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The time has come for me to step down as CEO of Linus Media Group (and everything else under the umbrella). Let me tell you what that looks like: what's changing, what's not, and who is taking my place…

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0:00 The Big News
0:46 The Why
1:54 My New Role
2:54 What's not changing
3:54 I could have retired
4:51 What IS changing




The fact that he saw his old boss as the perfect fit just goes to show how well of a boss he truly was to Linus and how impactful he was to him

    Moto Mortus

    What I don’t understand though, and not to be disparaging because I don’t know the full reason, but didn’t NCIX go belly up ? Is he not the guy that was in charge when they went under ?


    @Moto Mortus Lots of Electronic chains have gone belly up. Online have taken so much space now so it’s hard for physical stores to compete.

    Christopher George

    ​@Moto Mortus no he was his boss not the ceo of ncix

    Taj Sid

    @Moto Mortus He was never NCIX’s CEO, if that’s what your asking.


    @Moto Mortus  as others have said, Terren wasn’t the CEO of NCIX he was just Linus’ boss, he realistically would’ve had nothing to do with the company going bunk


Incredible to watch Linus journey, pavin the way!

    DaLoveDonkey Drums and Gaming

    love ya stonie

    Pope Productions

    Real recognizing real! Some of my favorite content creators right here.

    Saad Sajidul


    Michael Legg

    Agreed 💯

    MWB Gaming

    Would be interesting to see who offered 100 million dollars to buy the company

Karl Rock

I can only imagine what it’s like to run such a big organisation… you did amazing! Looking forward to the future of the channels.


    Ayy Karl!


    yo mah men pewdie pie whacha doin here… i love your videos keep exposing those scammers and fight for justice bro!!!

    Hashim TP

    ❤❤❤ karl


    I’m not if he is not in the videos

    Trash Trash

    He still owns the company and he didn’t disclose the authority of his new role. For now, it’s unlikely that he’ll stop being in videos. You could also trust his word.


so much respect for what you and your team have built over the years!










    😮 it’s the zombie man!


Thanks for years of dedication, Linus. you’ve built a fantastic company with great people. I have learned tons. And it’s very good that you are making a choice to take care of yourself now. Well done.


It sounds like this will be a positive move for you and possibly your mental health. I was prepared to go into this video thinking it was first a joke video, but then after seeing it was serious, thinking it would be a sad turning point. Luckily, I think it won’t mean much difference for most of us and it might lead to a better overall Linus in the end. Congrats for making this difficult decision!

Grouchy Pegasus

tbh this sounds like a move in the right direction. excited to see what the next 10 years brings!

What I Do

I’m a dad of a tech kid. I wasn’t into tech until my son was. He turned me on to your channel and a few others. Your content has literally been a key for this athlete dad to know and relate to his super tech kid. And still, this video is yet another point of conversion where I can discuss the character of integrity with him. LTT is more than a tech channel.


    And you sir are an exemplary dad for putting in the effort to understand your son’s interests.

    Colby Knock

    W dad


    awesome dad 👌

Drawings & Comics

Linus, i can only thank you for all those years but also for this video, i’m a teacher here im Brazil, and i’ve decide to step down from the school i am to work as a particular teacher, because i felt that i was too much into paperwork and dealing with managers and too little dealing with students and teaching, in a way, in a similar situation as you were, i got proposals but i refused then, also in a similar way, and hearing you saying this out loud made me feel more confortable with my own decisions too, so i got to thank you a lot for that.

Ligma balls

the fact that you didn’t accept a 100 M offer really shows how great of a person you are. It takes a special type of person to know that money isn’t everything


    Money doesn’t change you; it reveals who you are when you no longer have to be nice.


    @Emiel Nice quote

    Joel Scaria


    Mr Embeh

    He is a millionaire though


    And his reason is spot-on. There’s a moment where more money changes nothing. That’s the point we all strive towards lol.

Nick LaPalomento

This takes a lot of humility and self-awareness. Excited to see the future of LTT!!

    Justin Mackadocious

    nah this is long over due, dude has been cringe for years now, those thumbnails man LOL “i dont have the temperament for this” ya think ???


This move takes courage, self awareness, and trust. We appreciate you all the more, Linus! You’re an inspiration as a young business leader.


Linus has been hinting at wanting to step down for quite a long time now, so this comes as no surprise. Sounds like he finally listened to himself. I’m glad he’s at peace now and can move onto whatever is next, hopefully with less stress and more happiness.

I just hope he avoids the temptation to ever retake the reins or cross boundaries.

Best of luck, Linus!

Gary Serrano Jr

Kudos to you Linus for being honest and open with yourself, you friends, your family, and your fans. It’s not the easiest thing to admit you need help and that you’re just tired. I have all of the respect in the world for you for doing this video! Thanks for all that you have done for this community!


I love that your’re reaching out and tap your previous manager to fill the role. Shows respect and a smart use of known and proven talent. You’re an inspiration, man.


I had a massive lump in my throat watching this, being a subscriber of the channel since the days at the house, I care about the direction of the channel, the quality of content produced and the employees. I thought this was the end briefly. Ultimately, I’m happy that you are finding space to be more yourself and work towards putting your energy into creating a space that you feel personally happy within the company. To have the oversight to see that this is something you need for yourself and Yvonne is incredible, and you should be proud of yourself. Live your best life Linus, and I hope this decision allows you to be more involved at LMG in a way that helps you to feel revitalised and gives you more capacity to give more to the things you love in life. You have been a goliath in this space and I don’t doubt you will continue to be, with the capacity to have a fresh and clearer perspective. Thank you for all the entertainment and knowledge you have provided, and I’m ecstatic to hear you are taking the steps to make your life an environment you feel comfortable in. I’m looking forward to seeing you more on screen!

Daniel Woods

This is the end of an era but it honestly makes a lot of sense. You have an amazing team around you who can keep growing the business, and this frees you to focus on vision and your passion for tech. Real testament to what you, Yvonne and the LMG team have built that stepping down is even a possibility. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Joseph Gooden

I’m really impressed with the steps you’re taking, Linus. It takes a lot of personal maturity and business maturity to recognize your weaknesses and where you fit best in your own company. Good on you for sticking to your principals and not giving into the desperation and exhaustion that the job caused or the temptation of a buy-out. Wishing you and Ivonne the best!

Dillon Hockett

This was beautiful, man. Thank you for everything you’ve done to grow this channel into what it is.

Sonia’s Way

The transparency you have is unheard of for a company your size. Keep up the good work. We’re all rooting for you!

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