AMD, you NEED to hire me! – AMD Radeon RX 7600 Review

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AMD is finally launching a mainstream GPU as part of their RDNA3 clad Radeon 7000 series lineup. And boy, are they being competitive. Especially since Nvidia doesn’t seem to concerned with the low end based on the pricing of their 4060 Ti cards. But can AMD match the Ray Tracing and AI bells and whistles of Team Green? And can AMD beat their own competitively priced 6000 series of video cards? Only one way to find out. by watching our review of AMD Radeon RX 7600.

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:22 RDNA3
2:12 1080p Gaming
4:43 VRAM
5:51 1440p Gaming
6:29 4K Gaming
6:51 RT & FSR
7:27 Power and Thermals
8:00 Productivity
8:32 Pricing
9:46 Conclusion

Correction: 6:06 The 3060 Ti has just 8GB of VRAM. The 3060 12GB should be highlighted instead.




NVIDIA really needs to take a better look at their competition.

    portan Rayken

    NVIDIA is like apple it dose not matter what the competition is people will still buy it

    Frigobar Ranamelonico

    When they really start to have one, unless AMD and intel really start to push equivalent in term of quality and diffusion on game of upscaling technique (plus a good level of RT performance).
    The problem is the fact that Nvidia is literally fighting in another league with is technology and that why it as most of the market share; that you like it or not with AMD you’re paying less because it offer less (they would have the same price of NVIDIA if they could really compete on the same level).

    Some Guy

    Nvidia is on the AI hype. PC gamers aren’t really a priority for them at this point.

    Hubba Bubba

    ​@Frigobar Ranamelonico I haven’t kept up with things lately, but isn’t DLSS still game specific? FSR works with literally anything. I like that approach much more


    Idk, personally I’ll be stuck nvidia until and isnt trash in vr. Regardless of price


So AMD realised what budget means and Nvidia forgot 😂

    Madhatterni 002

    Forgot? Nvidia threw it out of the window during the meeting


    @Madhatterni 002 LMAO 🤣🤣🤣


    It’s simply clever marketing. There’s a blatant hole in the new budget GPU market right now, they would have been stupid not to take advantage of it ^^


    ​@Madhatterni 002 why do you think some people call them Ngreedia?


    @Peeferin They are releasing 4060 for $299 though?


Intel also dropped the price of the 750 with 8GB to 199$

    Not Funny

    We are now back to square one

    We have 2 companies making barely competitive cards

    Joe Marais

    @Not Funny iuno the 750 is close enough to a 770 which was close enough to a 3060ti. So getting a thing for $200 that was similar to a $400+ thing sounds fine.

    Unless you’re just gonna say since they’re not Nvidia they suck and the cards should basically be free.


    @Joe Marais The problem is that Intel cards are still kinda poorly supported. I would love to use somethinge else than NVIDIA cards as I need lot of VRAM, but for the things I need it for, NVIDIA is pretty much only option that is properly supported currently

    Not Funny

    @Joe Marais ehh tbh, as much as I hate Nvidia they have a lot of benefits that I can’t ignore, even if everything was matched at rasterization performance

    Nvidia GPUs GENERALLY have better rtx, better upscaling (dlss 2/3), better efficiency, longer driver support, better screen capture, etc

    I prefer AMD driver application though


    @Not Funny All of which are very minor advantages, CUDA is major. Don’t get me started on RT, the vast majority of people don’t play games that have it, and those that do, most of them, don’t even turn it on even when the Hardware can run it. It’s not there yet. 2x – 3x more gpu releases and it should be important, till then it’s a gimmick for when you get too many FPS.


Love the animations that draw attention to a specific data point you’re talking about in the graphs. Makes it much easier to digest at a glance (especially at 2-3x)


    Hmm, I don’t agree completely. I think the animation could be better, I forget which card were talking about if the red dot is all the way at the end of the graph and before I can trace the card name back vertically they’re already talking about something else


    @Tycho Miles better than GN tho tbh


    @Zetsubou GN gives you data to analyse yourself and cross reference. It is often plain more informative than LTT but it’s not meant to be a little candy to draw your eyes which is what LTT aims for. Different approaches entirely. LTT is when you want to hear opinions and review on a new product and don’t want to think much. GN is when you want details and want to dig into the topic

    Omar Al Sharif

    It’s like a little laser pointer

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

Nathaniel Cutajar

I love the fact that the charts finally point to which device they are currently talking about when doing comparisons. Highly appreciated <3

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    🅷🅸 🅶🆄🆈🆂 !!


I like that you are trying to show what gpu youre talking about with a red dot (like at 2:21) but I think a more subtle effect in a larger area would be better. For example: making the background area of the card breathe a white color, like you do with static green for the rx 7600. Or the red dot at the name of the card, or a combination

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    🅷🅸 🅶🆄🆈🆂 !!


    that would be logical, and work better, but isn’t as cool as the red dot which is the notification thing 😀

Feral Gangrel

Got that marked in my calendar. Hopefully, this means AMD saw the writing on the walls and is gonna make some waves with their pricing, and maybe, just maybe, it will force Nvidias hand. I’m not gonna hold my breath, but one can hope.

Tyler Sanders

All this review did was convince me fully that the 6700xt has become probably the best price to performance on the market

    Mindaugas Strole

    Or 6950xt for higher end.

    CSR NineOneSix

    Made me feel like my 6700xt will stay in my machine for another year or two judging by these results

    Lautaro Vazquez

    Rx 6800 too

    Tan Yi Ge Ken

    you say that, but many people arent willing to make incremental upgrades for just a little more when building. it’s a mystery. They will spend >$100 more for a bling mobo and cpu combo and then pull a 3060 with 13600k pairing kinda bs


    Tell that to my 6 year old 1080Ti 😀

Micah Smith

I’ve seen a lot of varying performance recently depending on the game and use cases, so I just gave in and bought a 6700xt, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be enough to last me quite a while.


Even a modest Vram increase to 10 GB like the 6700 (non-XT), could have gone a long way to making this a fantastic 1080p option, as well as playing some recent games and most older games at 1440p. Then giving it a price comparable to the 6650 XT would make it sell like gangbusters.


Considering how well the a770 is doing I cant wait for next gen Intel. So long as they continue giving ample vram for their (actual) midrange cards


Looking forward to the RX 7700, judging by the trends of AMD’s x7xx series

    Extreme Derpz

    Should be no more than 400


“And then there’s Nvidia who has transitioned from making gpus for gamers to fans of Nvidia” So true.


    Physical fans or human fans?


The RX6700 series is, at this moment, a very good “cost x benefit” option, if not one of the best. It can run almost anything pretty well at 1440p.

Dean Kelly

Been very pleased with my 6700XT. Very consistent 4k* gaming experience with FSR even on some good modern titles. Only got it 2 months ago so I missed out on the price drop but it was worth it to pay $70 to have that level of improvement for the last 2 months.

    CSR NineOneSix

    I have mine running at 1440p and it works well!


    Same got mine 3 months ago. Very good 1440p card

Per Lichtman

Thanks for slotting the last minute updates in so effectively. Would love to see the RTX 3050 in the charts for future videos in this price segment.


All I can say is that the 6700xt still looks like a pretty good deal

    J. B.

    it is. im so glad i got one below $400 last year on ebay

Luqman Hyder.

Ever since Linus retired as the CEO, the videos have become more consistent and time oriented.
It’s great to see that he’s really acting on the commitments he made in the video.
We love you Linus and all the LTT staff.❤️


would be interesting to see how it holds up against the rx 6700 10gb non xt as that was marketed as a 1440p gpu.

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