Microsoft Build event in 5 minutes

Microsoft announced some major news at its annual Build keynote. This year’s Build heavily focused on AI, with new additions of the CoPilot experience to Windows 11 and Edge, as well as new Bing AI and Copilot plugins for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Plus, Bing is now the default search for ChatGPT. Here’s everything you missed. #Microsoft #Tech #News

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0:00 Intro
0:05 Bing and Chat GPT Updates
0:38 Plugins in Bing and Chat GPT
2:00 Windows Copilot
3:10 Microsoft Fabric

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Athul S George

So Microsoft didn’t just adopt Open AI technology now it seems they are doing the reverse too.

    Ginanjar Utomo

    they invested to OpenAI back in 2019. So, yeah, this turned to be good and they now reap the fruition. This was their plan for a long time.


The microsoft of 2023 is almost unrecogniseable from the microsoft of 2008

    Rr Rr



    Back in 2008 they actually put effort into the OS…

    H L

    They have done we pivoting compared with ibm, Packard Bell, getway and netscape.

    David H

    Just 6 months before 2008, Apple launched the first iPhone and changed the world. Hopefully Microsoft can carry the next decade

    C Alvz

    @Rhedox Maybe too much since Windows Vista was kinda ambitious and stupid people put it on their crappy XP computers

Shubham Tripathi

Surprising to see how the tables have turned. Microsoft is now beating Google in innovative integrations & capabilities of AI by a large margin..


    Exactly. Impressive.

    Jovon Leblanc

    Did you check out Google IO most of these features are here to test now Microsoft has definitely caught up a lot but I don’t think they’re in the lead I think that everyone is kind of caught up to a very similar space, but Google being the AI company will continue to innovate and all their products are in-house


    Meh Google IO showed these same things 2 weeks ago. Microsoft has blown their lead already. It is no surprise google could catch up that quicklly considering google invented the transformer architecture that all these companies use for their generative AI. Edit: the cool thing i love from openAI is the coding co-pilot, i love using that. Not interested in the rest

    Alexander Bachmann

    Do they though…

    mukhtar buttar

    @Dani Anyone who codes has their environment already setup. ChatGPT or Stackoverflow?


The Copilot demonstration shows so much that it’s still a mock-up lol

    David H

    It’s literally just a right pane chat box 🤣

    Sourav Satvaya

    Half Cortana, half Bing Chat.

    Abdulrahm 113

    ​@Sourav Satvaya is Cortana Alive 😂


that’s a gorgeous stage.

    Chinmay Kunkikar

    Right? Noticed the same!


    Looks great and ligth is great too.

    I StM I

    yeah Google should take a hint from MS and Apple.
    Sure outdoors are great for relaxing between presentations, but they don’t help highlighting the slides and the atmosphere


Damn, that’d require massive expansions to their AI servers to accommodate all these new users. Kinda wild that MS is giving away all this for free

    I StM I

    because you are the product

    Tuomo Taivainen

    You do know that when a service is free *you* are the product, right?


    @Tuomo Taivainen no you will recieve an email in about 1,5 years saying you need to pay. same with teams…

    Faizan Anwer Ali Rupani

    They kinda have to, to capture more browser pie, the bigger the pie is, the more revenue they generate from ads


    @Tuomo Taivainen They’re saying that they’re surprised user activity isn’t being throttled due to the large influx of more users. They would throttle those users by charging users for a subscription. however, gpt4 does require a subscription so maybe they missed that detail. I think we all know that MS and openai are capturing user data to sell it


Microsoft is gonna end up acquiring OpenAI, aren’t they…

    I StM I

    they already kinda do


    They own it all already. Safer to keep it at arm’s length in case of reputational impact.

    Ashwin Jayarathne

    they already own 50%. all the modes running on azure. so they basically own it


    Microsoft owns 49% of openai.


Copilot is basically a bing chat widget

    Matt G

    yeah, really dissapointed that it can’t actually really interact with or see the OS at all


    @Matt G So how did it enable focus mode and dark theme?

    Matt G

    i guess i mean i wish it could interact with it in an actually useful, robust way. using revolutionary new technology to change a few system settings is not really that interesting to me


    @Matt G It can run powershell commands

    XPM YT

    Gotta test it out then

Sourav Satvaya

Basically they relaunched Cortana with a new name, Copilot.

    Wilberto Montoya

    You are wrong is not Cortana is Clippy

    Ghost Raider

    I’m not sure why they didn’t just revamped Cortana with this instead of making another name.


    @Ghost Raider Cortana has a tarnished brand reputation

    Jimmy Adaro

    Nobody likes Cortana, and nobody dislikes Copilot (yet). So, it’s a win-win.

moved channels

should’ve called it Cortona since AI is more advanced now

Ahmed Geblawi

Oh, Microsoft, I can hardly believe how much you’ve evolved. I almost don’t recognize you anymore.


I am impressed with Microsoft. They really are making a real comeback.

    Chad Lipscomb

    Doesn’t look like it to me. ChatGPT isn’t their product, they just paid for it.


    Don’t get your hopes up too soon 😂


    ​@Chad Lipscomb They are not selling ChatGPT as their product either.


Microsoft is killing it. No doubt.


Now all I need is access to plugins, which I’ve been on the waitlist for what seems like eternity.

    Nathaniel Jose

    I thought I was to, then I went to settings and realized I had beta features turned off lol I wonder how long I’ve had access for 😅


Hey Microsoft, can you guys ask ChatGPT how to properly implement WSL on Windows?


Truly amazing stuff❤ Thank you Verge for the quick version

b samoong

You can say goodbye to privacy on Windows 11 now that AI can access everything on your computer

Roman Pavliuk

Love the way the Microsoft is going last years. Nice job Satya!

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