Nogla and the Forbidden Fruit #shorts

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Pubfriend the great

Ngl, nogla would be the type of guy to eat the forbidden fruit. Not because a seprent told him to, but because it probably looked tasty lmao.


    that’s true

Mui Wanderer

Eat that forbidden fruit and you’ll have a big mouth like Nogla.


Tard berries fucking sent me

Brian Moya chiuz

I want a Nogla tree πŸ˜‚


I don’t think you’d want to get your daily dose of dingleberries from that tree lol

James Frey

I ruined the 666 likes 😒


Imma keep it real with u delirous, and its just my opinion, one person, prolly a mid opinion, but u dont need that vtuber animated garbage, we just need ur voice lol, that thing kinda creeps me out tbh

    Rondo Franklin

    I agree the vtuber stuff isn’t creeping me out it’s just cringey/corny to me delirious is just as equally entertaining without the vtuber


    @Rondo Franklin u right


Delirious as a Vtuber makes too much sense

Clown God of Random

Bible’s Adam and Eve in Nogla version
Tree of Nogla

Malevolent Ghost

“Hey, why are those cherries skin colored?”

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