Apple’s WWDC ’23 Is Going to Be BIG (and More Than VR)

Apple’s reveal of its mixed reality headset is expected at WWDC on June 5. CNET’s Bridget Carey goes over all the news likely to drop — including new Mac computers and updates to iOS, MacOS and WatchOS.

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Going to be lame, as always.


You have a great talent for this, keep it up!✨

R Collinge

Hyde his notice with the other news trash.

Salinas Veronica

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Will Harrah

Watch os


Hopefully the VR glasses actually comes❤


She comes once a year

Casey Roberts

I really hope to see an update to the WatchOS interface. It’s due. VR would be cool, but I’m more excited about the possibility of AR glasses that resemble regular frames, not a headset device.

Brian Nave

Not a good time to come out with something people can do without.


    apple is going to market it as some type of quality of life upgrade it’s not going to be useless


I have an funny idea, to train iphone with Jobs voice) Or pay respect with starting WDC with Jobs emoji 😅

Igor Costa

buy a product on its first generation is not usually a good idea. They are overpriced and not perfected in terms of software and hardware. You are paying to be a “beta tester” 😅 the first iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Pencil… all great ideas, but needed more updates.

    Mark Kaganovsky

    I can attest to that, we bought the first Apple TV years ago and it was garbage then and it’s completely useless now


    The latest iPad is still useless to me…😂



Johnny blaze

New pair glasses would be nice with iOS in them be cool


Muy bueno! 🎉

Christopher Alden

AR would be more useful than VR. I also want the NOTCH to go away. Bring back a biometric thumb reader. Sideloading apps will keep me from having one foot still in Android world.


    No thank you, I hate the thumb reader; I have it on my S23U and I despise it.


apple groopie


so exciting

Kintaro Oe

This is why I believe Apple is making the novel Neuromancer into a tv show on Apple TV—it will be an opportunity for product placement of their VR/AR headset.

Stephen Victor

At point will Apple let their watch be a solo device sans an iPhone? That’s the dream for me—just the watch.

Alfonso Murillo Bolaños

At this point I believe will have cold fusion before an apple vr headset

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