Final Cut Pro for iPad review: still rendering

The long-awaited iPad version of Final Cut Pro is here and, with it, a touch-friendly design and accessible pricing. But if you’re coming from Final Cut on the Mac, you might be a little disappointed. #technology #editing #ipad

0:00 Intro
0:24 System requirements (A12, A12X, M1, M2)
1:06 File management (supported files, importing, 360 video)
1:47 FCP Workspaces and layout
2:38 Animation (keyframing)
3:24 New features — Live Drawing & Auto Scene Removal mask
4:54 Audio, volume & music editing
5:45 Color adjustments & LUTs. DaVinci Resolve
7:34 Handheld editing (Jog Wheel)
8:11 Editing with Magic Keyboard – shortcuts
8:54 Performance & battery life
9:17 Conclusion

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The Verge

Am I the last one to switch to DaVinci Resolve?

    Hoàng Phong

    Once you switch to Davinci, you will never go back, trust me. I leave Premiere and Final Cut 5 years ago, and only choose DR for my media publications.


    We’re on FCP. Waiting until next keynote. If apple doesn’t announce any new features for FCP, then making the switch

    Soul Index

    You’re at least the last one to switch to 16:9 exports.. What’s with the black borders in this video?

    Syed Kashani

    I haven’t switched to DaVinci yet. I’ll keep going with premier pro


    If you touch Resolve you will even forget that you have final cut on you devices 😂


$2,877 for a full iPad setup is crazy
Better off getting a Mac


    iPad pros are such strange value propositions


    Or just a much better, cheaper, real Computer. Macs are gimmicks

    Naavid Morshed

    @Cokémon Macs are not gimmicks. I don’t like Macs myself and there are genuine arguments against using Macs. They are indeed overpriced (unless base mb air) and having loads of proprietary softwares. I have to use a Mac as I work with flutter. I need xcode with iOS simulators and the workarounds are too painful (tried hackintosh, couldn’t fix audio issues). Everything else I do on my Mac, I can do just as well on my 2016 desktop (or any old setup) with mint on it. Unless of course, you want to use Microsoft office or Adobe’s softwares but I don’t use those. Gimmicks don’t suit Macs, overpriced semi-luxury hardware? Most likely.

    Garrett Hamlow

    Truly such a head scratcher. An M2 MacBook Air for 1000 less would let you use the full version of FCP

Jacob Voss

Lack of external drive support kills this, no one even slightly serious will use this

    The Verge

    Agree. I don’t want a hard drive dangling off to the side, but I also don’t want to pay too much for internal storage (while also paying for iCloud Drive too).
    – Vjeran

    H L

    This is the biggest shocker for me. It’s not only about the cost of storage but the ability to take a hard drive with videos from anyone and start editing.

    West Georgia Air Cooled

    I’d like this explained. I’m using an external drive literally right now, and it’s working fine….???


    100% agree

    Vince Stenning

    @West Georgia Air Cooled you had to import all your media from your storage to either your cloud or ipad before your edit, taking up space, you dont have to do that with resolve

Nat Voisey

Great review. Surprising lack of simple shortcuts like marker and disable clip.

Ronald Weidner

The iPad one looks clunky and the fact it doesn’t let you edit off external is a killer. Unless you use the iPhone for your videos to use on the iPad, those files are huge. Forget it on the Panasonic GH6 and using the iPad running Final Cut Pro on it. I’ll just keep using Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro on Mac.

Samo Zeal

That live drawing is TIGHT.

They need to make projects compatible across machines so people can:
start on a Mac,
jump to the iPad for some squiggle squiggle action,
then finish on a big boy machine.

    Obinna Bigg

    NOO is NOT

Thomas Jarvis

Started my next video with it today. Really enjoying it, feels like I can get more done far easier than with Lumafusion


I have Luma fusion on my iPad Pro 12.9 with A12z bionic, and it’s more than enough for almost all the editing I do. Plenty fast. But I’ve been getting terrible battery life in general. I guess it’s time to upgrade.

Mark LaCroix

Interesting how many total dealbreakers there are in this for just normal video editing workflows. It feels like Apple might be targeting an audience of either newer content creators who will adapt to its limitations, or Apple-diehards who for some reason would see value in starting a project on an M1 iPad and then moving it to their M1 MacBook to finish. That’s perfectly fine, I guess, but I hope they aren’t expecting to attract anyone else.

    The Verge

    Oh man. During the testing process I kept asking myself if “I’m the old-school editor at this point!? Is this what the kids want?!” Went through a whole existential crisis on this one! 😆


    It’s like the launch of FCPX all over again


    That’s everything apple dude


I expected the iPad version of FCP to not come with certain features that are in the Mac. But the features missing and how many they are missing is actually quite a deal breaker. Like, how could you not be able to add markers or compound clips; or even import entire folders? That last one is quite a deal breaker for me tbh. Guess I’m sticking with the Mac for my editing for now.


Didn’t expect it to be quite that bad! And no external storage? That alone is a complete deal breaker.

Flying Pig

As someone who isn’t even a serious video editor (I use Final Cut Pro just for my YouTube channel and some personal projects), there are so many turnoffs in this version of Final Cut that I can’t imagine myself or anyone who’s actually serious about video editing using this. So many basic features like external drive support, folder importing, markers, compound clips and disabling clips just aren’t here. Not to mention the cost, nearly $3000 for a fully loaded iPad with storage, a keyboard, and a pencil, as well as the subscription fee for final cut. Professionals would be better off buying a Mac with a one time fee for Final Cut Pro as it would likely be cheaper and much more powerful. This feels like an iMovie Pro at this point, not a true version of Final Cut Pro. There might still be hope though, it will be interesting to see where Apple takes this in the future.


    Yes. So much right. Are you supposed to only use your footage you filmed and downloaded on the iPad? Or do the seriously want you to copy all your media on this before you can start your edits. It’s so ridicolous.


Love this review. A pro who is profiling pro software on a pro device.


It sure is _odd_ that Apple would limit something which _coincidentally_ forces people to purchase iPads with higher storage which just so happen to be upgrades that are notoriously ridiculously expensive. What an oddly specific omission by Apple, indeed.

The Strategy Wargamer

(Before video) Final Cut Pro on iPad is a dream come true. Although I have a 2nd Gen iPad Pro 11inch I cant run it, have to wait until I get a new one.

Honestly this is exciting, being able to record and then edit right on the device. Professionally editing by touch. Very exciting.

The Strategy Wargamer

(After Watching) Feels like Final Cut Pro 1.0 for iPad. It’s a good start, I think once we hit 3.0 or 4.0 itll be on parity.

Jason James

Best review I’ve seen so far, you’re not out here selling dreams with this new app. I think i set my expectations too high for this. I am not a DaVinci user but I think DaVinci for the iPad is better in many ways. anyone else agree?


This guy knows his stuff. Cool, calm, collected. Good job.

Zhi Yang

I don’t think there’s any other companies can receive so much user experience response so quickly after launching a new App

Rogerio Gomes Osório

3:38 The live drawing is the only great feature available in the FCPro that I wished was available in the DVResolve

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