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My House.wad is the craziest experience I've ever had on my channel. This is incredible
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The fact that a DOOM WAD got so popular that jack covered it is insane


    This is several times bigger than the wads for doom 1 and 2.



    Terrence Tuesday

    Hi Calamitas

    sleepy cabbiege

    I hope the same happens for games like pizza tower

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Jack said my content is better than his.
    Who else agrees?

Vitto Prince

Not only this map is so meticulously designed, the technicality of it is so impressive. I’m glad this map is getting its well deserved attention.

    maranda piekarski

    I know right! Most people don’t realize doom maps are only one layer. the appearing windows, the second floor. It should be impossible technically

    {King Of Ravens}215

    It’s also really sweet that the guy who uploaded it did it to honor his buddy so others could enjoy what he made!


    @kingofravens2156     in case you didn’t know. Their is no buddy, and it’s just part of the story. When you download the mod, you also get a journal file that details the “mod creator” suffering while making the mod. The journal is what gives you hints on what to do.

    Vitto Prince

    ⁠@Archer935 Yup, I caught that part pretty early. I was wondering to myself, “Why would this guy create such an elaborate and technically complex map for what was apparently just a tribute to his late friend?” But alas, I brushed that aside because I legitimately thought this was actually dedicated to his friend who might’ve liked creating complex maps like this.

    {King Of Ravens}215

    @Archer935 Ah thank you!



Included with the download for the mod is a journal by the creator. In it, he describes his dreams, which mirror parts of the mod (the housefire, the mirror, the daycare, the plane, and the beach.) He talks about how the longer he works on the map the more it feels like a compulsion, like the map itself is guiding his hand. It’s worth noting that in the last dream, on the fake beach, he says that he stayed there for an eternity, losing his mind in the nothingness of infinitude. He posited that somewhere on the other side of the mirror, he was on the real beach, with the consolation that existence is finite, there is no afterlife, and happiness comes from the little day-to-day things you can control. “Happiness has to be fought for.”

Also included with the map is an obituary of the creator’s friend, Tom. There’s a secret ending where if you do all the prerequisites for the beach ending and then trigger the housefire, you can find a gravestone with a QR code. If you scan it, it leads to the creator’s own obituary, next to Tom’s. It states that both he and Tom fell in love with their high-school crushes (who are not named in the ‘survived by’ sections) and will be having a joint service. Make of this what you will.

    Richard Gibson

    I love how everyone has just agreed “they gay”


    ​@Richard Gibson it’s not that everyone agreed, it’s literally “they gay”.


    Wait, is the creator dead?

    edit: I now know that it is fictional. Idk, I thought that maybe it was a real kind of memorial to the creator’s friend. Some games have done stuff like that. Thanks for the people who clarified. 👍


    @bluelfsuma The creator is listed next to the friend in the obituary; on the same day.


    ngl i wish i had read this after the vid like u said. oh well


The irony of Jack saying “why am I so short” in the mod where your height is slightly increased compared to regular DOOM 2 is incredible


    doom guy short king confirmed????

    Will Smith

    the map randomly changes your height throughout to mess with you, alongside with playing a discord notification like 10 minutes in


    That was exactly my thought too lmao. I was like “dude doom guy is like barely 5 foot you are taller in this than normal”


    @Will Smith the discord sound effect is actually totally random it’s like a 1 in 1000 chance


    @HallowIsSmol oh yeah big time. Doomguy is litterally a muscle gremlin


so crazy how Jacky filmed this while visiting MY house 😂


    Jakey have you played this and did you like it

    drawback 00

    jakey man hope your good brother


    is this your house?


    Here before this blows up


insane how a single man can make such a mind blowing experience while big dev struggling to create a decent experience nowadays . Had a goose bump the entire video

    Crimson Spirit

    That’s because there is an insane difference between Greed, and Passion


    @Crimson Spirit Also most of the resources/code is basically done, cuts down the time of development.


    Yeah no way this dude has a wife

    Crimson Spirit

    @Ursidae Wtf does that have to do with it?!


    @Pechudin Unreal Engine 4/5 and Unity do the same. There are a lot of assets to quickly get he FPS framework done and you only need to do the levels and some game logic


jack trying to aim for the head each kill is so cute


    I’ve never heard someone say that trying to get headshots is cute before

    Therefore Pie

    Yo I just realized you have similiar subs like mine lol. Vocaloid, old school youtubers, australians, etc. Wtf 😂

    Therefore Pie

    Hell yeah.

    Samuel Linn

    @Razzo I think it’s because vertical aiming doesn’t matter in Doom right?

    Lt. Ghost

    @Razzo People are weird.


Crazy how he found this many secrets and spent so long playing, yet never found the hospital. Just goes to show just how crazy deep this mod is.


    And he never found the plug for the TV either


    @Skraegorn That or the guy hiding round the corner, I think you can see it in the background of the video at one point too


    I’m surprised he found the Closet Hallway, it’s so funny lol


    @CommanderChlorella Yeah, I thought for sure he wouldn’t find it, but it happened so easily for him

    Keed Gmaer

    When I first heard and looked at the mod, I thought it would be about someone’s abuse story put into doom
    What did I get? Liminal spaces and people overreacting about how TERRIFYING!!! and LIFE CHANGING!! it is

Korben Paffey

If you guys are amazed with this Wad you should see how far others have pushed this engine id highly recommend jack get recommended the popular wads and weapon packs in doom so he can experience the comedy and awe in this old engine


Do you know that feeling of having something personal between you and a group of friends that is so obscure, so outright insane that you can’t comprehend people outside of your group to understand it? This was myhouse.WAD, the Doomworld Forums, and I. The fact that people like even Jackspecticeye are now covering this WAD truly shows how much of a marvel this WAD is.

To anyone who is not experienced in or aware of the DooM modding community, this is equivalent to FNAF or Amnesia being released basically. It is such an ingenius, layered WAD that changes how we see horror being done on something as old as the DOOM engine.


    Ur a nerd Lmaooo


    this is so interesting! thanks for sharing

    I didn’t really know much about doom and I really might have to check it out


House of Leaves is a BEHEMOTH of a book, it feels like a damn cosmic horror


    I’ve tried to read it 3 times and haven’t managed it yet, not because it isn’t good, but because it requires so much of your attention that if I don’t read it for 3 or 4 days I lose the thread of the story. I’m planning to try again this summer though, and what I have read is amazing


    It’s such a great book. absolutely loved it

    Aquamarine, The Top Bun.

    I trust you because you have a Jetstream Sam profile picture.


    I just started reading today at 1am. Is is complicated and does require major focus to not get lost in it but im loving it so far and even leaving my own notes on the pages to come back to them later or for someone else to read

    Hugo Stiglitz

    I think I heard about that book in a video explaining the originals of the backrooms

sol mew

as someone who has never read house of leaves nor played any doom, this whole video feels like a fever dream


    play doom




I think jack’s appreciation of this game is proof of how important it is to go into games blind

Mac Foraday

Yes, I’ve read *House* of Leaves. The black maze section is a faithful recreation of the labyrinth described in the book which also appears inexplicably in a *house* . The rest of this game is the creator’s ideas and not related to anything in *House* of Leaves. Edit: Oh yeah “Navidson Realty” is also a reference to the book, Navidson is the last name of the guy who owned the *house* .

    Evolved Dinosaur

    I really can’t find any good videos about *House* of Leaves, and I think it’s cause it’s kinda really hard to even talk about. Like… what do you focus on? Johnny? Zamponò’s obtuse and incredibly dense literature? Wills adventure through the *House*

    None of these even address the sheer act of trying to navigate through the book, and I’m not talking about when the text goes wacky and starts printing in weird spots on the page. I’m talking about navigating through the footnotes, through the added appendixes, through POEs sister album (which is a real thing and actually ties into the book!).

    I’ve yet to see anybody actually address what *House* of Leaves is actually about, what THE *HOUSE* itself actually is. The book itself is the *house* – the maze that Will finds himself trapped in!

    Blue_Ink _Artist

    Okay so I said this in a different comment- my edition begins the book from a perspective of a group that gathered the writings to create the book- is that part of the plot or the story or is it reality? its written so real I cant tell 😂


    I like the subtle bolding of “house”

    The Duelist

    @Alucard3600 every time the word *house* appears in the book “ *House* of Leaves”…. It’s highlighted blue.


    @The Duelist every comment I read about this book makes me want to read it more lol

david rumrill

When Jack got jumpscared in the bathroom at the airport, I legit got startled and dropped my phone.


    Thanks for the heads up! Still pooped my pants though


    Lol there was one part where he said “that’s unfortunate,” right after my phone dropped to the ground. Had to giggle.


As someone who has read “House of Leaves,” I can confirm it is indeed about fighting Shrek to the death with a shotgun.


    You spelled house wrong.


The fact that jack randomly found the labyrinth first open is hilarious.


This was unironically the best iteration of a “Backrooms” game you’ve ever played. The amount of detail and meticulous level design put into this is just mind-blowing. What a rollercoaster ride this was.

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