Unboxing Sony’s latest flagship! – Xperia 1 V

In this video, we unbox Sony's flagship phone for 2023: the Xperia 1 V.

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What a fantastic job on this, I’m thoroughly impressed!πŸ‘…πŸ­

    The SONY Technology Enthusiast

    Ok bot. You don’t even know what this is…

    Bully Maguire

    I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye.

Dimitris Christou

the box looks like the Sony headsets boxes. I like the cohesiveness

    The SONY Technology Enthusiast

    Yea I have the XM5 and XM4 πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

IRIS the animatronic fox

I would buy it if I had money

Lil Moe Szyslak

Would I buy this without knowing the price, sure why not

    The SONY Technology Enthusiast

    $1300 US


Micro sd card slot and headphone jack are the best decision imo. But not coming with a cable is really disappointing


    At this point, you guys are tweaking. How is it β€œreally disappointing” not having an extra cable that’s just going to get thrown into the drawer ?

    Mike Hacks

    @Mephistopheles you are the one tweaking. Paying hundreds even thousands of dollars for a product without its main source of power? Like buying a new pair of shoes but you don’t get laces. This is the market big corps are trying to push. For the consumer to be contempt with less. And no one has ever complained about having extra wires in a drawer that may need later on. Get right before you get left


    @Mike Hacks These products cost money to make and that’s why you see companies are either increasing the prices, or removing unnecessary equipment. If you can afford a $1000 phone, you should have no problem buying a $10 cable. Especially considering that the provided cables are very low quality to begin with. I have purchased a pair fabric Type C cables in 2017 that I use to this day with no problems. I never needed the extra cables that came with the phones I bought since then. I upgrade my phone every 2-3 years, so that’s 3 cables, 3 chargers, 3 wired earphones that I don’t really use.


    @Mike Hacks comparing phones with cables and shoes with laces doesnt make sense here. Barely anyone constantly replaces their laces and have extra pair of laces inside their drawer. Most devices nowadays already use usb-c and more often than not people already have a cable lying around.

    Dalek Cat

    Yeah, brands should at least throw in a coupon for idk 20% off a charger n cable set from a distributor store. Some people forget there are others who don’t upgrade their phones often and might not even have a suitable charger.

    I have only 1 USB C to USB C charging brick, older charging bricks have a regular USB port and the cables tend to come C to C.

    My friend who bought a new phone last year did get a C to C cable but didn’t have a charging brick that supported this size.

    Also, many phones cost very much and it definitely doesn’t cost this much to produce them so it’s kind of a rip off if they don’t include the charger.

    But oh well. It is what it is. I’d still prefer to at least have extra cables.


The entire Xperia lineup is insanely overpriced. The specs are there (for the most part), the build quality is there but the software is not, the software support and updates is still abysmal, and the camera performance is far behind any competitor with a half-decent sensor despite, on paper, having superior hardware.

Sony needs a reality check, but I have a feeling that they will sooner shutdown Xperia than come to that conclusion.

    The SONY Technology Enthusiast

    What about Apple and Samsung flagships huh?

    Kal El

    They been saying that for about 15 years ago, that sony will give up on their smartphones department, and they’re still going.


I LOOOOVE sdcard and headphone jack. But software support is lacking… and camera is lousy. If it was car or hI-fI player, yeah… I’d pay permium! But software is a big part of mobile phone experience. So…. they are just overpried and I would never pay premium for subpar experience. (Sony phone I’m using right now, I got for insane discount … it was like 50% off. So, for 700€, yeah… I’d buy that new sony πŸ™‚)

G Four Gadget

The best upgrade ever in a Sony Xperia 1 series. Gotta buy!


If you need a headphone jack this is pretty much your only option now


Yes if they give regular and timely software & security updates for 3 to 5 years

Joel Conolly

Yeah I’ll buy it. Headphone jack and micro SD card is something I use more often than not. I’d be hard pressed to buy something without this feature. I don’t like wireless earbuds.

Luka Kapanadze

The phone looks stunning, the inclusion of the headphone jack and mico-sd expansion is praiseworthy BUT the pitiful 2 years of android updates for such an expensive product is unnacaptable.


in my country, phone without anything in the box, its called Stolen Phone. this phone fit well.


Not because of sony absolutly atrocious software. As much as hardware side this phone is almost perfect, software completly drags it down. Especially camera, IV was literally overheating while using it, and on auto it was taking such mediocore photos.

Jason Stephen

You forgot the price. Sony never makes price competitive phones πŸ˜”


Sony audio is so goodddd, they still producing Walkman series DAP, so you expect good sound quality

Shantanu Varun

easyly the most attractive phone i have seen. Android flagship always have so much personality and character.


I’ve always loved Xperia phones I’m glad they didn’t kill the line


It has a headphone jack, but does it have a replaceable battery?

Kannan Mohan

What is stopping these companies from not providing chargers with laptops,phones or any other products. It’s absurd.

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