This horror game has a deeper level of immersion than any I've experienced before. How much scarier does it make the game when you're this close?


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I always sit here like “that’s not scary” knowing full well I couldn’t play these game alone.

    Laura Wolfsong

    Honestly me too 😂

    F?СК МЕ. ТАP 0N MY Р1С

    🅷🅸 🅶🆄🆈🆂!!



    sealight_cookie 1

    Same bro same 😢

    sealight_cookie 1

    Same bro same 😢


Mark panic shooting when the lights went out only proves that he’d be the only one who’d survive in a horror movie by pure luck

    Neil Cicerega

    hed kill the killer without realizing it and end up killing the other “survivors”


    ​@Neil Cicerega The killer would end up scared of him and flee the scene instead

    One Ghost

    Or he’d be the guy in the horror movie who’s so prepared for the monster to show up he accidentally kills his love interest by mistake lol


    ​@One Ghost what if the monster IS the love interest? 👀


    He actually uses his gun

McLovios Yeetman

I love how Mark’s so trigger happy that even the minor jumpscares make him unload 3 rounds into the darkness

    Alter Ego: Bruh

    @Gaming WeirdYou’d be out of ammo in 5 minutes lmao

    John Doe

    @Alter Ego: Bruh Counter Argument: There is no plot armor in real life.

    Duke Catfish Junior

    @John Doe but also shooting at the floor is kind of unproductive regardless of plot armor sooo if you gonna waste ammo at least waste them down a hallway!


Mark unloading bullets into the darkness has Ace Ventura throwing the medallion into the cave energy and I am here for it.

    Chris Toth

    great example lmaoooo




    oh man i love that movie

    Albert Bliss

    Yess!!! Some love for Ace Ventura!

Dani Foxx

I hope the full game has more lore but that ending was definitely beautiful for a demo


Mark is very trigger happy, but he has little paranoia overall and is not checking behind his back, or in the dark area that he is passing.


    “As long as you don’t turn around, the demon isn’t really there.” – PeeWee Hermosa, drunk Mexican by the 49th street bus stop.

    Jai Wilson

    I think this kind of play style adds to the horror and nerve buildup.

    * Moon_and_stars *

    I always look

Pragmatic Pundit

So N4BA made another horror game called ‘From the Darkness’ that Mark played that was also utterly terrifying – these guys are masters as horror


    They definitely deserve more attention for the games they make

    Japan’s Florida Man

    This one was kind of a step down in terms of just absolute horror elements. Only the first jumpscare with the peaked-mic screaming was shocking. The environment was ok but FTD was just horror stacked on horror. I will say, loved the last monster dancing Thriller.

Syndicate Sabot

the pause for motion sickness was a perfect missed opportunity for a jumpscare


    i just find them annoying

    Bebo Zsebi

    @Hunnie_Bunnie power through them bud


Ah yes, the spookiest scare of all… THRILLER DANCE.


for those upset (somehow?) about the tryptophobia warning: Mark himself has admitted to the public that he has tryptophobia. the content warning makes sense. it is a phobia like any other. if anything, it was incredibly thoughtful to include it. i don’t even have tryptophobia and that monster gave me the heebie jeebies


    as someone also with tryptophobia i highly appreciated the warning! Very few videos have it and even a few of marks videos haven’t had them but its good to see it here!


    It upsets me how many people have problems with content and trigger warnings. I don’t have tryptophobia, but I’m not about to go and get mad about a warning for those who do? Like, some people have problems with certain things, and there could literally be any reason behind it. If something doesn’t bother you, good for you! That’s great! Not everyone can say the same, regardless if they’re working toward that or not. It’s literally just about being respectful.

    Rise Up Lights

    Isn’t it trypophobia?


    @WaffleAuflauf In 99% of situations, Trigger warnings are stupid and a waste of time. That being said, more horror games SHOULD tell you what fears they exploit. Some people like getting scared in certain ways after all.
    EDIT: Jesus Christ. Y’all REALLY got offended over me praising this game. Thanks for proving my point. LOL.


    @FreezyNinja I don’t think that’s really something that can be measured. It’s fine if you think they’re stupid but that doesn’t mean they’re useless.
    It’s a simple way to help people who are going through something or have issues to manage that and themselves better, and to potentially make an experience safer for them or to help them avoid something that could be harmful.
    It doesn’t take a lot of effort, or cause any damage to add in a warning, either, so I’d say it’s better safe than sorry. I can understand not seeing personal use in them if you’ve never needed one, but I what I can’t understand is why some people will get genuinely upset by them or when someone else uses one.


Doing a giddy leg wiggle in excitement for how Mark is back in action


Now that’s how you finish a demo, undoing all the mental anguish you just put a person through. Well played.

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Nothing like mark playing an overly realistic game and being relatively calm Somehow…..


Mark: *Gets assaulted by a monster*
Mark: “I’ll kill you! I’LL KILL YOU!!!”
Mark: *Shoots the monster dead*
Mark: “Huh, I didn’t expect that to work.”


    i love how he blindly fired and still managed to kill him




    I wish he double tapped him just to be doubly sure

    fanndy effendy

    I loved how calm he was after killing it


    But shooting’s worth it as Mark need not worry to defend himself!


After years of watching markiplier i am still somehow scared by lixians jump scares

Jacob McClain

I have never jumped harder in a Markiplier video than when that thing ran across the hallway screaming.


    Fr, I jumped and hit my hand on the desk I was sitting on… the desk had an exacto knife on because it’s my craft desk. Luckily I only cut open my thumb a bit


    Bro I jumped soo bad there. I didn’t make a noise but my body just felts like it went into shock.

    Kyle Larsen

    Seriously. I threw up my own heart


    @TheMFMothKing based pfp

    0FF 0N

    Havent jumped this hard this bad since powerdrill massacre


If I had a nickel for every time a horror game demo ended with a dance party, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird it happened twice.


    What was the other one??

    Annie James

    ​@Kidders03 pretty sure another one facade demo

    Comfy Cody

    @Kidders03visage had one i believe


    ​@Comfy Codyno no, visage STARTED with a dance party


    @Kidders03 Visage. I believe Mark made a full playthrough of that demo but didn’t play the full game. 🙁

Pippy Art

I love how Mark is getting more comfortable with giving criticism in his gameplay recently. Really shows that he cares and pays attention to whatever he’s playing

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

A first person shooter where they don’t tell you how much ammo you have has so much potential for a horror setting

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

I appreciate the warnings. The monster full of holes was just so incredibly icky. It invokes a deeper sense of wrongness that somehow is like, instinctual. Blech ;-;

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