PlayStation Announces Project Q Gaming Handheld

During the 2023 PlayStation Showcase, Sony CEO Jim Ryan announced a new gaming handheld codenamed Project Q.

0:00 Intro
0:20 PlayStation Showcase May 2023
1:25 PlayStation Project Q features & requirements
2:14 Project Q compared to WiiU, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita
3:02 PlayStation 5 accessories
3:56 PlayStation Earbuds

Read the CNET Article for more information:
Sony's Project Q PS5 Game Handheld Revealed: What We Know So Far

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Somehow worse than the Wii U gamepad since it requires wifi to use remote play (we can do that now with our phones). Also, if the rumored $300 price tag is true then it’ll be a laughably hard sell.

    Edit name

    Exactly I play remote on my iPhone and iPad this is pointless

    murcielago Cruz

    Damn u can buy Xbox with that price. This can only cost 60 or less

    Arnold Oliver

    That PS5 hand held looks awful 😞

    Van Goghs Severed Ear

    ​@murcielago Cruz bro the controller itself isn’t even only 60 dollars

    milton orellana

    Yes it is worse than the Wii U gamepad because it needs wifi unless they can make it work without wifi if you are near the console. This is how it should be. Any gaming device relying only on wifi is a huge NO.

Edit name

You mean what I can already do with my iPad and phone ? I play remote on my IPhone and IPad all the time , this isn’t innovative

    Christopher Sawdon

    And you can do iPhone over cellular data, anywhere in the world lol. And this screen isn’t even 4K or have hdr

    Edit name

    @Christopher Sawdon yeah I don’t see the point of this , I really hope some of this info is wrong or incomplete, because I don’t get it


    ​@Christopher Sawdon Nobody with a working brain wants to play 4K 60fps on a small screen when they can play 1080p 120fps.

    Most people wouldn’t notice 4K resolution on an 8-inch screen.

    ohlala lala

    Its different. Phone/pc remote play need internet all the times. If this work like vita, you can just link both devices with wifi. No need for internet unless you want to play online games but its on ps5 side.


The market for this thing sounds extremely tiny lol Another handheld failure just waiting to happen.

Yo! Adrian!

An “0n the go” Playstation handheld that can play PS1 to PS4 titles is all we want, not hard Sony, not hard at all, I’ll jeep my Vita for now which is the best handheld currently, Playstation abandoned Vita when it should have doubled down support for it!

JC Korn

Wi-fi being required is a non-starter, period.
The Wii U was amazing because of the Gamepad.
The video between the system and the Gamepad was flawless to the point where if I couldn’t play a game on just the Gamepad, I didn’t play it.
If this Project Q worked like the Wii U’s Gamepad, it would be worth it but it clearly doesn’t.

    Bernie G

    if this was like Wii U gamepad I would buy it in a heartbeat. But the fact it needs Wi-Fi is just a no go.

    Colors 66

    @Bernie G You know that Wi-Fi is easy to set up right?!?! What’s the problem bro??

    Carcinogen • 60 years ago

    ​​@Colors 66
    Not everyone has good Internet.

    It’s annoying that this thing becomes a paperweight when the Wi-Fi is down.

Bruno De Marques

Sometimes, it seems like Corporations want their products to fail

    A. P.


    Esaú Santibañez

    Yup. The first and only thing I thought was that to have that project q you would still have to invest in a ps5, which would be way too expensive and idiotic to buy since ps5 is already expensive.

    Raymond Tendau

    ​@Esaú Santibañez great analysis.

    Marvin Uche

    It’s a PS5 accessory


Sony took a long look at the wii U and said YES ! ! WE CAN TAKE THAT IDEA AND FAIL JUST LIKE NINTENDO DID !

Garland Kennedy

Dropped the ball
I was looking forward to a new psp type device

    Richard Gray

    yeah the steam deck is proof that it could sell have it about power of the ps4 that be great

    Curtis Taylor

    Same here.
    For Sony, this was a missed opportunity to compete with the Nintendo Switch🤦🏽‍♂️

    Bryce Theobald

    ​@Curtis Taylor lmfao they couldn’t keep up even if they wanted too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Funny how it went from PSP(Playstation Portable), PS Vita to PSQ. But Idc, I’d buy it.

    Yellow Light

    That wouldn’t make any sense. Why? Because they’ll have to split focus and making games for two different consoles at a time would be rather expensive. Just a get a steamdeck or Nintendo switch if you’re into portable gaming. Too many options out there for portable gaming, even smartphones are there.

Arif Munshi

they should have made a ps4 portable with ps5 remote play

Ben L.

Two points for me on the Q. As a dad with two young kids who usually own the tv when we are in front of it this will be amazing just like the switch is now for me. The second would be if i can use Wi-Fi without an internet connection this would be really sweet. That way if I can connect both to a dedicated gaming router and not get lag from Bluey.

    Eamon Kelly

    After getting over my wtf reaction, I had the same thought. With the fam taking the TV most of the time, this might allow me the chance to actually use my PS5. It’s not all that much weirder than a Steam Deck, which is what I’m mostly on these days.


    I really don’t want desantis to win presidency. Ugh not looking forward to all this


    @Israel haha what?

    Big D MC

    This is what I’ve been wanting kids always on my case about tv lol. Ps5 controller part sold me. Shut up and take my money lol. Ear buds a bonus lol I’ll buy it all lol.

    Chris Wright

    Buy a ps Vita you definitely get more for your money don’t waste time on this

peter lopez

I was holding out on buying the Steam Deck/ ROG Ally in hopes of PS making a new handheld but if it’s only a streaming device then I don’t think i’m buying that


    same here brother. I’m so mad rn.😂

    Mark Tomlin

    No emulation booooooooo


    Just get the steam deck. Way more comfortable than the switch. Also when you buy games you have them for two platforms, pc and steamdeck. Only negative is not all games are playable. Still a big library of games.

Charles Willis

Can imagine this will get firmware updates and they’ll add functions similar to how the Wii U had. Imagine maps and stuff on it, while playing on the TV.


Assuming Sony goes for the PS5 slim instead of PS5 Pro in this generation, bundling Project Q with PS5 while maintaining the same price point on the whole package might be able to attract prospective buyers who are looking forward to the successor of Nintendo Switch, if this combo also works over 5G rather than limited to local Wi-Fi.

michael douglas

They had the opportunity to make something exceptional and they dropped the ball, it’s like they purposefully wanted this device to fail.

    Michael E

    Jim Ryan really wants to do Something, but has absolutely Nothing to offer.
    It’ll pair perfect with his PS5 launch that yet to fully replace PS4, 3 years later.


If the latency is good. It might be worth a look. I honestly have been doing some remote play on xbox and although it is an ok experience. The need to free up your phone is quite limiting since your phone is your primary comms device and switching between messaging apps and remote play is just a chore.

This being dedicated to remote play/streaming fixes that. Kinda like retro handhelds.

But this is just a vs smartphone + controller combo. If you”ve already got something dedicated to just doing remote play like a retro handheld with wifi/razer edge. Then you would probably not need this except for the better controller experience?


    I’m buying it for the collection

Justin Smith

Could be a hit if it can be used as a standard controller for the PS5 with the screen as an extension. Game developers could integrate ways to use the screen in their games (ex: Selecting plays/making adjustments in sport games, selecting loadouts in fps games, inventory in RPGs, etc) and Sony could use it for text chatting, managing a party, etc. There’s a lot of potential there if done correctly



    Prince Patterson

    It’s Sony versions of a Wii U gamepad


    This could’ve been done with a vita 2 or even the existing vita itself

    Dave Smith

    I will be very surprised if it does not.


    I mean, then it’s literally just a Wii U gamepad isn’t it? And we saw how few games actually makes use of the gamepad well. BotW was supposed to use the Wii U gamepad for inventory management and the map, but they scrapped it because the dpad weapon switching worked so well, and constantly looking at the gamepad just takes you out of the game. There is a 0% chance developers want to do this, and even if they did, there’s a 99% chance it would be implemented badly and just be tedious.

(⁠☞⁠ ⁠ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ⁠)⁠☞

Biggest problem with remote play is dropped connections over wifi. There should be a way to directly connect to your ps5 via ad hoc. So other ppl in your house won’t disconnect your session by watching Youtube or Netflix.

master beyond

Lots of potential for all sorts of creative possibility.
unique game play with two or more could be used as, controller with screen, and larger display.
It looks as though the tablet is removable which slides between the controller grips.

It could be used as, SatNav, for the car or any combination of media steaming possibilities from and to the device.

It could be used as full function computing system, like Steam Deck, this would be amazing.
Not only stream PlayStation games, but give option to extend itself to use all hardware resources of PlayStation 5 when connected for (computing, compatible with Linux/Android).

Truly amazing opportunity for, next generation PC innovation and home computing. It could have, 16GB/32GB of ram, 512GB/1TB/2TB internal storage, SD card, expandable connections, designed with (PlayStation 5 Pro) or (PlayStation 6) in mind.


I dont think it’s a terrible idea depending on price point, for people with kids they’ll actually be able to play alone 😂

Alexander Richter

I know a lot of people aren’t excited about this, but I do see value in it. I like to play games while watching TV (and sometimes the TV is already occupied). When that happens, I grab the Switch since I don’t have another option. I’d love to be able to grab this and play some of my PS games instead.

Maybe it won’t be a huge seller, but I can see people in similar situations finding value in this.

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