100x.

Joe Tooker

Super proud of you MKBHD. The fact that Google gave you access to something like this, and being the first outside of Google to see it, is impressive. Shows that all the hard work you have done over the years is paying off. Seriously good stuff


    ‘is paying off’. Say what?

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