This Smartphone Camera Is Impressive…

Check out the HONOR Magic5 Pro here:

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Mohsin Siddiki

Nice camera module.❤
I like it.

Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW

Classic Unbox Therapy, love it.

Dan Olson

Curious why you didn’t spend more time showcasing the 100x zoom feature considering that’s what Honor is clearly touting.

    Aim Corp

    paid talking points

    eli vegba

    If it’s not an iPhone or Samsung he just rushes over the vid


    ​@eli vegba if it’s not iPhone are Samsung usually the phone isn’t close to perfect.

    James Malak

    It’s quality isn’t worth showing. It’d defeat the purpose of advertising it

    Caleb F

    Anyone claiming they have a functional 100x zoom on a phone is lying. Can’t get enough mechanical zoom in a slimline to not just be better off cropping the hell out of your photo later.

Ashley Madison[H0rny H0usewife]

Nice camera module.❤
I like it.


I love it when Lew says: “Are buying or are you selling?” 🙂

    Brian Fong

    Well you don’t have the new phone to sell, so you can’t sell.
    But if you are selling your old phone you are buying the new phone.
    So are you buying the new phone or are you selling your old phone and buying the new phone.
    Or are you buying the new phone to use or are you going to buy the new phone and sell it to other people.
    It’s not really a choice. All paths lead to buying the phone.


    @Brian Fong dude, you okay?

    Zaalman Marcus

    @AnnieGotSwag 🥶🤣🤣🤣

JR channel

I have the previous model (the Magic 4 Pro) and it’s kinda trashy. It has the annoying habit to apply HDR to everything, YouTube videos, Netflix, videos you recorded yourself etc. I was able to dissable that behavior uninstalling an app called IAware or something. Still the camera also applies HDR to every single picture and there’s no way to disable it. I’m sure this phone is the same


    I have it and no, its not

    Advanced Settings

    Expert mode disables HDR on this phone.

Steve C

Used to own the honor 8 and 7x. The 8 had the great glass back. Both took excellent photos. Too bad support ended for them.

1kenny mason

Bro that is impressive you took that 📷 +📞 = camera phone to the next level

G Four Gadget

Been using it for some time now and I gotta say the Magic5 Pro is really good! The best phone HONOR ever made 🔥

Pritesh Ruthun

Wow. That camera is processing in Turbo mode!


There’s something special about your content .. exactly like the title “Unbox Therapy”. Whenever I watch your clips, they uplift my spirit and mood. Thank you and keep it up! I wish u the best. <3

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