If your phone came with an X-ray app… #shorts

If your phone came with an X-ray app…

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the greenscreen… :(( and why is the phone upside down


dont think that how x-ray works.


Nice prank😂

ilker yoldas

Unrealistic..where are the bones from blocking the camera with his hand? 😂

    Alan Mars

    Yeah since the phone is upside down that would make sense


That’s not how we gonna x ray phones

Peter Starzynski Tech

I think that should never ever happen.


The phone is upside down…. And that’s the least of my concerns

Family Guy Peter Griffin Funny Moments!!!🤣

What was the point of this


Dont believe shadows

Tobi Jäggi

So a x-ray app can see just thru 1 layer of plastic, not two ?

Guru Teja

There are few phones which have proven to see through internals like xbox, that feature got blocked some how

Captain Marvel’s Son

Impressive technology; it can see through the device at just the right distance (not past it) but not the wooden table 😋

Ellen Story

Even if you don’t download that, your phone is doing that for someone else.

Binoy Mathew

That would keep things interesting. 👀


You didn’t match the color temperatures of the desks when you did the chroma keying. Also, what is the point of this YT Shorts video? I really wish we could hide all Shorts from our subscription feed.

Shantanu Kulkarni

Thats not how xray works 😂

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