Switch Cameras With the Twist of Your Wrist #shorts

Here's how to make your Google Pixel switch between the front and rear cameras just by twisting your wrist. #googlepixel #android #howto

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Or just tap your thumb…

    Anthony Bailey

    Lol wyssssss🤣🤣🤣

    Ali Şêr Öncel


Anthony Bailey

Yea cause press the button is INCREDIBLY hard!!

    Michael Ma

    It can be, trying to one hand a large phone

Damian Nunez

Motorola already does this good to see it’s being implemented on other phones.

    Rushabh Shah.

    This feature came with Google pixel 1 in 2016. I am still using pixel XL as it has unlimited storage for photos and videos at original quality. I am not aware if this feature was also in the nexus lineup but it is quite possible.

    Damian Nunez

    @Rushabh Shah. I’m not sure I believe this feature was first introduced with the original moto x but that was back when Google owned Motorola I missed those days.

Rushabh Shah.

This feature came with pixel 1 I think people might be aware of this feature by now.


Motorola user be like “welcome to 2013 everyone”

Nite Knight

I could see that being a problem too

Mayur M

Need this is every Android😊

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