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The server room at the new lab building is right in the middle of the office space and as such, needs some serious sound deadening. Today, we remedy that with inexpensive materials that anyone can DIY sound deaden with!

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:26 The Plan
3:40 Baseline sound measurement
5:33 How we're mounting the Rockwool
6:25 Keeping the insulation from shedding
7:04 Installing the Sonopan
8:56 Installing the door seals
10:13 Measuring the improvement from the Sonopan
11:11 Dealing with the window
12:44 Mounting Rockwool!
14:08 Duvetyne demo
14:35 Measuring the improvement from the Rockwool




Always love to see Linus and his Son working on the server room 🥰


    Don’t you mean Jake and his son?

    Nicholas Spencer

    @Pavith Linus’s assistant has a name?

    Ben D.

    You realise that Jake isn’t his son, right?


    Yeah it’s not his son, it’s his wife’s husband’s boyfriend

Andrew Ellingson

I feel like in 20 or 30 years, that thing’ll really come together nicely.


    Once the entire rack is 10 generations obsolete

    Schramm The Ramm

    YouTube themselves asked me for feedback on your comment.

    Sig Urther

    In 30 years, these guys are gonna be configuring 256bit zettabyte servers that are running on positronic opticircuits and quantum foam processors.

    The wifi will probably use wormholes.

Gal Grünfeld

Linus to LMG employees: “I want you to help me build this company”
LMG employees: “business-wise, right?”
Linus: “you’re gonna build the business alright”

    Глеб Сальманов

    Probably most overqualified insulation installation service in the entire world

    Minekey J

    Please put this on the Anakin and Padme meme, please and thank you


    Yeah that’s how every company works. Higher ups want something and it’s the guys in the bottom who actually do the work


    @Swankshire isn’t that just how job delegation in general works? You hire someone for something, they do something.

    Sounds like you are trying to imply Linus is lazy, idk what you meant by that.

    Daryl Phuah

    ​@Swankshire yes because the higher ups are doing the things that make it possible for the guys at the bottom to have work to do in the first place.

Bria Newberry

Gentlemen. With all the love in my heart, may I simply say…. PLEASE WEAR A MASK WHEN YOU USE ROCK WOOL! I work with it every day. It’s invasive to your respiratory system and can cause all sorts of problems. There’s no shame in being safe. We’d like to keep all of you around. Keep up the great work and content. ❤️


    In short – don’t kill yourselves too early cause we’ll miss the content.


    They will make LinusAI.

    Kevin Adrian

    Not saying that you are wrong (because you aren’t) but there is a big difference between working with it daily and doing a couple of days work.

Alex Haulton

I’ll never not love Dan randomly showing up in episodes and just being Dan!


    Yeah, me either. :/

    Chris Goodluck

    He’s so lovable. Every time he pops in he looks so happy. You really get the feeling he just adores his job.


    Dan’s gonna Dan


    Dan just has all the intrusive thoughts. but it’s offset by his high value of knowledge.

    Nick Collins

    Dan is computer Sheldon


Always love seeing the infrastructure & server room content guys. Highlight of the channel for me


On the final graph, it looked like all the significant peaks were just harmonics from the transformer, will be interesting to see a graph once that has been solved

Dave Newcombe

Hey guys,
with your transformer using a rubber mount is probably not the best idea given most TXFR weigh a significant amount and the rubber will deteriorate overtime. Using a steel wire rope mount is probably going to give you a much longer and more durable solution to the rubber mounts. We used them in the military on naval ships to help protect the servers from the vibrations of the ships, and now I see them in the energy sector as well. As an idea of what I am talking about just google “steel wire rope isolators”

Additionally you should do the same for your sever racks so the vibrations do not transmit through the flooring which isn’t isolated. At industrial grade recording studios you will often find that the floors are actually floating to help prevent those transmissions through the floor. To help deaden the floor reflections you could also place some rubber thick gyms mats, or carpet with a good underlay.

Hope it help!

    André Lucas Correia

    i had no idea what steel wire rope isolators were and now I’m fascinated by the concept

    William Glaser

    That is super cool. Never heard of them before.


    It’s honestly just the isolators inside. More often then not the installer forgets to loosen them after installation. They’re tightened down hard for transportation and it makes a huge difference.


    There’s also a bunch of other ways a professional electrician could solve that, rod transformer hangers and just proper ground isolators.


    This is great advice, which LTT will happily ignore in favor of worse DIY solutions that allow them to make more profitable server-disaster videos in the future.
    (Which I’m fine with, I love these server “vlogs” xD)


As someone who works on HVAC and has to deal with DIY and DIWHY, thank you for leaving the area around the unit serviceable.


    Why are HVAC guys against DIY?

Matt Davis

As a System Admin for a government agency, I can assure you, you have the most organized server room I’ve ever seen. Every time I walk into my main office’s, I want to cry.

    Polite Craft

    can’t even imagine how it looks like🤡🤡


    @Polite Craft it looks like job security.

    Daniel M.

    Probably by design, “security by obscurity”! 😂


    I usually find server rooms like pretty decent when they’re first put together, 10 years later with random patch changing and equipment swapping and they look like trash (source: work in schools)


    @expandd0ng You forget the Upgrade which didn’t fit into the rack and now has a swinging wire so that the Server is now on a small table, this wiring is called ‘Ape Swing’ to it cross over the Room, as there were no Money for a Cable Board to have it on it. (Source: Work in Schools as well)

Jayden Sydes

I’m sure that between dan and the audio guys from the lab they already know that proper sound proofing requires an air gapped room within a room on all dimensions.
they only spent 2000 dollars on this, worked with what they had (existing electrical, ceiling tiles, and windows) and still managed to block enough direct sound to make those rooms tolerable, as someone with experience in this industry, i call this a win.

    Wrath Of Dragon

    No one died and stuff works. That’s a win.🎉

    Jayden Sydes

    @David Moffitt I understand but they likely didn’t need to reduce as much sound as a proper solution would do. They could probably get another 10 dba if they need it just by doing something to the ceiling tiles and tightening the doors up a bit more. Contracting even a small soundproof room can go deep into 5 digits, and then the video wouldn’t have been as fun. Their elgato acoustic panel video on the other hand was horrific. I’m actually ashamed that their huge channel promoted such crap.


    ​@David Moffitt how is it jank? It was the cheapest job that met the specifications and it will last longer than the room is needed.
    Spending more than you need, is more jank than spending just enough.

    Siva kanth Sharma

    @Jayden Sydes considering that they contracted for building an actual acoustic test chamber, you could bet even Linus and Jake know what it takes to have actual sound proofing. So they knew exactly what they’re leaving on the table going this cheap

Big Tom Callahan

A cheap kitchen bread knife is how pro installers cut rockwool. Gaps, even tiny ones, are your biggest enemy in sound proofing. The drop down door sweep is an excellent add. Great work!

    Thomas Duke 2003

    I’ve been working in construction for a year now and this explains why I keep finding cheap kitchen knives in buildings with rockwool


    I work with rockwool with metal net one side (as pipe insulation so it doesn’t fall apart that easily) and I use big garden scissors (basically a straight hedge shears)

Anarchist Gaming

Server room vlog is one of the most chaotic and fun things to watch


Using the lab and it’s resources to build the lab is absolute genius!


    Just imagine the jank if they get an AI to run the lab.

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Using the magnets on the washers is pretty brilliant. Good one, whomever thought it up!!!!
So happy you cleaned the window Jake!!! Good on ya.


    Magnets on the washers was as brilliant as the big square plastic “gripper washers” were silly.

    I mean, they could have put a slim, long bar all the way across and got more grip for less area where you are blocking the noise deadening material with hard plastic.

    I’m sure you are looking at like 1% or less difference, but that still struck me as the least optimal possible solution, outside of it just being easy.



Chris Goodluck

Can I just say that I adore the Labs Server Room Saga. Every video has been a complete blast to watch. Even if it’s the kind of thing barely any of us watching would ever have cause to use, it’s just satisfying to watch them. Must be that same itch that gets scratched by watching DIY videos. And Random Dan is always a win. I too wanted to feel the fabric and see how soft it was.

Be interesting to learn when Labs finally breaks even. Thought I think we all know that is a long way off with the price tags of just some of the stuff they’ve bought.

But I do love the amount of in-house design that has gone into making it work. From the hangars here to the refined testing gear. Really shows how immensely useful 3D printing can be in a work environment for those of us in industries where it’s just not used. Have a crazy idea for something that might improve workflow? Just run over to the 3D printing lab and bash one out.

Tenza Burabura

I love how much effort they put in for their employees health and well being.

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

I love Dan. Even when he is just in the video for 5 seconds. ❤

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