How FAST is Google’s WiFi?

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Did anyone spot the hidden YouTuber cameo?

    Haadi F

    tom scott in the intro

    Sathvik Sandeep



    Tom Scott❤

    jack Jaymune

    I didn’t spot it at first😂


    Tom scott


Bro basically has my dream job and it’s so cool to watch

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


    bread cat

    The slide instead of stairs is awesome

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    if you study hard you make there!


Was this Tom Scott walking through the frame in the beginning? 😂

    Snowy owl

    Lol 😂😂

    Snowy owl

    At 0:04


    Sure seems like it!

    Bonian Poetsch


    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


ahmet emre yılmazer

Google with 250 download
Also me chilling with 7 mb dıownload🗿

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


    korays 0

    biz gibi başka hangi ülke varmış dedim yorumu okuyunca alşsdlşasd


    @korays 0 ben


My 30$ per month wifi is much faster than Google sliding wifi😂😂

    Aadith Krishna

    But that’s 150 Megabytes per second tho and also it’s just wifi

    Yash Rawat

    I think it’s bits only

    Ishigami 石上

    The difference is more people are using that wifi unlike yours

    Devendra Singh

    He must have connected to 2.4GHz


    Yeh my speed at my old house was 500 bits

Best computer tips and all in one channel

I hope the WiFi is fast as slide was too relatable 👍🏻


    no it wasnt

Julia Cora

Just a casual Tom Scott walking by…


    Yeah I was confused af lol


    I had to rewatch to find it lol

    ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ

    I’m really but haha chicken nuggets lol deceased dumbbells are jackets but zap orange blue omniscience


    @ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ But I thought Chicken Dumbells were not in fact diseased but an origin based in Belize of te mountain of foot messaging apps.

    Smart Branding Solutions



He has balls of steel to come to google’s hq with macbook😂

    Mayur Roy

    no 😑 Google doesn’t have any significant competitor in PC OS like Microsoft and Apple


    I mean Google ceo himself uses a iPhone 😂


    @ItzNeil damn

    Diaa Asha

    @Mayur Roy you think everybody uses Chromebooks at google ?

    Mayur Roy

    @Diaa Asha no dawg. u should read my reply again

Harnai Digital.

I love how Casually Tom Scott walks into his video. LOL

    Héctor Juncal

    true! lmao

    YT=your type

    I was thinking the same thing bro


hold on, lemme just move my home from McDonalds to Google HQ for better connection


    69 likes and no replies ? Nahh let me fix that

    Smart Branding Solutions

    Bots everywhere

    Mayur Roy

    @JAMNA PARI that’s a spam account by the way

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    how bad is the internet in america lmao. for 30USD a month in my eastern european country i have 150mbps downlink /15mbps uplink speed, and 150 channels of cabletv

Carl Akmov

Who expected mammoth speed…. 🤯

SnailDOS Gaming

It’s because they would place a limit per client to not make their entire infastructure explode.


Tom casually walking by was so recognisable 😅 with his red shirt 😂


    Who is tom??


    @MR.Imperfect the guy who walks past him in the start 😊


    @MR.Imperfect Tom Scott he has a YouTube channel and this guy is everywhere’s


    @Faint hmm thank for the information


    @MR.Imperfect he also made the video that updates the title to the number of views

I am the mad man

Yo, man brandishing Samsung s23 ultra in google hq 💀💀💀


When your home WiFi has faster upload speeds than google

    Evanson kish(kishkushy)

    This 200+mbps with HQ full of employees connected is prity fast msn


    ​@Evanson kish(kishkushy) yes

    Dennis Heusschen

    Theres 100s of other people connected. Its not just arun

    kira senpai amv

    If only one person connected i pretty sure it’s faster


    I have 8.8gb per second connection but it is limited to 2.2gb/s wireless, but if i get thr right device and right cable, i can get on an average day 8gb/s and on very good days 9gb peaks

Keanu SW

Having slides in the office must have been fun


Now I want to see a Tom Scott video with Mrwhosetheboss casually chilling in the background.

    Temperamentally scientific

    He is not tom scot

    Splatoon Shorts

    ​@Temperamentally scientific ?

    SentientToast 1

    ​@Temperamentally scientific then who is he

    Đức Huy Vương

    @Temperamentally scientific Then who is the one who walked past Arun in the back?

Ejay H.

Okay, to all the people saying that the google HQ wifi is slow, keep in mind that it is a big office building, there would be at least a few hundred people using it at any one time. Now lets see how fast your home wifi’s are with at least 100 people connected. Lol.


For everyone saying this is slow, remember that individual devices on the network are probably limited, and are consistently getting these speeds. The total speed is probably 10gbps+, they just cant give that speed to every device.

    Yusuf T-Deen

    I don’t know man, my university gives each student login credentials and they each get a dedicated 100 Mbps connection.

    Surely Google could do much better.

Praise Asonye

you’re living the life man.

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