I built a $500 AMD Gaming PC – Boson 5.0

AMD Ryzen 5 5500 CPU on Amazon:
MSI Radeon RX 6500XT GPU on Amazon:
ASRock A520M-HDV Motherboard on Amazon:
Silicon Power 16GB DDR4 RAM on Amazon:
WD Blue 500GB SN570 SSD on Amazon:
Thermaltake 500W Power Supply on Amazon:
Zalman S3 Case on Amazon:

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 How to Order PC Parts
0:55 Graphics Card
3:00 Comparing Performance
3:30 CPU
4:33 Motherboard
5:10 RAM
6:00 SSD
6:22 Power Supply
6:43 Case
8:03 Building Our Gaming PC
11:06 First Boot
12:03 Tuning
13:38 What About a Console?
14:27 Performance
15:35 Gaming
17:35 Is a $500 Gaming PC Worth It?



Aladdien Fadhel

I remember watching your videos in 2017 while building my first build. $500 is a lot different now than it was back then, holy…
RX 480 & i7 6700k, good times.

    Capitaine Suzuki

    You couldn’t afford a rx480 and a i7 7700k in a 500$ budget back in 2017.

    Aladdien Fadhel

    @Capitaine Suzuki forgot to mention. I blew past my budget. I was just remembering how good it was.

The Gadget Post

The budget PC builds are one of my favorite series. It’s always great to learn new things(like the current best budget components) and also get some humor along the way.

    nunya bizzness

    true but i noticed Austen only looks for the new or newish gen stuff remember if your on a budget you don’t have to get the newest stuff I still run a i7 975 (first gen i7) with a 1070 and 16gb ram ddr3 and a ocz 3800 ssd on a seasonic 550w psu does borderlands 3 4k at a whopping 30-40 frames or 2k at 80fps so new is nice but not always needed also when searching online remember to type in motherboard combos and usually you will find a good deals

    Sujeewa Rathnaweera

    And also get insight if someone is building a normal pc. When they take a 3090 and a 200usd case. I know I can’t build that.


    ​@nunyabizzness8844 there’s nothing wrong with older hardware, in fact I actually like the value it gives. But I think Austin just wanted to show us what you can get new for $500 these days

    Sujeewa Rathnaweera

    @PBJames  yes somewould just prefer to buy brand new. I mean, it is not for us to judge them.

    Ich bleib sportler

    ​@nunya bizzness first gen i7 is way too old now I would go atleast i7 7th if not 8th gen

apollo eleven

good to see you continue this series finally after 11,377 years

    Fajar Adi

    I think you went a bit too far there. At least for about 2 or 3 millennia.


I’m still using my Photon 3.0 today! With a few upgrades though. Same power supply, motherboard, case, and hdd (although now I have an ssd) as the original build!

Timothy Roy

another thing to take into account preowned and used pc cases, work just as well as a new case


I do love how prices are fluctuating a bit for this same build. I was able to spec basically the same machine, but with a thermaltake Versa H18 and a PowerColor 6600 (for that 8gb vram over 4gb) for $498.91. You could always go with the same gpu or at least another 6500xt for maybe $30 in savings but I personally would want more vram.

Many of the parts listed in this video are, as of right this second, showing as a bit cheaper for me.

5500 – $84.99
WD Blue – $31.99
Same Ram – $29.97
Same PSU – $39.99
Asrock a520m-hdv – $67.99

PowerColor 6600 – $199.99
Thermaltake Versa H18 – $43.99

All of which still on Amazon.


    Yeah I was really confused on why we’re spending 60 on a case and 160 on 6500xt lmao

    Nathan Gothan

    Nvidia also just made some pretty significant price reductions, which I feel like if you can swing a 30-series card or 40-series card, their DLSS 2.0/3.0 will give you quite a bit more bang for the buck.


    @nathangothan601  did they bring any 3000 or 4000 to under $200? I could not find any cheaper parts for the rest of this build without risking a safety hazard of cheapness, so $200 is like a hard cap on price if trying to stay under $500.

    I haven’t been looking at the market for a while as my 2080ti is still holding up.

    Peter Creamy

    @Nathan Gothan sure bro lol

    Nathan Gothan

    @Sheepykin nah not below $200 but right above it


I think for this Rx580 8gb would have been better and a lot cheaper.


I remember the Boson series! Amazing to see you brought this back.

    Ootys Xan

    Fr blud


I remember watching your $500 pc builds when i was 16-17 now im 25 & your the reason i did it. Amd fx6300, 16gb ram & a 4gb gtx 960 was my first build & tbh could never go back.

Chris Sykes

Did no one notice that when he looked up the difference between the GTX 1650 vs the 6500XT he actually picked the 6650XT which is way better but not he card he was supposed to be looking at?

    Alparslan Eraslan

    I did too but the 6500XT is still better


    Right? That was wild.

Raven Corb

Really enjoyed that you set a budget for this build.

Honestly I’d love to see you try £100, £200, £300 ect ect and keep growing to show what money really gets you when it comes to PC gaming.

Good video, nice one 👍

Mountain Man

I’d love to see an upgrade video on this PC to know how you’d go about improving it.


I feel so old now I remember watching the first boson and wanting to build one so badly


So nice to see the Boson back. I’m here since the A series APU

Rizki Putra

finally. Now all we need is Austin comparing his budget build over the years and see much better what was changed over the years

    Tele-grem me now at AustinEvans4

    👆👆let’s talk💬


Austin, the Ryzen 5 5500 is limited to PCIe Gen 3, whereas the 6500 XT you chose uses a PCIe Gen 4 x4 link. Therefore, you were basically running a 6500 XT at PCIe Gen 3 x4 link speed, which in some cases halves the performance.

Aarij Imam

Yo this took me back in time, back when I did not have a good PC and used to watch Austin’s PC Build videos thinking when can I build my own.

Rene Rant

The 6600 would have been 85 dollars more, or 17% of the total cost of the PC. However, in return, the 6600 is 69% faster than the 6500xt (TechpowerUp relative performance chart). Im pretty sure that the 6600 can be had for 200 on sale in the US of A if you wait/search around a bit..


I went hard for my first pc last year with a ryzen 7 and a 3080. Thx 4 the videos Austin keep em coming.

Darryl Mayle

Nostalgic. I remember a decade ago when Austin used to make these PC builds but never actually buy the parts, because he didn’t have the money.

Glad to see you can finally buy them Austin! 😂

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