I’m sure you have questions….. – WAN Show May 19, 2023

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When watching the video at first, I thought Taran came back as the CEO, made me do a double take.
[0:00] *Chapters.*
[0:48] *Intro.*
[1:14] *Topic #1: Linus, CEO of LMG, steps down.*
> 2:55 Linus’s past suggestions for LMG solutions.
> 5:18 Luke on Teams notifs, Linus workshop on storyboarding.
> 10:56 Discussing writing knowledge-based articles.
> 11:48 Linus on disruptive shooting behavior, mentions SC.
> 14:05 “Chief Vision Officer.” Discussing LMG teams.
> 16:53 Linus flabbergasted at MarkBench’s progress.
> 21:03 Luke asks Linus about oversaturation.
> 23:51 Ideas for LTT Labs, SC update, RF chamber’s cost.
> 27:28 Linus explains “moat building,” quoting DMs about FP.
> 29:06 Community response, Linus on difficult administrative.
[32:39] *Topic #2: Free TV!…that spies on you.*
> 32:53 Specs, “smart screen.”
> 34:01 Charged $500 if opting out of tracking ft. high five.
> 35:02 Linus on privacy concerns.
> 36:37 Ad-supported V.S. business revenue.
> 40:24 Linus asks “What’s next?” ft. Ads revenue.
> 44:38 Comment from a high listener ft. Domain.
> 45:50 Linus on who these products target & costs of them.
> 47:14 Luke mentions loopholes with the TV agreement.
> 48:30 Linus recalls getting charged for overdraft.
[51:28] *LTTStore’s pre-sale LABS **#FIRST** shirt & hoodie.*
> 53:26 LTTStore notebooks back in stock.
[53:32] *Merch Messages #1.*
> 53:46 Someone you hired for X-role, but was better at Y-role?
> 54:48 Thoughts on slow drop of 4070 laptop GPUs?
> 56:49 Would sponsors change? ft. Discussing Terren Tong.
[1:14:52] *LTTStore screwdriver Noctua edition.*
> 1:16:48 Showcasing the screwdrivers in person.
> 1:19:52 Results of the closest poll ever.
> 1:23:47 Luke on how the CEO would handle leaks
[1:24:03] *Topic #3: Schools struggle with ChatGPT.*
> 1:24:48 Chegg on how ChatGPT hurt their revenue.
> 1:25:36 “Plagiarism,” Texas professor fails half of students.
> 1:27:25 Should schools be responding to AI? ft. Comment bots.
> 1:30:26 Linus struggles with calling his contacts.
[1:33:14] *Topic #4: Imgur’s NSFW & old content purge.*
> 1:34:48 Luke mentions Photobucket.
> 1:36:03 Something Awful Forum’s response.
> 1:36:57 How should we be retaining internet history?
> 1:40:07 “Convert the moon into a server! NUKE THE MOON!”
[1:42:34] *Sponsors.*
> 1:42:43 Zoho One integrated business system.
> 1:43:47 Brilliant STEM learning.
> 1:44:35 Kudos best card suggester.
[1:45:30] *Luke disclaimer on nuking the moon.*
[1:45:46] *Merch Messages #2 ft. Angry Dan.*
> 1:46:40 Would it matter if I like or finish a video on FP?
> 1:49:19 Which was first – CVO Linus or CTO Luke? ft. Linus trolling Dan.
> 1:51:19 Decision of overturning the CEO? ft. Waterbottle “ideas.”
> 1:54:38 Is it possible to run an OS on a GPU’s VRAM?
[1:56:29] *Topic #5: Google’s controversial domain extensions.*
> 1:57:32 Linus on Google Search, Luke shows file link V.S. domain.
> 1:59:56 Reasons for doing this, what is the point?
[2:03:50] *Topic #6: Toyota exposes live location ft. Dad jokes*
[2:05:43] *Topic #7: Roblox doesn’t protect kids from ads.*
> 2:06:56 CARU’s report, FTC complaint & Roblox’s response.
> 2:08:42 Kids “budgeting,” Luke on cosmetic costs.
> 2:10:44 Slapshot: Rebound, discussing skill V.S. gambling & rigging.
[2:16:30] *Topic #8: Valve sued by Immersion due to the rumble.*
> 2:17:26 Should Valve take this as a compliment?
[2:17:42] *OCBASE/OCCT 20th “Stableversary” giveaway*
[2:18:52] *Topic #9: Overwatch 2 cancels PvE mode.*
> 2:20:12 Luke on singleplayer games V.S. CO-OP.
[2:29:37] *Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show after “twilight.”*
> 2:30:58 How did you get Terren to leave Intel? Compensation?
> 2:34:40 Any project Linus is excited to work on? ft. Nuke fab.
> 2:37:48 Most costly things you misplaced or lost?
> 2:41:28 What will Terren Tong’s role in-videos?
> 2:42:28 What worried Linus the most when stepping down?
> 2:43:19 Thoughts on Kyle ending Bitwit?
> 2:46:50 Most challenging part of being a CVO?
> 2:48:04 Is cosplay going to be allowed in LTX?
> 2:49:02 Favorite FP info that Linus leaked, and its downsides?
> 2:50:42 Defunct company you would revive to thrive?
> 2:54:48 Does Linus plan to have time for non-LMG stuff?
> 2:56:10 Skillsets you’d like to improve on your new position?
> 2:58:01 Examples of a decision you made that Terren would disagree with?
> 2:59:55 Has Linus debated how much of his life should be on the show?
> 3:02:24 How much emphasis put on testing FP features?
> 3:04:40 Is putting a camera to monitor your computer too far?
> 3:11:18 If the CEO wanted to stop WAN Show, how would you resolve this?
> 3:12:36 Do you see WAN Show outliving you as hosts?
> 3:22:46 Has LTT Labs always been the end goal of LTT?
> 3:23:24 Best memory Linus made with his Taycan?
> 3:25:26 How would past Linus react to what LMG became today?
> 3:29:28 How did Linus prepare?
> 3:31:32 What did Terren teach young Linus that stuck?
> 3:33:22 Linear, or diagonal growth?
> 3:37:00 Minimum age of life guarding has been lowered.
> 3:43:11 Are there any good self-hosted HTPC interfaces?
> 3:44:11 Any leadership minds that inspired you? philosophies you invented?
> 3:46:10 What if the new CEO stopped you from being who you are?
[3:46:28] *Outro.*

    Toni Ivanov

    Ay, yo, my mans back

    Andrew :)

    Darn! I just finished mine haha! Do you have any way I can contact you so we can avoid this in the future, and save the work?

    Richard Zhou

    First merch messages timestamp seems to be off ๐Ÿ™‚

    Harvey Creekin

    Timestamp Guy is the real CEO!


    Eyyy welcome back Noki!

Ben Does MTB

I have to say, I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. I feel like the CVO role is much better suited for Linus, and I hope it works well for him!

    fiona fiona

    The other video features Linus pouting about the guy he wanted as CEO being employed above their budget whenever their budget allowed


    Letโ€™s see how he envisions how to squeeze more ads into a 10 min video


    Linus? Delegating? Impossible!


    While I agree, it is a daunting task to find someone to hand over the reigns of the best and biggest thing you have built. It’s not just about their ability, but also the fit into the culture that is ingrained into the company and partially responsible for the success and only changing the demonstrably bad parts. Not an small ask.


    โ€‹@Schaelpy Did you watch the other video?


Kids having a 100 dollar a month Roblox allowance seems crazy to me; I couldn’t even convince my mom to give me 5 dollars a month for Runescape membership growing up and I had to beg/pay another classmate to pay for my membership since I didn’t have credit card access. This also ended up resulting in that other kid stealing my account soooo yeah. There’s also tons and tons of gambling for kids and it’s been around forever; arcades, card packs, etc etc


    I feel the runescape part so much ๐Ÿ˜‚ it was tough back then now i cant be convinced to pay out of my pocmet.


    Agreed. I also had to convince my mom to pay for Runescape back in the day. What a time to be alive.


    I tried to get my parents to pay for WoW back in the days. Not a chance.


    God bless Paysafecard.
    Just a quick detour to the gas station after school and I could buy all the stuff I wanted in the crappy free to play shooter without my parents ever knowing ๐Ÿ˜‚


    same in habbo – but to be fair that got me into programming pretty damn young. I cut a close families friends lawn for access to her phone to dial in and charge the cost to her phone bill a few times. RIP!


The breakdown of a filming session @5:48 was a phenomenal explanation of your filming dilemmas ๐Ÿ˜‚ really shows your depth of understanding for content that makes your business so successful!

    Russ H

    Pretty sure he’s talking about the mini pc build they did the other day. Could tell he wasn’t too happy with the prep judging by a few of his comments during the vid๐Ÿ˜‚

Jack Linde

SUGGESTION: Linus, since your people are new (and probably not used to your process even if they have processes they’ve learned), why not have them storyboard the script. This way, they’re not just reading the script, but trying to create frames, it gets them into the mindset of, “how are we going to shoot this”. Again, the storyboards don’t have to be anywhere near the level of art someone like Sarah would generate. Stick people and boxes work FINE. And you can then review the storyboard and say “Yes, no, how about this, have you thought about doing this.” And with the storyboard, everyone (Cameras, lighting, sound, etc.) will know not only their part, but what to expect of the rest of the crew to prevent people tripping over everyone.

    Kyle K

    ponysmasher has a good video on storyboarding “Communicating your vision as a director”


If the TV gets mass produced in enough homes, even if you value your privacy and don’t buy the products that monitor you, you ever want to meet up at a friend’s place, you’ll need to either ask an awkward question of if they have such a device i their living room, or take a chance of getting profiled as a house visitor. In that ecosystem, it’ll be hard to get away, even if you aren’t a customer.

    P_ Mouse

    There are so many more difficult situations like that. I don’t know all the regulations in north America, but this most certainly is not gonna fly in Europe. Something called consumer protection. Or to say it a bit more bluntly, consumers (people) aren’t all smart enough to oversee what they are getting themselves into. I am seriously flabbergasted that it’s even allowed to begin with.
    This is also the point I don’t agree with Linus. Yes, people doing this already anyway, that’s completely true. But the main question is if you should protect people from it. For the same reason you have the obligation to protect people from hurting themselves.

Matthew Dylla

Glad you’re in a good mood about the role change Linus. For the privacy stuff I hate how things have become, I get your point but seriously I do everything I can to get around the trackers and everything else. I don’t mind doing survey after survey on videos on YouTube but I get annoyed because they don’t ever ask why. They just want the most generic information that might be great for figuring out analytics but tells you nothing about why things are going the way they are which makes me think they obviously don’t care as long as “line go up” in quarterly earnings meetings.

Braedon Bellamy

With cheap psu testing I would like to see it done on multiple orders of the same psu. Be sure that the one you got didn’t “win the psu lottery”. I could see there being higher variations from order to order


Love it gonna be listening to this through the day ๐Ÿ’ช

A Newb Improves

Linus need to install pneumatic tubes between the buildings so they can transport small stuff like cables and adapters in 20 seconds instead of 20 minutes.

    Avalanche Dier

    The only real problem with this is the buildings are quite separated and there are other businesses in between that he would have to get permission from to do this. As well as clearing it with the city of Surrey which is currently a little dysfunctional so the approval will take its sweet time even if they do give it. They also might deny it so either way there would be major hurdles to get through


    Pneumatic tubes are quite a thing to install and simply an outdated system. If they really wanted a fast way to transport small parts in 2023… In drone would most likely be a better option in pretty every aspect (besides during the night or bad weather)

    A Newb Improves

    @Avalanche Dier Those are some great points. Maybe they do it as a “temporary proof of concept” video like they did with the fibre run. Instead of actual pneumatics they have some duct tubing and a mechanical ferret.

    feral kitten

    but what about carbon pneumatic nanotubes XD

    A Newb Improves

    @Stefan See, now you’ve got me thinking they do a hacky proof of concept video for pneumatics, and then they come back a couple of months later all like “that was a stupid idea, but now we’re going to do the same thing with drones!”

Idiot McGee

Love the lab talk cause thatโ€™s basically what I do for my company. Hack the world!!!๐Ÿฅฐ


Linus should just have 2 hats, one saying “Visionary” and one “Owner” that he keeps on him at all times and switches around depending on role. Would make for a great video ๐Ÿ˜€


    I agree

Francesco D’Agostino

Now Linus finally has time for a 24 hours WAN show




I’ve seen this happen a few times during my life. The decision isn’t what proves Linus’ point. The next 6-12 months will be. Not having a finger directly on the pulse of your brain and heart child anymore isn’t for everyone, although it might seem like it when making such a decision.

Best of luck! Hoping for a bit more enterprise oriented content – maybe on a new channel. You for sure got the competencies. ๐Ÿ™‚

Reggie Reginato

I like all three – but if there was an option to purchase 1 & 2 together, I like how they match each other. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rhys Edwards

I think the labs is going to be so useful for people and i hope the brands jump on board and link to your videos.

Mitt arv

I would prefer at least one video from the lab per week๐Ÿ˜‰ (small stuff, big stuff, progress updates, daily work)


I’m happy for you Linus, if this is an upgrade for you it’s better for everyone. The energy that you show in every video could only get better if unleashed free, without major concerns about every side aspect of the thing. Best wishes from Italy.

Dan Simms

I cant wait till more lab content comes out, and damn Markbench sounds awesome.


I’m honestly happy for you, Linus. You’ve put your heart and soul into this company and you need a break.

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