Just a Silly Little Arm Wrestling Game, I Swear!

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ShadowSydney Gaming

0:30 Evan being challenged in Arm-wrestling
7:43 Full health
9:30 Brian’s voice
13:00 Rig
13:43 Nogla running away
16:13 Marcel’s cut off scream
17:22 Nike
18:13 Brian’s Arnold’s voice is so good
21:58 Marcel’s new banner for his channel


    8:50 demon nogla


    Vanoss arm wrestling, where have I seen that?

    ShadowSydney Gaming

    @Jsbjsk when him and Delirious arm wrestled in GTA years ago


    @ShadowSydney Gaming vanoss is a little rusty now


Vanoss should be a comedian



    Joel Cod

    He should be a YouTuber


    @Shotzfired03 yuh heard he likes going to comedy shows it would be dope to see him try it out type

    I Changed The Name

    Would not work


    He is technically with dark humor


A dream come true and a must see to see Vanoss play an Outlast game 😀
Best last day of school for me.

    Jeffrey Hays

    Awww you’re adorable. are you excited for third grade?

    ianafymfihysgdmfbtu. this has a meaning


    Jiminy Cricket

    ​@Jeffrey Haysur name is jeffrey u can’t make fun of anyone

Tyler Bruv

This game is one of the best in terms of coop and I hope to see the boys play more

MLG Hazrad

Imagine being the scientists watching people more invested at the arm wrestling than the actual experiment.




Hopefully this game doesn’t die and will last as long as the backrooms


    it’s not even out yet 😭 this is just a test for PC. there’s gonna be an Xbox version as well.

    mr. emoji

    no way that’s happening, 90% of the videos on this game are age restricted

    jadenyoboy julian

    will it will definitely “outlast” any other new game


    @jadenyoboy julianeyyyyyy

Kj Lynch

Love the videos Vanoss been watching since you first started and every time you post it makes my day since I was a kid thank you and appreciate everything you have done!

Alucard the No-Life King

Ah yes, nothing like staying up at 1 in the morning to see Vanoss uploading a new video.

Riley Day

depriving myself of sleep is always worth it for vanoss


You know never expected to see vanoss or the gang play this terrifying game

    Kenny Ayuso

    Is not scary tho , this one is more action and less scary

    MeatCaynon 🅥

    Finally it’s here after so long:

i i

Can we just appreciate, how Vanoss is able to give us content every day pretty much?


Haven’t finished the video but I already know I would enjoy more of this .

Kasha Shannon

First Delirious and now Vanoss dropping just a few hours apart! Y’all must want me to pass out from laughing too hard!?

Jason Morris

Almost averaging 1k views a minute after uploading. So good to see vanoss still killing it.

d pellot

I am so unbelievably happy they all finally played this


Yep, reminds me of the good old times in gta where Vanoss and Delirious goes into arm wrestles and Vanoss always wins.


The mimic of nogla’s voice at 8:48 literally made me jump lmao

The Teleworker

Recording this with my friends has been a blast so far, it’s great to see the bigger YouTubers enjoying it as well. The Red Barrels team really nailed it with this one

CD After Effects

Nogla saying “Don’t go into the red” while simultaneously not realizing it’s the fastest way to finish the section is a classic Nogla moment.


    Well, usually red on machines is a bad thing. Can you blame him this time? 😅

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