Garten of BanBan 3

Chapter 3 of Garten of BanBan is out! Where is the game taking us and how horrible are things going to get before we reach the bottom…?

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Its so funny how Mark actually likes to play the game and read the notes, and can do the puzzles
and Sean doesnt even want to hear the title of the game or read anything, he just wants this to end 😂


    Lol XD

    Nope Nope

    i mean Jack is very honest about the game, Mark tries to be positive lol

    edit: edited so people don’t get wrong what i mean

    Chasing Siberia

    Mark and jack are on different spectrums. They are like a black cat/orange cat type ❤

Necro Fai

Mark jumping into the void almost immediately upon loading into the game is honestly so fair.


    Sometimes the void calls to us, sometimes it calls to the ones who knows what’s bellow

    Frie Bonx22

    But… Bird…

    Copy Cat

    @DoodleNoodle*Hollow Knight fans enjoyed that*


    He just testing fall damage 😊😊😊


    what does that even supposed to mean

Morgan Parrish

this game is all over the place and is so messy but damn is it fun to watch someone play when you don’t know what’s gonna happen next

    Morgan Parrish

    the dialogue is so crazy. it sounds like a wattpad fanfic (it’s too juvenile for AO3) written by a 7th grader


    @Morgan Parrish couldn’t have said it any better

    Morgan Parrish

    @finn thanks friend!

    alec rodgers

    Yes! I heard that the developers made it long enough to where you can’t refund it on STEAM. XD

    Hi Show

    Agreed! But that’s the complete beauty of this game, isn’t it?


It’s funny how different Sean and Mark’s reactions to this game were. Mark found it delightful, while Sean absolutely hated it.


    ​@Jerepasaurus the adhd spectrum.

    Critical Hit

    @Jerepasaurus Sean also has ADHD though, so that’s not really a factor worth bringing up imo. I think Sean is just generally a more serious person, which makes his playthroughs of narrative driven games really good for me, but goofy games less good. I think it might be a bit cultural, since I feel a lot of Irish YouTubers have similar comedy to Sean.


    @Critical Hit I thought he was just as funny and not literally Mark’s polar opposite

    The General Gamer

    @Critical Hit He’s bringing up ADHD because Mark’s ADHD allows him to be goofy and not take things too seriously, even in tense horror games. Sean’s ADHD makes him not pay attention and causes him to lose focus, making it harder to play games (as we see in Garden of Banban where Sean understands 0 puzzles because he doesn’t read/pay attention to instructions, whereas Mark is having fun and not really caring about the story/game that much to criticize it).


Just the little flimsy push that Stinger Flynn did to Jumbo Josh was great. Then Josh looking absolutely *offended* afterwards, amazing

booty man

It’s really funny seeing other YouTubers take like an hour of trial and error to understand the puzzles and then see Mark understand them immediately


    its funny because its usually the opposite that happens

    aubra wilson

    marks fr built different

    Joe Samuel

    He’s accidentally correct lol

    Derek Requiem

    I’m surprised he figured out how to jump on the bird’s back _on his first try_


I like how Mark is enjoying this and yet the game is driving Sean into insanity. lol


    May I ask who this Sean is? I cant find a YT channel named that way.


    @MrPifo Sean is jacksepticeyes real name

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    Hi guys


    I’m very happy that mark is loving it, but I don’t think that jack will play it anytime soon


i legit started laughing so hard i began crying during that final “battle” cutscene with how poorly the animation was done and just lost it when the blue bird suddenly screamed and fell and all mark said was “what?”

    3 O 5

    Honestly I thought its kid fell down there and that’s why it jumped down

    Sara Fontanini

    bird:I don’t want to live on this planet anymore


Mark’s tendency to charge head first into obvious death is both entertaining and infuriating.


Does seeing Mark immediately succeed with every puzzle in this game make them also suddenly hear Jacksepticeye angrily seething in the distance

    Lycan Ferret

    The puzzles aren’t hard, you just have to stop and think about them first before going into them. The game even lets you wait and think forever before you click the button to start most puzzles. They’re like a mix of FNAF Sister Location and Poppy’s Playtime, which Mark also did super well with and Jack struggled over.


    @Lycan Ferret their point is still valid


    They never said it wasn’t.


    @Noox true true

    xo passtheaux

    ⁠@Lycan Ferretit’s a trash game with shitty puzzles anyway, frustration is obvious for most. Mark is just built different in understanding stupid games with all the dumb indie games he normally plays(I enjoy watching him play them but I’d never play most of them myself honestly). Jack is more used to playing good/more serious games

hm. nu.ladno

this bizzare game makes me want to keep watching it. it feels like some weird trip, but also grabs my attention and pleasantly surprise me every time

    Cell Clifford


Mortal Dreamer

I love how mark treats his drone like it’s his little pet. So funny and precious

    More Merome

    best comment

Skye Aternus

Mark went from wanting to kill the bird to riding it, such a great development of friendship.



    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


André Meyer

This game is really weird, but god damn that baby bird is absolutely adorable

Jacob Miller

Jumping into the abyss as soon as the game loaded is the most Markiplier thing to do.

Lost_ friend

Seeing mark actually enjoying garten of banban is an experience in itself


the scene in the car where the bird just straight up screams when stinger flynn says they’re lost is a mood lmao


Mark: “I liked that a lot!!☺️🌸🌸”

Manda Panda

To be fair, I would have walked off the edge too just to see what would happen. So thank you, Mark, for satisfying my curiosity.


We can all aspire to be as forgiving and understanding of game developers as Mark. He’s the only YouTuber I’ve seen NOT tear Garten of Banban to shreds.

    Sandy K

    mostly cuz these games are coming out in like a span of 4 months with a small team……which just says a lot about the state of the game


    I think it’s BECAUSE the game is very silly and tongue-in-cheek that he’s more willing to give it leeway. If it took itself seriously it would literally just be a crappy Poppy Playtime clone, which is the main criticism leveled at this game. But it’s goofy, and that gives it charm

    Meredith Mitchell

    MatPat’s play through on GTlive is also pretty positive, he seems to actually like it

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