You Deserve Better – WAN Show May 26, 2023

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WAN Show during a flight in a business class seating when?
[0:00] *Chapters.*
[1:25] *Intro.*
[1:52] *Topic #1: Negative comments on LTT’s videos.*
> 3:37 Linus quotes comments, explains the video’s structure.
> 7:04 Comments on LTT’s short on Bilibili , from piracy to official.
> 9:48 Linus on the comments about the 4060Ti review.
> 11:32 Linus’s funny video ideas, possible return of Scrapyard Wars.
> 15:38 Linus on YouTube category channels, mentions MKBHD.
> 17:53 Channel on every PSU, recalling history with laptop reviews.
[20:10] *Topic #2: Sony’s Project Q handheld.*
> 22:13 Linus discusses wireless consoles.
> 24:14 Linus & Luke recalls Wii U’s wireless controller pad.
> 26:24 Handheld consoles & cellular network gaming.
> 29:53 Luke calls out the lack of listed pricing.
> 31:32 Linus on how bad Nintendo Switch is.
[33:49] *LTTStore’s new premium joggers.*
> 34:42 Linus points out the good merch descriptions.
[36:12] *LMG, Labs & FP is now hiring!*
> 37:06 Gary’s funni mesag tu posibl hirez.
[38:47] *Merch Messages #1.*
> 38:52 How do you think products will develop beyond Morse’s Law? ft. Skyrim.
> 47:40 What’s the longest you’ve ever worked in one shift?
[52:26] *Topic #3: RTX 4060Ti’s low number of sales.*
> 53:12 NVIDIA’s stock up by 30%.
> 54:03 AMD drops RX 7600’s MSRP, Linus discusses the LTT video.
> 59:21 AMD AIBs not changing prices.
> 1:00:06 Intel drops A750’s pricing to $199.
> 1:00:33 NVIDIA wants $100 for 8 GBs, not caring at all, possible Labs test benches.
> 1:05:19 Linus’s meeting with James on future channels strategy.
[1:08:36] *Sponsors ft. Dennis Spots.*
> 1:08:46 Vessi.
> 1:09:22 Singlewire.
> 1:10:11 Corsair.
[1:11:28] *Merch Messages #2 ft. “Tai-WAN Show.”*
> 1:11:58 Tips for traveling with LAN gear?
> 1:13:30 A good work-life balance? ft. Birbs update, bad Twitch take.
[1:20:43] *Topic #4: Addressing Eight Sleep’s subscription.*
[1:25:18] *Topic #5: Addressing Techquickie’s Kickstarter sponsor.*
[1:30:02] *Topic #6: Basically Homeless’s invisible PC setup.*
> 1:32:02 Super Tiny PC video, mentioning DIY Perks.
[1:32:58] *Topic #7: NEDA replaces helpline with a chatbot.*
[1:35:23] *Topic #8: Google Playstore suspends Downloader due to Israeli DMCA.*
[1:37:22] *Topic #9: Japanese YouTuber arrested for posting & monetizing content.*
[1:39:45] *Topic #10: Activision sends Cease & Desist to CoD modders.*
[1:41:42] *Topic #11: YouTube turns off the Stories feature.*
[1:43:34] *Topic #12: LMG’s 45,000 Watts fan.*
[1:45:04] *Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN After Slightly Darker.*
> 1:45:45 Keeping a Z Fold 3 as long as possible? French ABC’s of gaming?
> 1:48:34 Did sponsors ever get angry for using memeing in their videos?
> 1:49:40 Any new Linus’s house content planned?
> 1:51:19 What steps is LTT taking to keep GPU reviews out of errors?
> 1:52:41 Any LTT Labs content planned for LTX?
> 1:53:42 What is Linus’s opinion on sites blocking screensharing?
> 1:55:34 What’s with the fancier, sillier, wordlier LTT videos lately?
> 1:55:48 Do you recommend some tech industry guy to go to COMPUTEX with their SO?
> 1:56:38 Most interesting place you saw LTTStore merch being used?
> 1:57:42 Official LTT Labs qualifications for products?
> 1:58:51 Any upcoming videos for ChannelSuperFun?
> 2:01:24 Is Linus switching from the Steam Deck to ROG Ally?
> 2:02:08 Linus’s opinion on CrossCode’s post-game DLC, & RadicalFishGames’s project.
> 2:03:00 First game Linus played with Yvonne? Recommendations?
> 2:04:03 Would you take a leap to create LTT if other channels existed before?
> 2:04:32 How does Linus find good contractors or paid workers?
> 2:06:25 Would Linus use an e-ink watch as a successor for the pebble?
> 2:07:21 How do you evaluate new hosts to stay in the role?
[2:08:28] *Outro ft. Existential crisis Dan.*

    Wilson Digital Design


    Kaz Empire

    Thanks 🙏🏼

    Rob Whyte

    This guy is consistently epic 🙂


    Stamps are off-sync as I used a stopwatch I made in Minecraft to timestamp this WAN Show. Currently sweeping through and adjusting them. 🙂

    trevor welch

    Many thanks!

Daniel Edwards

What a short boi WAN show this week.




It was clear to me that the review was sarcastic, including the title, but sarcasm doesn’t come across well in text, and it is probably better to not have sarcasm in the title of a review because it sets the tone. It was also clear how much effort went into making it and where the sarcasm came from because sometimes you’re either going to be passive-aggressive or you’re going to scream.

    Gabi Koonings

    Very true, sarcasm in text fails real easy, that’s why some things should at the very least be accompanied with some emojis, or that’s when i call people instead of texting because you can really screw up a WhatsApp or whatever thread that way.


    @Gabi Koonings Yup. When your title is just “Thank you Nvidia,” you’ve already lost a lot of people, and they are going to view the entire thing from the perspective of “he thanked Nvidia.” I’m sure no matter what they put in the title they would have gotten trash comments, but the title made it worse for sure, and I don’t think it added any value. If you’re the kind of person who can see that video show up in your feed and instantly recognize it for what it is before clicking, you don’t care about the title.

    Gabi Koonings

    @XDSDDLord it was obvious sarcasm to me seen how everything has been going for nvidia lately but indeed a LOT of people wouldn’t get that right away. But then the video should have been able to clear that up for them, but I guess not, but at that point I’m like, wow, if you’re not getting that even, better stay off of the internet.


    Yeah, they did a really bad job of actually coming across as sarcastic. Linus tends to think he is a lot better at sarcasm than he actually is. He is pretty horrible about coming off as sarcastic so I see why so many people missed that.

    Pretty much if you watch the video and miss the sarcasm the video comes off as being super positive about the card. I mean he even literally calls it the best next gen gaming experience on the block below the 4070 at one point and sounds like he is trying to excuse why they put that memory bus on that price class of card. It waffles between sounding overly positive and forgiving of issues like the memory bus to horrible sarcasm to the point of being cringe. All negative points are supposed to be cynical and sarcastic but they barely come out that way so for people who don’t get sarcasm it sounds like your blowing off the negatives and glossing over them.


    People like to ignore context and live the Draxx way – more and more and not in a funny way.

Red X

2 hour WAN show?!?! I’m just gonna read the comments.


    Linus, is that you?

    Rainbow Dash

    This isn’t anywhere near the required 4:20:69 length.


    Right? What sweet melanchony in hell is this? Was expecting it to be the usual.

    harm van zon

    I just watch it twice

    george mitchell

    Just read the time stamps and it should be good😅



    Milos Markovic



First new CEO decision “Wan show will be 2 hours not you two talking til morning”

    Rainbow Dash

    lol XD


    linus is still ceo


    @Mike linus has stepped down as CEO, but he and Yvonne are still the sole owners – so linus still technically has full control, but isn’t CEO anymore.


    ​@CyanPhoenix Wrong.
    It’s not June yet.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    How do they get any sleep?


17:49 I might not be representative of the broader viewership, but I definitely watch LTT because of its variety of content. So I don’t think niche focused channels like PSU tests &. reviews would grow into mega channels. But it’s good for the LTT main channel to branch them off, to keep a clearer focus on “entertainment”, which definitely has and already is realising the potential to be a mega channel

    Esaias Cronelius

    Totally agree


I can’t believe Linus is an Nvidia shill, an AMD shill, and an Intel shill all at once 😔

    Name Name

    Don’t forget steam, Asus, Corsair and others! Even ASML buying some good word from him now.

    Day S

    Almost like people can be happy with one product and hate another of the same company. Getting so fucking tired of the people in the comments just making the space an in enjoyable experience.

    Anders Hass

    It is like he is a tech shill, lol


    its called a big tech shill


    don’t forget he capes for the CCP /s


nooo how is a 2 hour wan show gonna last the entire week 😭

    Jake Dill

    Right? I’m almost like I feel I feel like I’m being irresponsible by listening to it all at once.. it seems fine right now but tomorrow.. next thing you know I’m logging into patreon to get DF direct weekly in Early Access and then I don’t have anything to listen to on Monday.. have to wait till like midnight, or as we call it on the West coast.. 9:00 p.m. or so for the level one new show, or excuse me links with friends LOL..

    I’m not mad.. but I am disappointed.. and my day may be ruined at some point.. entertain me… Fill my void! And if Moore’s law is dead doesn’t have a guest on let’s just say it’s going to be a lean week and we’re going to have to tighten our belts here.. and it’s computex week so it’s like sure we might get a bunch of content later.. but what about right now you know? I’ve got eight fresh lengths of surgical tubing.. I’ve got an iv stand… And let’s just say I’m not a diabetic.. you just you just. You can’t just you can’t just you know expect me to go back to like tin foil and parachuting..

    See if I worded that well enough to not get in trouble lol.


    Click the settings button and play back at .25 speed 😂

    Jake Dill

    @Jono you mean step on the goods? How is that a solution? You don’t just up the dose and then tell everybody to water it down or something out of the blue!


    Ain’t that the truth.


    Typically can listen for half the week with my commute 🥲

    Now I guess it’ll be one day ✊🤬


I never thought I’d be at a point where I’m miffed that a YouTube video is “only” 2 hours long and not 4 hours long.

    Conny Andersson

    Well, they had to catch a flight shortly after, prolly had something to do with it


2 hour WAN show?! Did we do something wrong?!?!

    Conny Andersson

    Haha, no, they had to catch a flight.

    X P

    ​​@Conny Anderssoncatch a flight??

    He said he was just goin to th store for milk 😢


A 2 hour WAN show? What is this? A Linus builds a computer live stream?


Scrapyard wars would be cool to see again. I’m also excited to watch the Amd Ultimate Upgrade videos


I would love to see Alex competing in scrapyard wars. He does have an amazing skill to design the jankiest solutions I’ve seen. And still, they work.

    harm van zon

    Maybe not focusing on second hand stuff. But by constructing everything but the core components from scratch. Like the original ‘scrapheap challenges’.

    Robert P

    Alex would need to have a lot of time to do things right.

    Timmy Turner

    ​@Robert P It would be the easiest day of his life


    ​@Timmy Turner how on earth are people actually thinking that Alex is good at anything? Look at all th BS he produced, listen to the absurd time and money budgets he always had and reconsider your statement man…

    But maybe you need to be an actual engineer to be annoyed by an awful engineer (I think he didn’t even manage to graduate)



    Tell me you’re arrogant without saying you’re arrogant…


The commenting issues Linus is dealing with are actually very typical internet forum posts that is around forever. When you’re a small channel you attract a small bubble of people with similar interest, views and energy, but the size of LMG has grown to a point where their audience collectively now resembles the typical array of people active on the internet and the world population at large, and with it there will be many types of toxicity from trolls, misinformed, scepticism, imprudent, people quick to jump to conclusions, people quick to band wagon and the list go on. There’s no fixes for inherent negative traits within human nature. For his own sanity the best thing he can do is just ignore them and not let them bother him.

    Day S

    You don’t understand his motel or working with a public facing community, he can’t just turn the other check. He needs to read everything and be well aware. The issue is the few people growing to a larger audience of assholes trying to ruin the content with their negativity. Imagine a dude at comic con on stage and some loser starts screaming for no reason. That guy will get kicked out right? Same thing. Linus needs to ban these guys.

José Alfonso Chávez Portillo

Dan should sit in the middle or be on camera for the entire duration of WAN show..


Chief vision officer comes out swinging, immediately brings back scrapyard wars

Jonathan Ellis

The internet hasn’t changed one little bit, you have just gotten bigger and more exposure.

Christopher Prevost

I love how Linus (has kids) and Luke (doesn’t have kids) both agree that pet parents aren’t the same thing.


This is why I love LTT I was a little put off by the 8sleep subscription. Thought it was weird but you guys go above and beyond in trying to do the right thing.

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