Sony ZV-1M2 Review: The ALMOST Perfect Vlog Camera…

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Molly Fitz Brown

This is the one I’ve been waiting for! Great review 🙂


Sarah out here getting hooked up by Sony! The phone and now the ZVII. Noice.

Lucus Levy Keppel

Interesting! The thing that has attracted me to the ZV-1 has been the telephoto end, not the wide angle – I can use a gopro or my cell camera for wide angle shots of me, but neither has the ability to do telephoto shots. I feel like the ZV-1M2, by reducing the telephoto range, missed that part of its versatility.



    Joel Conolly


Alejandro Rodriguez

What a amazing review this was thank you 🙏

Samuel Stow

I think I’d sooner just use an action camera when I need something small. I have 2 a7IV, a gopro 11 and a DJI mini 3 pro and that combo works for me. If this had been 10 bit I would have been seriously considering it.

Chris Child

Quality video as always Sara. I returned the original Z1 due to the terrible image stabilisation and it’s overheating super super fast. People all commented they can’t make good image stabilisation in a camera that size,,, cough, cough iPhone can do it sooooo 😂 I was aware you can bypass the overheating in settings menu but you shouldn’t need to risk damaging the camera by turning off the safety feature. Sad to see this one still has bad stabilisation (technically worse as none in wide) or some but you loose that much better wide for vlogging. Come on Sony!

Joel Conolly

Thing is I like is to zoom a lot. It’s few of the reasons I was considering the RX 100VII. Downgrading the camera to an even shorter range from the Mark 1 makes it less versatile then it should be. Sure it’s brighter but it doesn’t capture as much range as the ZV1 mark 1 or the RX 100 VII. If I want to capture night the iPhones does it way better. So unfortunately it’s a pass for me 🤷🏻‍♂️. Good for anybody who doesn’t have my preference tho so don’t worry

    Adam Kuzniar

    you can always crop in, you can never crop out

Ritwik Chandra

I feel the quality and clarity on the ZV-1 is more than the Mark 2

Concise Tech

Props to you for actually mentioning the flaws of this camera – I watched about 3 other reviews before yours and I feel like yours was the most honest so far!


This looks like a super cool camera! Definitely a good upgrade on the original 😊


I loved to use the ZV-1. Now the incredible M2. That’s a buy, I think :p But what will be better? Pixel 8 Pro or ZV-1 M2?

Jaskaran Singh

Beautiful video, flawless edit 💯, Great job 💯 and ofc nice camera

Johnny Cash III

Can’t lie, I was specifically waiting for your video. You always offer the nicest perspectives on these new, especially niche, cameras


The problem is, I have the ZV-1, so … since I DO NOT have limitless funds (and it’s unlikely I will get a good trade-in on my ZV-1), I will not be budgeting the funds to buy this one. Unless I lose or severely break it of course (I hope that is not a omen).

Miriam Follin 北欧米粒

Interesting that people have had overheating issues with the ZV1. Don’t always film in 4K, but sometimes. Have never experienced overheating, my husband and I have used it since it came out.

Miguel Anjo

Lisbon… The capital of my country… And its beautiful! Hope you enjoyed it Sara!

Terry Smith

11:11 ok but we can we talk about how nice the standard picture profile looks on the Mk2??

Isaac Ogdan

I’m one of those guys who always put the camera on Auto mode. It is a friendly camera to use with no need to adjust many features. One day it will arrive in my country and I will but it.

Rogerio Gomes Osório

Honestly, in the current days, just use the iphone or sony Xperia phone to vlog. The results are similar (if not better), with better battery and many other features. Also the price, in Europe, is just crazy – 1000 euros. Finally, welcome to my country: hope you enjoined your trip to Portugal and we treated you well. Keep up the excellent work. I’m a fan

Elly Valentini

i’m a lot like the ZV1.
I too am easily overwhelmed and panicky, even indoors

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