RedMagic 8 Pro Review: Gaming Phone Gets Lots of Specs for the Money

The RedMagic 8 Pro gaming phone gets you a lot of specs for the money and a great display, but you'll want to understand the tradeoffs it does have as a phone.

Find the RedMagic 8 Pro here:

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00:00 Intro
00:23 Key Specs
00:48 Screen
01:19 Design
01:51 Gaming Features
02:18 Cameras
03:36 Weak Software Support
04:33 Final Thoughts

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CNET I wuva yew <3 😻


I love how this video combines different elements✨


Mhmmm interesting

Tet Zet

My favorite feature is the rubbish camera that can shoot laser

Harsha D

This title is for spec warriors or spec seekers.

Firstly, without seeing the title I thought it was a Nothing Phone (2) with that transperant back design, LoL 😅😂😂

Mellon Johns

Great looking,great priced, but the software support sucks
Makes no sense to buy that phone
You’ll be upgrading every year

Daniel Rajan

Bring back the pop-up camera 🤦

Happy Atheists!

No punch hole

Happy Atheists!

Don’t need under display cam,i’d still happy with small chin with better cam and clean screen.u don’t need to reinvent the wheel

David Lee Ashkenazi


Evans Orry

the battery is really good.

Jesus Del Barrio

Marvel Snap!

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