I’m facing neverending nightmares… #short

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Max Taylor

Listen H20 I love you man but come on you don’t have to sink this low and become a Vtuber


    I mean i agree not everyone has to be one, but it is the current trend and if my man wants to ride it, let him. Atleast its still his GTA model.

    Max Taylor

    @DarkRavenWolf50 yeah true but still

    digital pickle ridgy

    Well this is the best he can do for “face cam” since I don’t think he would actually reveal his face


*Even with the current dip in the financial Market am still glad i can smile back at my portfolio of $ 400,000 built from my months of weekly trade💯💯*

    Dee Grayam

    How did you do it?


    I invested with Mr Deacon Stewart, he is, sincerely i tell you, the best.

    sir Maxwell Astor

    Same here, a transaction of €4,000 to €17,400 in just two weeks, he is really a good broker

    Vlodydir Melkis

    I heard a lot of investing with Mr Deacon Stewart how good is he, please how safe are the profit?

    digital pickle ridgy

    What does that have to do with the video or delirious in general

Artur Ktunyan

Love you 🥲


I personally prefer the s**t microphone over this, but it’s nice to hear Delirous’ actual voice.


Delerious will you ever play Telltale the walking dead season 3?

Tails The Gamer

I swear, every time you add that crow sound, every time you *crow sound* cuss for these shorts, I’m dying laughing my *crow sound* off!

Joshua Rios-Noisycreature49

Delirious v/tuber????🤦🏽‍♂️ Naw man what happened

    digital pickle ridgy

    Seems like you’re either blind or new to his shorts content because his vtuber videos are only for shorts and not actual videos saying he has an among us gun shorts but in the actual full video he doesn’t have the vtuber avatar

Mixxie Ruffles

What’s funny is he did play never-ending nightmares before

Athena Harmon

Can anyone tell me what video this is from and if not then what game this is?

    konton kaze(chaotic god)

    Evil within, similar to resident evil, but its a simulator where people thoughts and lives are transfered but the system gets corrupted.

    Athena Harmon

    Thank you


Lol death from darksiders 2


What’s the game called


    The evil within idk if it’s 1 or 2

Bryce Lembke

Delirious you’re so funny man you make my day


Can you punch or stab

The Insane Chairman

delirious’s voice is so human with a clear mike

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