Microsoft Build 2023: Everything Revealed in 7 Minutes

At Microsoft Build 2023, Microsoft's Satya Nadella announces new AI features for its Windows 11 operating system, along with a slew of other AI features.

Read the CNET article for more information:
Microsoft Builds Its Copilot AI Assistant Straight Into Windows 11

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Namrata Keshri

You can clap now.

    ٰ ٰ



People being impressed by Bing is not what I expected ever.


    Now remember that in 2014 investors wanted Microsoft to kill Bing


    @TheBrightestSun why? It was tiny compared to Google, but still the second biggest search engine. It brought in a lot of ad revenue and data analytics. Also because it was the second biggest search engine and one of the only ones that searched the entire internet most other smaller search engines paid to use it on the backend to namely because Google wasn’t about to throw a bone to its competitors in a space it dominated so hard and was the center of their business model.

    George Washington

    They aren’t. They’re impressed with ChatGPT. Microsoft essentially gave up and licensed a service that’s actually worthwhile.

    Jensen Raylight

    Bing is not that good compared to baseline ChatGPT,
    but if you only want to ask a trivial question about animals, i guess it’s good enough

Retro Cat

Amazing insight. I just learned that I can clap whenever I want.

    Umer On YouTube



    I like turtles… I want to clap for turtles. 🐢👏

Marvin Addae

You can clap now is insane🤣😂😂

    Tanweer Alam


    👻 Face

    Not once but multiple times lol

    Repo Recon

    Yep. I would do it in the most obnoxious way possible if I did it at all.

    Jonathan Pinto


    majestic Fox


Tanweer Alam

I think the way AI is progressing…in no time Github Co Pilot may turn into Github Auto Pilot

    Ankitnm Naik

    It will turn into GitHub captain..

Michael Z

Why does this presentation remind me of an episode of Silicon Valley with Gavin Belson on stage for Hooli?

Rafat Rahain

Really surprised Yusuf is still at Microsoft considering he almost killed the xbox brand lol

Humphrey Makere

So office pilot ai thingy is going after lawyers too… it thought they were happier with artist

Deep Focus Media

Bing used to be an accindental landing page till this moment


Google is more user friendly. I think it’s hard for Microsoft to compete with Google.


    The forward button with Bing is inconsistent and has to be enabled in Edge.

    Edge doesn’t let you set the default page for new tabs. A redirect extension for new tabs won’t work with bookmarks when the setting: “only show bookmarks on new tab” is used.

    Clicking on a youtube video in Bing brings up Bing Video as an annoying middle man. Clicking again on the video will open YouTube but in a new page with that old Bing video still playing in the background.

    In my experience, Google generally has better results.
    Search: “Temp”
    Google: interactive weather widget
    Bing: Weather related links and definition of “Temp”
    Search: “NRDS”
    Google: Nerdwallet Stock interactive widget
    Bing: the 5th result mentions NerdWallet

    I prefer Google and Chrome.


I’m going to ask CGPT, is it a good time to clap.


I have all my password 2fa security keys all integrated into safari on my Mac and iPhone, I use bing and edge currently but now bard is available on safari as soon as it gets good enough to drop bing I honestly will for the simplicity of going back to one browser where all my bookmarks passwords 2FA keys are already stored. so in my opinion they should stop pushing the bing app and edge and make it web based instead of browser and app based so it can be used in safari. currently bard is already more accurate at some things I have tried

    Marco Chavane

    Have early access to Bard. It’s wrong A LOT. Has a long way to go before you can trust it enough to rely on.

Rodrigo Ribeiro de Azevedo

You can see how the other presenters mimic Satya Nadella with the “you can clap now” 😅.

Jay Bugatti

This is truly incredible. Now they need to ask it to make a smartphone that I can actually buy.

All About Data

Now I need to learn some more new things 😊

Saurabh Kashyap

So basically Bing Chat is now a free version of browsing ChatGPT?

Mike Knowlton

They need an Applause sign for the audience so things don’t get awkward like that

Forchy Forchy

that audience applauses like they’re captives

Imperial Dynamics

I don’t know how Bing Chat compares to Bard but I’m 100% all in Bing Chat because Google decided to give European users the finger (not available in any EU state)


They didn’t squeeze as much juice out of the presentation as they could have. Imagine Jobs doing this

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