The Return to Bloody Nights: Part 2

This game just keeps getting scarier! A FNAF fan game to remember!

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Sunvi Eight Master

markiplier is that type of person who always gets scared playing horror games yet can’t stop playing.




    Mark is really trying to win this, nice, like it


    It’s like you’re stuck in a nightmare, but you keep doing it for the thrill.



    midnight cupid

    ​@Sulphurous some people like the thrill I don’t, it was the same when I was convinced to ride the 200 ft roller coaster at Bush gardens I hated it and will never do it again gave me way to much panic attacks


when mark gets scared of a jumpscare, specially in fnaf (fan)games, you KNOW its a good one


    YESSS! It gives nostalgia from 4/20 😭

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


    Binkle bonk

    He just has this specific scream when playing FNAF, that he doesn’t have for any other game. am I the only person who noticed this???


    Why? Jumpscares have never been scary in anything if you’re not 6


    @MissBunFee idk if you know that not everyone is you

Emma Heikka

I love how Freddy’s and Bonnie’s faces kind of line up with the illustrations of them on the doors when they’re trying to come in, looks hilarious even though it’s scary 😀


    I noted that as well, literally feels like the door is part of the jumpscare, especially the little, “Hi There!” Feels like Freddy is saying it when he jumps in.



    El Chirpo

    Yeah, it’s great design too! They create comedy just so you feel like you are being played on, they create contrast between hoy they normally look and how terrifing they look lurking in the dark trying to kill you and it keeps you thinking about the animatronic that is still on the other side of the door.

    This fangame uses humor to somehow make the experience much more terryfing beyond just the uncanny valley.

    John Lin

    @El Chirpo Yeah exactly, kinda like how using a little salt can paradoxically make the sweetness in a food stand out more by contrast, I feel like the visual comedy serves as excellent seasoning that not only makes you laugh but also ensures that you don’t get too jaded by the horror aspect


    It kinda helps you deal with the horror of the animatronics and how creepy they approach the door

E.G.I.L. 3D

Wow, seeing Mark actually being scared and on edge is so rare. This game is special


    bro i was watching this while drinking a smoothie and i knew i’d get jumpscared watching and i still spilt smoothie everywhere on my keyboard and desk 😭 this games is scary !!!!!!

    Matt Nozawa

    Game actually made fnaf scary again

    Matt Nozawa

    @Rinjiin i got jumpscared from an animatronic for the first time in years


    @Matt Nozawa it did im glad!! its actually so scary



Mikie Churchill

This brings me back to the good old days when fnaf was scary, when you didnt know what to do, when you had to figure things out and be on edge until you hit that sweet 6 am and feel a sense of relief. So great to see mark playing a fnaf game and getting scared


It’s so cool to see mark actually react to horror and jump scares again


Fun fact: I do believe if you listen close enough to the animatronics outside the doors, they are using the Half Life 1 voices for the military! They usually make grunting noises over a heavily static radio, but the thing that tipped me off was at 22:45 where you could hear one of them saying “Mister, mister!”, a line directly from the game!


    There’s a few portal 2 references as well


    The flashlight and buttons sound effects too


    Portal references are aplenty in the game as well, yes. Wathel is a direct reference to Cave johnson, quoting snippets of lines from portal 2 AND portal stories: mel!


    I heard:
    ” *MISTER* ,mister! ”
    “Ni—-, ni—-“

Mint Mint

I feel like mark is becoming more immune to horror games and seeing him somewhat genuinely horrified is refreshing cause he somehow turns his fear into comedy 😂


Normally watching someone play a scary game doesn’t really get me, but this one, oh this one’s differnent. This game had me puckered the whole time oh my god


    I even turned down my sound


this is actually one of the most solid fnaf fangames ive seen in a while. It has unique gameplay mechanics but keeps the fnaf creepiness. And the animation is phenomenal to boot.

Noah Thompson

2:32 Can’t remember the last time a jump-scare’s actually gotten me; this game’s great!

Gwen Stacy

I really enjoy that they capture the friendship between henry and william starting strong and deteriorating as time goes on. They’re supposed to be good enough friends to open a restaurant together but most content only shows them when they’re on bad terms. Fun to see something different!


My heart hasn’t pumped this fast watching a let’s play in a very long time. Kudos to the dev team, they’ve done fantastic with this game


    Honestly each time the one on the left jumped into view got me 😂


damn this fangame is great, I don’t think I’ve been able to feel this much anxiety seeing Mark playing fnaf in ages


The guy on the recorder casually talking while Mark is yelling in terror checking the cameras is hilarious


    And the fact he sounds like Mark too lol


    @Buta Because it IS his lines. He recorded them himself.


I would like to say thanks to the person who in the previous video pointed out that he made it through the first three nights without using the flashlight on the doors, there’s a huge chance that you probably made this one even more interesting now that we can see what goes on in the corridors 😀

I’m really enjoying watching him play this game, gotta love a good fnaf spook every once in a while!

Hope everyone has an amazing day!


Bursting into laugher because Freddy has the “I frew up,” type of stance when he’s in the halls. A great example of this is at 20:40


    Mom, wake up i puked on the bed XD


Something that needs to be Saud is the phone recording VA work is phenomenal.
Mark getting scared from a fnaf game again is nice, though it might just be an instinctive reaction for doing this a portion of his life, haha.


    Mark actually recorded the lines himself! Credit where it’s due.


Not only mark starts playing fnaf fan games again, but he’s actually scared. Good to see it.

Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Props to the devs from managing the capture the intensity and atmosphere of the original games incredibly well. If you had told me this was a mainline game I might have believed you.

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