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The biggest issue I have with Android tablets, even though I own a Tab S7 plus, is that a lot apps aren’t optimized for android tablets. Media consumption is great, just not that good for productivity/work.

    Tuan Anh Nguyen

    I couldn’t agree more. Apps being just wider phone versions are borderline unusable for me

    House Music All Night Long

    That was one of the first things I noticed when I got the OnePlus Pad. Hopefully that will improve over time, especially now that Google is releasing its own tablet.

    Pablo Saucedo

    ​@House Music All Night Long android tablets have been “improving over time” for like 10 years now


    ⁠@Pablo SaucedoExcept it’s all in the hardware side and almost no progress on the App side

    David Neal

    My ipad has the same issue. Like opening credit karma is rotated 90° and looks like a blown up iphone screen. Blech.

Francis Xavier Herrera

A lot of companies misinterpret the iPad’s success by trying to make better hardware at a cheaper price, but the iPad it’s not a hardware product, it’s a software one. No matter how good your hardware is… if you don’t have the software to back it up, everything else is meaningless. That is why people don’t want anything but an iPad (when it comes to tablets).

    Chief Brody

    I’ve never used an android tablet (or phone for that matter) but if the OS is good enough for so many people on phones— is it not good on a tablet somehow?


    so true



    Gorgor Gonzales

    For me, who doesn’t own a single apple device and is not invested into the apple eco system at all the iPad is an absolute no-go. The software actually makes it worse for me, so I am very happy to see more alternatives coming back to the market…


    Android runs Adobe what else do you want

Nicholas Hennessy

Would love to see a comparison between this and the Pixel tablet once it finally ships in June


    YESSSSS !!! I want Google to step up their game on the watch so I can buy one. I’ve been loving the pixel phone so far. I wanna dive into a pixel ecosystem but it doesn’t exist 💀

    Nikhil Balachandran

    Pixel tab sucks and is uncomparable cus its spec is mid for that price range. i heard its still g2tensor chip which essentially dont outperform any chipset intrroduced by any tab in this pricerange and it has average display and camera with worst battery life.

    Mien Le Hoang

    pixel loses already lol. I was expect a better device from them but well, it’s google. They create a smart home hub-tablet, which is super useless for me. And as a cherry on top, g2 tensor is a bad chip. I doubt it can’t even compete with my tab s7- snap 865+. While people need more productivity app/feature, they give you a useless hub-screen


    Just from the processor alone, Pixel tablet already loses. G2 Tensor chip is pretty bad.


    Untrue, I will be getting rid of my 64gb ipad air m1 for this tablet.

Doom Dimension Dweller

This will be a hot take I actually like a little bezel on tablets at least on the sides so you have somewhere to hold it without touching the touch screen.




    not a hot take at all lol .


    Everyone likes that, yes. That’s.. the reason they have bezels


    That’s not a “hot take” that’s common sense

    Speed Tests

    @SSADO-unfortunately there’s a lot of people who prefer little to no bezel. Lots of Apple fanboys have made fun of the bezel. I for one love a little bezel and it make sense like you said, but a lot of people don’t share that same sentiment.


Anyone remember the Asus Transformer Prime? A decade old tablet now but still one of the best implementations of keyboard and tablet: supported by its own hinge and an additional battery to boot. Still, being an Android tablet it had its fair share of problems.

    Earl Co

    I had one. It was awesome to have in high school to replace my Eee PC.

    Federico Liguori

    It was my first tablet: absolutely amazing, except for the bezels and the cameras.


    Still have my TF201 hanging around in the cabinet (and yeah, software held it back big time). I’m surprised so few tablets have used that type of keyboard, mostly Windows ones like the Surface Book. Everything else seems to use this awkward folio stand style that requires a table.

    Random name

    I had one of those. I remember selling the keyboard cuz I wasn’t using it. I also remember getting the ROMs from XDA. 😆


    How about the Padfone though? Basically a Transformer but the brains come out of the tablet. Way ahead of its time, held back by the contemporary tech… I’d love to see a newer version of it, ideally from Samsung to take advantage of Dex. Now that could become cool.

Dan Scannell

I would love to see a video comparing the current gen of Android tablets, especially considering the Pixel Tablet has joined the fray.

    Brandon Chutt

    Tablets are worthless

    Ranky Tev 📺

    @Brandon Chutt nobody asked about your opinion

    UHDGamers 2015

    @Brandon Chutt I think the iPad and Android sales would state otherwise. My air 5 is used for on the go photo editing and photo dumping.


    That would be an awesome idea!


Id consider one, ive actually been on an android tablet for years. The base ipad display kinda sucks wirh a really visible gap between the display and glass etc. So i use an s6 Lite currently. I genuinely prefer Android on a tablet, but this one is pretty slow and really old so ive wanted to upgrade for ages.

But my options, just like with the ipad, are affordable tablets with garbage displays or really, really exoensive tablets with massive power and OLED screens. I use mine for video watching only, i just want a great display in a tablet without spending $2000

G Four Gadget

It definitely won’t make people switch from the iPad, but mainly targeted at OnePlus or even general Android users. 🤷


    Agreed 💯

    PC TEO


    Tech Pro



    As an Android user, I won’t buy OnePlus crap

    Mr. Mul

    yup, it really is a good tablet and I recommend anyone except Samsung users to choose it.

    Samsung integrates well with other Samsung devices. Samsung Flows really make it flows.

Jamie Vette

Idk why but for some reason even though I never really wanted one, this video has made me feel like I need an iPad instead 😂

India Johnson

I have the tab s8 ultra and I loveeeeee it. I showed it to a my roommate and my coworker who both have iPad and showed them all the functionality, the Multitasking, the dex mode, the media and browsing capabilities. I use it as my sole work laptop that manages documents, spreadsheets, video chat, telehealth calls, presentations, emails, note taking, psychotherapy notes, as well as casual gaming, messaging, graphic design, digital art, dual screen mirroring, and streaming videos, TV and film. They were both thoroughly impressed. Not to mention an incredible battery life, a great keyboard I never have to charge, an S pen INCLUDED with the tablet for FREE. I don’t know why so many people think saumsungs tablets are inferior. I find mine to be immensely more advanced than any iPad I’ve ever seen or used.


    Sumsung is the king of Android tablets period ❤️❤️. I’ve been using mine everyday nonstop for the last year and a half also I’ve never felt a need to buy a laptop, it’s so well optimised for my use. I don’t see myself switching to an ipad since it’s only going to better with upcoming models.


    Except when it comes to the software and having professional applications or even a massive catalog of apps, you’ll be missing out. That’s the main problem right now with android tablets, they need the healthy balance of software and hardware.


    ​@Daniel main downside of android tablets. I bought one sorely for entertainment and media consumption. However, i must say that some of the apps that i am using like whatsapp and discord now have tablet UI. I was kinda impressed tbh since these apps are really popular. Just hoping that other developers follow. Apps like goodnotes is also available in android( still in beta). All of these kinda gives me hope that the android os situation will improve in time.

    Lets just hope these companies don’t stop producing tablets


    Have the s8 and love it. Wish I could do coding on it. 0:55

    Ammar Haider

    @Daniel I truly dont understand the roar about android tablets and it not having enough “apps” I mean if you compare the pros with the cons, the apps just seem so little of an issue to me personally, due to its immense functionality and the tablet experience optimised UI you can never go wrong with the tablet, although I must say the user above said the tablet has “an incredible” battery life, I dont know what they mean by that, I have the same tablet and the biggest downside I face is the battery life tbh and the ecosystem, and I dont blame you if that is your deciding factor between an Ipad and the samsung tab bec I’d understand, but complaining ab the apps i dont really know ab that

Rhitwik Saha

Watching it on my One Plus Pad feels different. It’s been a month since I started using it and has been really good so far. This is a fair choice for those who are opting for Android, not for photography, workwise very decent (it does the job with documents), so far haven’t faced any issue with gaming.


    pretty much the same for me


I’d love to hear more about the pen performance and if there is a solid alternative to Procreate. I’m in a Windows/Samsung home and we are not fond of Apple products. Had a very old school iPad years ago that never felt great (iOS compared to Android) and it just collected dust. We have been thinking about getting a tablet again but all we want it for is art, and we are afraid we’d be forced to go with an iPad pro for best results.

    John Misley

    Infinite painter is worth checking out. From what I’ve seen, it has a lot of the same features procreate offers. Same price for full version too

    Nagsen Torne

    @John Misley Any Goodnotes alternative? Did you try note taking with the pen?


    ​@Nagsen Torne Goodnotes now in beta for both Android and Windows. You need a Samsung Tablet with an 8 inch screen for the Android Version though.


I’m really happy for this to come out, android tablets have basically not existed for a while now, and this actually looks like a compelling option. Current android market is Samsung if you have to have an android tablet or Amazon if you just want a cheap tablet. The oneplus pad is running into the same issue though that most android tablets run into, the soc is competing with the a12x-a14 apples 2018-2020 chips, so the SOC is starting 3 years behind an iPad, and will never receive the level of support those Apple chips will receive, I really hope though they sell enough of these that it gets ongoing support and can create an ongoing android competitor. Then again, this the pixel tablet, and I’m sure Samsung will respond, means that there will be at least 3 competitors fighting for a fairly small piece of the overall tablet pie consisting of the high end android tablet market.

Tony Kilo

I bought one of these 2 weeks ago. Absolutely love it. I don’t use it except for watching shows and listening to music or browsing the web. It does everything I need for a bargain and it’s powerful and has a very decent battery life. I get an average of 10 hour screen on time.

    Nagsen Torne

    Are you using it for taking notes, pdf annotations or studying? My iPad display gave up. Thinking of giving this a try.

Matt Fochs

The last Android tablet I actually enjoyed (and purchased) was the Nexus 10. At the time, that thing was amazing and since then I just get a large phone and purchased a Kindle for reading.


Always a good day when MKBHD posts a video! Thanks for all the quality content you and your team make

Kris -Greenmoose-

honestly a product like this is meant for people (like myself) who aren’t in the least bit interested in the Apple eco system and just want a tablet that’s decent with a user experience they’re more familiar with. I think its a tall ask for a product like this to convince people to move away from a device that specifically has features they want while offering none of those features for itself. I’d be interested to see the uptake on products like this outside of the US. Where I live in the UK I know literally nobody with Apple devices save for MAYBE a few with ipads… and those people while they like the tablet, don’t love the user experience. I personally tabletwise am still rockin a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite that I picked up during the pandemic and for me, it still ticks all the boxes I need it to just fine.

The Yori

The reason why I am thinking about changing to iPad is the apps. Adobe programs works best on them (even think some of the Adobe apps only exist on iOS) and they have arguably the best drawing apps, which is the primary use of my Samsung tablet. I want to get a pen that does not need to be thrown out every 3rd month too.

Alan Robertson

Thanks for the review. I still use my Huawei MediaPad M5, mainly just for content consumption (Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, etc) when travelling and still find it ideal – great battery life, USB-C charging, MicroSD card slot for expansion. It cost me £269 over 5 years ago and still going strong!

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