I Water Cooled My Bed – Genius or Insanity?

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
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0:00 Sneak Peek
0:47 Why would you want a watercooled bed?
2:04 Let's put it together
4:40 Prepping
14:24 How are you gonna bring this all upstairs?
19:09 Dead Meme
23:33 Sorry, Yvonne 🙁
26:05 It works!
28:32 Uh oh



X2yt Prime

Now we know why Linus retired from CEO position. He just needs more time to work on watercooling every single item in his house. Stay tuned for watercooled kitchen table, watercooled and overclocked TV remote, watercooled sandals!

    Hao Tran

    Oh god… This remind me about the fricking gaming mini van that Linus owes. WATERCOOL THE WHOLE VAN.


    Watercooled sofa might actually be nice


    As long as he doesn’t try to watercool the watercooler…

    Jameson Hardcastle

    Water-cooled sandals!!!!!

    Surfer Dude

    I too would like to see a video on water-cooled sandals. 😀 But for Linus, water-cooled socks would do the job.


Product looks cool, but having it tied to a subscription service is an absolute deal breaker for me. Absolutely should be a set and forget option

    James T

    Look at the chilisleep system. They sell essentially the same thing but a dumb version that just has a basic remote.

    Eli Newbould

    I was thinking the same thing, 2700 dollars and you have to pay monthly to use all the features, that amount of money makes Linus’s solution seem almost appealing 😂


    @James T Thank you, I love the idea of this, but the price and subscription services is absurd. I think I’m going to pick up the 700 dollar version of the chili sleep, looks like exactly what I want.


    A subscription for some cooling? The hell?

    Fus Ro Dah

    Just checked their website. It can be used without the subscription. It’s only needed for automatic temperature, stats, and other stuff most ppl don’t care about.

Roqeeb Adedeji

Let me get this straight. You have to pay a subscription to cool your bed?

That’s truly insane

    lucas rem

    why you need Linus ?

    Ahmad Vawaid Su

    Wait Until they release dlc

    Dániel Bulyovcsity

    The matress is 3 grands, you can chill your room with an AC for 50 years instead and not give them a single dollar.

    vnc t.

    ​@Ahmad Vawaid Sufor 5$/mo you get -5 to 5, your bed is fully capable of doing -10 to 10 but you need to pay 15$/mo to use that feature


    Best part is that Linus ranted about this kinda thing on WAN show not too long ago… Wild


I’m all in for a “Linus and Alex 1 day build the sponsored product and compare it to the real thing” series !

    Climb The Ropes

    Please do more of these videos.

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    🍓 🍓

    I Saw A Bear

    “Can we do it better?” or something like that


    100% please do it.


    “Can we build a better semiconductor chip than intel in 1 day” is an episode I can’t wait for

Simeon Pfrommer

I love the face and that “oh no” from Linus everytime when Alex says “great question!” hilarious 😂

Christopher Finnerty

A $2000+ mattress topper that requires a $200-$300 annual subscription to function?
I’d rather sweat.
I do love these crazy DIY videos though lol


    With that price is much cheaper an AC unit with electricity costs included.


    I found myself saying the same thing. “Why the hell do I have to pay for a subscription to use my water cooled bed?”

    Justin Koch

    It’s cheaper for me to run the 3 window ACs to cool my entire house

    Alsafejri Szemi

    This is what’s called a ripoff. 😂😂😂


You know anytime these two are together in a video it’s gonna be a classic of something getting messed up or rigged together lmfao, but either way the video’s are always great with these two in the video together lol.

Steve Volk

Every single time these 2 are on set with a cooling loop you know its going to be good content


Random idea for Cooling Bed V2

Instead of doing a topper that is cooled switch it out for a water bed and have the fluid flow through the chiller. Direct contact cooling without the foam. Not sure if you can adjust the flow of the chiller but that would definitely get it nice and cold on those hot hot day. You don’t try and water cool a gpu by cutting out radiator fins and adding tubing, you replace that and put a water block on it!!!


    Good one.
    That way you could use 2 single person waterbeds to accomodate for the different zones 🙂
    ‘Adjust the flow of the chiller’ – I reckon with a thermostat, right?
    (Just measure the water temp; switch on/off when temperature is too high/low.
    Could be completely analog if you set it up right, I think)

    Jehu McSpooran

    If you’ve ever owned a waterbed you know you don’t need to cool them. Jumping into a waterbed when the heating mat has failed is like sitting on a cold toilet seat in winter. Now using a waterbed as a reservoir for a PC cooling loop? Now that might have some merit.


i love how the eight sleeps unit still uses a standard Noctua cooler lol, also i love what the editors did with drawing the house instead of just blurring it that was funny xD

    Jemie Bridges

    I was just thinking how anyone who’s not a regular is not going to understand he’s doing it so the exterior view can’t be triangulated.

Lee H

As a plumber i keep thinking Linus needs a mechanical plumber for the stuff he wants Alex to do haha

Jacob Wisner

Really fun show concept – would love to see more like this!

1) You don’t just showcase a product, by creating a one-day build version you also demonstrate some of the concepts behind its operation in a fun way
2) Fun build video – always good
3) Jank-geneering = always a win

Respectable Username

Yes, “Alex and Linus DIY a sponsor’s product” is _definitely_ a series that needs to exist! And tbh, a sponsor must _love_ how much it shows off the quality of their product design process when you see the difference between what their product can do and what these two can cook up


Alex’s transformation from timid engineering bro to chaotic engineering man has been remarkable to watch

    Adit Jindal

    crazy scientist wets the bed


linus and alex: “we could do it better”
eight sleep: “we’ve seen your videos”

Kevin Harvey

I love how Linus had built an apartment in the studio with a bed and all, then decides this needs to happen at his house.

Will Jenkins

Poor Yvonne to think she not only puts up with all this but has to cut checks for it 🤣

    Adam F

    Totally. If I were her, the pretend house idea would have my full support.

Sorry NotSorry

“Linus and Alex spend a day to reproduce the sponsor’s product” is a series I would definitely watch.

Daniel Darks

Can I just give credit to the camera man here. Trying to follow you doing something this crazy while being in a space not designed for filming and doing such a great job is impressive.

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