ChatGPT App Walkthrough #shorts

Here's a quick walkthrough of OpenAI's ChatGPT mobile app for the iPhone. The ChatGPT app is currently only available in the App Store in the US, but it will be coming to Android and more countries soon.

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Ozias Emmanuel Music

The app is still not available in all regions 🤦🏽‍♂️


    Change your region on the App Store

    Tony Hawk

    @Seun what happens when switching app store back afterwards, does the app remain?


    @Tony Hawk yeah it’s fine you would have already installed it, I’m in Japan and downloaded from USA App Store region


Only available in US 😢


    Just change your country on the app

    Tony Hawk

    Yeah annoying. Hope it comes to the UK app store soon. Message limit with GPT4 appears to be 25 messages per 3 hours too, for £19/mth!. Its just text, anyone would think each request is a high res image. And plugins is limited to 3 activated at a time, and cant use plugins while Web is enabled. Lots of restrictions.

Mr. Bear

About time Microsoft found a better way to get our information willingly


oooohh, this is gonna be fun!


Microsoft ruined this AI


Not avail hear… Chat Gpt still used in chrome browser

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