Sony’s new Q handheld is official #shorts

Sony’s “Project Q” portable device is coming later this year to Remote Play games from your PlayStation 5 over Wi-Fi.

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reinventing the wii u gamepad is certainly…. a choice


    minus the fact that it doesn’t even come with the console itself. i wonder how this will do tbh

    water melon

    @perplxxd_video it’s no different than just using an ps app on your phone or tablet, but without the portability and multipurpose function of a phone or tablet


We want it to play its own games


    So you want it to be significantly heavier more expensive and overall more consuming. You seem intelligent


    ​@Mastertexter You do know he mean something like steam deck right? That can play games without streaming and stable Internet connection or the need to own ps5 just to be able to play games on this device right? Also, this streaming device must be pretty expensive you bet that. This handheld device just a plain screen with just an add of dualsense controller that just for a remote play is a joke. If they make something like steam deck, even if it expensive, People will buy it no matter what cause it what they waiting for and glad to give sony the money for it.But this project q or whatever is just a device for remote play. mehhh


“we don’t know how much it costs, but it can’t be too much…” Sony executives: “😂🤑”

Neer Kum

No, you can just stream it on your phone, I can’t believe companies are still trying to sell streaming like it’s a brand new thing


    I used to stream my PS4 to my phone in 2014 this isn’t new this a ripoff.


E-waste in 2023 is getting more prevalent it seems

Dante M

This just proves how far ahead of its time the PSP was 😅


The backbone literally exists though?

Victor Creed

If i can take it to work and stream my PS5 games on it, I’m getting it.

Murroy Beverley

Sony dropped the ball. A Ps Vita 2 should’ve been launched and make players be able to play all the PSP titles from way back til now

the other side of the coin

if it cant play games away from home then its a no buy for me, why would i want to play at home with that handheld when the ps5 is at home too?

Mister Creative

What could go wrong?!


WiiU without the soul.

    Army of uno

    That literally makes no sense, that’s like me saying the Xbox 360 has no soul compared to a PS Vita.


Sony: Makes a portable handheld
Also Sony: Requires giant console and a good wifi connection
A true handheld: Is actually portable.
Good job Sony

Zee Jay

Better be like $200


_”We would like to present you, The Long Boy”_

Jeremiah Anderson-Ferguson

This needs to stay a project. Have we not learned?🤦🏿‍♂️

Scott Powers

Is you paid attention to the trailer for this project Q, you would’ve seen the text saying games must be installed on the ps5, so no cloud gaming for you.


The problem with this is why not just use your laptop or your phone? What’s the difference? And if they allow for this to work better via home network then they could just do that with you current devices. Why not just allow for your PS5 to stream the display via lan to your laptop and eliminate lag?

Adrian Fernandez

Why do I want it if I can’t get it out of my house?

Sattam Deb

The only thing this has going for it is the larger screen and the aspect ratio – I have a backbone and I ended up getting the Logitech cloud solely because of the aspect ratio on a slightly larger screen – games can take up the full real estate of the screen

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