Amanda the Adventurer: ALL ENDINGS

Grab some popcorn and turn out the lights! It's Amanda time!




Markipler: “I am the king of Amanda the Adventurer”
Also mark: **struggles to put the tapes back onto the shelves**

    Crow Smith

    You can be a King and inept – that’s just historical accuracy!


    @Crow Smith lmao

    Birdly The Bird Kid

    I was just idly listening to him rant until I heard “MatPat, get FUHCKED”

big noob

i liked the part where markiplier showed us the secret 7-11 tapes. this is truly one of the lore contents of all time


    THE 12TH TA-

    Sophie Brown

    It was the 6th to 11th tape




    There was also a 12th but markimoo stopped the stream before he could say what it is

    Tpfox Castro

    The true secret tapes were the friends that we made along the way


Markiplier leaving the stream after finding 7 secrets tapes:



    Alexis Herron

    Maybe the 12th tape was the one we made along the way 🙂

    Tpfox Castro

    @Alexis Herron Was that the tape of 87!?


    He got me by surprised. 🤣

    Kagemusha Shien

    *A New Hand Touches The Beacon!*

Loki Bear

Love how Mark doesn’t even need his chat to gaslight him anymore, he just does it himself

    Hungrier For content

    What no replies?!? Let me fix that

    big noob

    that is a markiplier moment right there

    Furret Animations

    @big noob markimoment

    Some dude

    @Furret Animations markimooment


    @Hungrier For content Npc detected 🤖


my favorite part was markiplier going insane over a fake “meat ending” and then that ending turning out to be real

    Tester 316278



    @Tester 316278
    I know the rules, and so should you:
    If you care about spoilers, never go into the comment section.


    ​@Crimson see, thats fair but this is the one that shows even if you dont check comments so…


    When he zoomed the cam into his face, I lost it 😂

    griweam 3

    ​@Tester 316278understandable but if you want no spoilers then play the games first then watch the game


Markiplier never fails to suprise us



Cole Kiesler

At this point Markiplier has played so many horror games that he basically has become the horror game.


    live long enough to see yourself become the villain

    melannie ramirez

    @marxistmetro boomin?

    Restoring energy

    LMAO 💀


    @melannie ramirez Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Metro Boomin 2018

    André Burrasch

    ​@melannie ramirez bruh, its fucking Mbdtf he took the sample


So brave of the developers! Never thought I’d see an Amanda the Adventure x In Space with Markiplier x Cloakbrand x Go! My Favorite Sports Team x DISTRACTIBLE crossover!


    X Brain Leak!

    Mike Laehn

    x Iron Lung

Liz King

Watching mark “solve” some of these puzzles was like watching a small child trying to shove blocks into the wrong shaped holes.

    Crispy Crunch

    That’s right, it goes in the square hole!

    the hunterator

    And where does the circle go in? That’s right the square hole.

    Alex Xalla





    that one vid haunts us all


Mark can literally make any game less scary with his humor


    this game aint even scary though


    Not only is this game not scary at all, “loud and obnoxious” is not a type of humor either.

    Jazzichu Red

    I’m so happy


    @ForeverLaxxcool, you still watched his content and enjoyed enough to comment 😂


    @ׂ Not really, no.


I love how Markiplier proved to us that the meat ending was real


    where is it? i cant find ittt do you know the timestamp

    Krulio Sezúla

    @petriaeth 1:13:29

    Bryce Andre

    @petriaeth it’s actually 1:49:17 😊

    S J

    I mean Jack did find it first😭

    Aditya Rajpurohit

    @S J i mean cory found it before jack

Naxmor Vigatore

Mark throwing the tapes on the shelf is just like back in Until Dawn when he just had the compulsion to repeatedly fiddle with the action sequences instead of moving on with the game, and I love it, I love when he trolls his audience, especially here where the live stream chat were being total brats, lmao


    same! i thought i was the only one who caught on. in both streams he trolls the audience by purposely taking his time and trying to weed out the impatient babies who just want to see his reaction to stuff. as a kid i wondered why he didnt have an undertale playthrough- now i rlly understand as much as i can without actually being in his shoes. the chat actually made me scoff a couple times


    Yeah, nothing is better than a manbaby who takes his audience for granted and doesn’t understand stream culture.

    Naxmor Vigatore

    @CD Yeah right? It’s not just personal fun with a silly game mechanic, there’s like a bit of strategy to it, sometimes


    @ForeverLaxx youre actually wrong! theres nothing better than watching rude ppl get trolled. so close!


    @CD The one being trolled is Mark. Since he’s a rude d-bag, I guess you’re right.


i turned my head to take a sip of coffee when mark was supposed to type “Sam” in the farm section, and as soon as I did so, he yelled “LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU” and I almost spat my coffee out from laughing bc that timing was perfect LOL


    I was watching the stream while eating lunch, and I kept choking on my sandwich because of the segment where he’s trying to put the tape on the shelf. I had to stop eating until he managed it because I couldn’t stop laughing lol

𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔

You have to wonder about Rebecca’s life before Sam. He said she’d gone through a lot, but doesn’t elaborate. Then in the farm episode, Amanda mentions some mommies eat their babies. Could Rebecca’s biological mom have murdered Rebecca’s sibling? Or been particularly abusive?


    Sad mark didn’t seem interested in the story


    @TripanzoI know 😢 I thought he’d be more interested in it… idk


    @ghosting well, considering that the live chat was back seating the entire time, i think he was less focused on the story and more focused on figuring out the puzzles before chat ruins the game for him. He can’t just not interact with the chat because that defeats the point of live streaming


    No… some moms do eat their babies, and the children’s show is supposed to be distributed, don’t read to much into it.

    Sin Queen

    I mean her original parents could’ve just died.


After the butcher ending, you get the sticker of the meat with eyes and the knife. Since we were in line with all of the meat, could we have been turned into one? Supporting the theory that everything with eyes was once somebody who got trapped in the tape?

    Tyler N

    does the xeno amanda have a bunch of eyes then?

Del Hanlon

Markiplier, The King of Five Nights at Freddy’s ❌

Markiplier, The King of Amanda The Adventurer ✅


    He shall forever rule over both kingdoms. LONG LIVE THE KING!

Jim Frank

This man really spent almost five minutes throwing a tape and I loved every second of it.

Crow Smith

What was your favorite episode of Markiplier, Billy?

I like the episode where Mark tries to put a tape on a shelf for a real loooong time.


    Ahhhh a Game Grumps reference. A man of culture indeed.

    Laetitia Klinkhammer

    nice reference 😀 had to laugh out loud reading that

    BoomFam GDB

    Game Grumps

    Peter Prime

    Hey Billy, you going into surgery today?

    Crow Smith

    @Peter Prime *sadly* Y-yeah …

Ashen One

For those curious, there is a 6th tape but it can’t be attained via normal means in the game. It has to be hacked in or you have to clip out of the attic to get it. It’s probably going to be added in a later update. But there are youtube videos of people getting it early and playing it out there if you wanna see it. I won’t spoil anything.


    Ohhh really. Pls list some youtubers.. this story kinda got me hooked up


    @PhantomBoy mark plays it at 1:55:08


    @Because ahh thanx

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