Sony ZV-1 II vs. Canon V10: battle of the vlogging camera

After fleshing out its vlog-focused camera lineup with the full-frame ZV-E1, Sony is now updating its bread-and-butter point-and-shoot that kicked off the ZV family. The new ZV-1 II is an $899.99 camera with a one-inch-type sensor, wider zoom lens than its predecessor, and various quality of life improvements vying to make it a worthwhile sequel to the ZV-1 of 2020. The $429.99 Canon PowerShot V10 is about the size of an extra-thick deck of cards that packs a fixed 19mm equivalent f/2.8 lens and marries it to a 20.9-megapixel one-inch-type sensor. It is geared toward filming yourself with an articulating screen, front and rear record buttons, stereo mics with a 3.5mm mic jack, a Micro HDMI port, digital image stabilization, and a kickstand for propping it up. It’s expected to launch in June.

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0:00 What's a good vlogging camera?
0:28 Sony ZV-1 II review
2:57 Canon PowerShot V10 review
5:00 REALLY hot take about the V10
5:36 Why creators just use their phone
6:34 ZV-1 vs. V10 footage
7:36 A great view

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The Verge

So when do we think one of these camera manufactures will actually make a usable app? I say 2025. -becca

Allan Jeraled


Matt Taylor

I see Becca, I see cameras, I click.


I always look forward to your next video You never disappoint🐱

Patrick Tomasso

i think someone needs to just bring back an old school camcorder look with a modern body/SD cards

    Becca Farsace

    and a modern battery that will last all day! ❤

Phil Esposito

the smudge transitions ❤

Andre Coutinho

Nice one again. Hopefully Canon improves the V10 in the next gen, their color science for videos is very beautiful and look more natural.

Zinios Box

Lumix have killer app ❤❤❤❤❤

Johnny Cash III

I must say, I cannot comprehend why Canon made this the way they did. Everything you said of IF they made the camera a certain way, then it’d work. Also Canon’s app and connection issues never makes sense to me. All these things combined make me wonder why one would get the PowerShot over just using their phone, or even a cheap(er) phone (the iPhone SE is the same price).

Full-Frame >>>
More Full-Frame please 😭


The livestream ain’t even up yet lol

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