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The Entity Room is a really cool SCP style game!
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Facterino Commenterino

Today’s Fact: In 1995, the first item ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer, which was purchased for 14.83 dollars.




    This should be pinned.


    Did they fix it after they got it though? 😂👍


    @NopizzaNohappy No it shouldn’t


    You’re goated

Degenerate Autismo

You know it’s gonna be a good day when Jack does his classic intro for a 2023 video


    hell yeah


    He does it almost every vid. How are these comments getting so many likes?

A Kitsune’s Ceiling Fan

Seán likes documents and audio files because he enjoys making them.
I like these because I devour ego lore with a fork and knife.
We are not the same.


    HELPP same


    ……what a call out…


    Lol all I thought about was how he never fully reads most documents in his videos 🤣 I always have to pause to read them haha


To be a janitor in a SCP facility, you pretty much have to be a SCP yourself.

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Sean is cringe, im way better


    Or Ahti. He’s great.


    Guys, make me proud and not respond to the troll and/or bot.

    Netherlord Gaming

    and to be a chef too scp 5031 is “a better chef then most humans” damn the scp foundation got some fine dining too

Pop Culture Data

“I hope everything goes well”
You’re really not ready for such a first day…


    Now the melanoma space empire has reached its newest legacy in our universe. The gru space empire and his black minions who are the slaves of the Gru empire and the yellow minions own them and force them to plant melanoma plants in the fields of Keplar


    ​@Louis Honest reaction : 💀


    @Louis what 😐😑, that made no sense whatsoever

Prehistoric Hero

Project Iris makes me wonder if Jack could one day play Glitch in the System with AntiSepticeye whenever he does the voice of the villain.


    i thought he already played that?

    Kora Hall

    @tinybox-septiceye he did … but now I think about it I could be thinking of a different game.

    Prehistoric Hero

    @tinybox-septiceye He actually played the first game, not the sequel.

Lady Síofra

I always love watching these horror videos, something about it is super comforting in a strange way. Also, I absolutely can’t wait to see more of Sean’s work on the I.R.I.S. project

    Hannah Parizo

    Same here! Hopefully the next ego character he’ll use is Dr.Schneeplstein

Mode Mellow

Nothing makes me happier than Jacksepticeye playing a horror game

    Viking d viktor Monkey

    Or souls ngl


    True dat

    Chelsea Williams

    Literally brings me joy EVERY TIME nothing is better then finding a snack & realizing HE POSTED so you can just chill

McLovios Yeetman

Damn Matt is a real one for trying to protect us at the end


    I love you. Do you love me?

    The real Jamin Animal

    @LouisOnly if you say jacksepticeye is innocent of all the things you accused him of.


    ​@The real Jamin Animal its their 12th schizophrenic episode 😔

    Pandora Reeves

    @The real Jamin Animalwait wait wait, what the hell did i miss?


the entity at the end of the video is legit terrifying and i’d hate to be trapped in a room with it. 😬


Out of school = binging Jacks videos. Perfect.


What a great, short game! Scary, but calm enough that you do your job; at least until the end. Thanks for playing, Sean!


I’m so happy rn. I found Jack in like 2015-ish with a horror video as a middle-schooler. My high school graduation is today, and he uploaded a horror video. I’m so glad this terrible year can end with something like this 😭

    Andrew Diaz

    What??? My guy do you need to talk? Its May…


    @Andrew Diaz i think they meant school year, not year-year 😂

    Jasmin El Kharroubi



    My school year wasn’t much better either, but glad this video gave you some joy


I imagine it’s more complicated than they could do in the game but I had a whole scene in my head of how those doors would open at some point. Maybe some alarm would sound like a malfunction, game would force the camera to slowly look up at the doors while the entity would start banging the door or the wheel cranks would slowly start turning with a loud metal screech before the thing burst out.

My other thought was that they would actually bring in new prisoners but make you stay locked in the room while they did and you could only hear the noises of something going wrong. Alarm, entity noises, guards screaming, maybe gunshots or just a struggle and then either silence to make you investigate or it banging/bursting through the door.

Yeah, I watch a lot of horror games. I liked all the potential this one could have for a longer game if they wanted to make it.

Samuel H

You’re not just a gift, you’re a national treasure.


I’m so glad Jack is playing the tity room.


Was expecting the room to close behind you to become the next prisoner. The discription of the prisoners is that they did terrible things to other humans. (Like feedin them to the creature perhaps?!)

Messina Lyle

If I were assigned to do this, and they told me that the people they were making me feed to this entity had done horrible things, I would be very dubious. They would probably just say that to keep you from reaching a point where you couldn’t do it anymore.


for anyone wondering, the little glitches at 2:04 are pictures of chase (i believe thats his name) slowly going into madness, pictures of him sleeping, and a close up of Sean’s webcam


    One was an xray one was like blue glitch screaming face 😱 like that sorta I actually caught a hint of the ires project from a 3 scary games video I thought it was like a channel rebrand like a week or a month later it was out


    At 4:00 there’s another xray with a brain scan and weird waves around his head possibly energy xray like different but sam3le slide and he almost said antie

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