Vanoss tries beer from The Simpsons #shorts

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Not Ardi

Drunklirious 😂❤


the vtuber thing feels so useless to me, but i’m glad delirious likes it 🙂

    Alien Fan

    It’s funny how people would agree with you. With all of it.


    I agree


Love the vtuber avatar!

    Jesus Najera

    But after seeing your pfp I can see that you’re weird and into that kinda stuff


    @Jesus Najera
    That has no relevance to me supporting a youtubers choice to use a vtuber avatar…


    @Umbro yes it does weirdo


    It genuinely does not…
    A furry profile picture isn’t even slightly relative to a digital avatar of a man in a hoodie and Hockey mask.

Alien Fan

Was that an Atari sound affect? As a censor sound?


Age daughter, Larry I am your biggest fan. I love your videos. Keep up the good work❤❤

Jorge camp

Classic h20 promotioning alcohol to his younger audience

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