Apple’s Mixed Reality Mystery Headset: What WWDC Needs To Discuss

How will Apple get us to want to wear an expensive VR headset? What could it change about our expectations? Let's break it down.

00:00 Intro
00:19 Apple VR Headset
01:10 Connecting your devices
02:49 VR fitness
03:29 VR interfaces
04:06 Design
04:29 VR Apps
04:50 xrOS
04:53 Price

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Kilian Mo



Where is the applr girl reporter 😢, great vid

Will Newcomb

Give it 6 months and everyone will have forgotten about it. If it were glasses that you could wear most of the time, that would be different.

    Meta Egoist

    people said that about the airpods as well

    Jadyn Truman

    Give it time, the computer started as a desktop , then became a laptop .. meaning it’ll get better w time (more efficient)

    Will Newcomb

    @Meta Egoist You can wear AirPods all day doing everything. You have to take the headset of when you leave the house. Other headset users only 5% still use them. Glasses would be different.


    This is like starting the computer revolution over from scratch. Will take years for mass adoption like the iPhone


    @Will Newcomb AR glasses can be worn all day. VR headsets with spatial audio can replace IMAX theaters

Casey Roberts

Like you said, we’ve heard about this for years. How much more do you have to contribute than what has already been discussed ad nauseum? Unnecessary video.


Where is she 👀
Great Video tho!

Anil Nadella

This sounds like a dump idea. I am never gonna wear this


    You will soon enough

Tet Zet

I prefer sunglasses just like ARI from
Heavy Rain game.


Y’all are really trying to milk this conference. Nothing major will be announced, that others haven’t been working on for years.


    All Apple products are products that “others have been working on for years” but they just make it mainstream and great for most people.

Minhaj Malik

This is the future of computing. If you look at what Varjo is doing in the enterprise and industrial metaverse, you will be able to the future of the consumer metaverse very clearly. It is only a matter of time. And yes, the headset has to have pass through capabilities, it must be invisible in a way that the physical and the digital world merge seamlessly together.

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    noah william

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British Man

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Let me have AR glasses where I can play Yu Gi Oh with my friends, Pokemon Go, go fight tru earth/fire/air/waterbending…and so many other games out in the field. And for travels, and education and other fun also.

If ony Avatar movies by James Cameroon can be in VR headset with spatial audio tru airpods pro….where I’m really inside the Avatar world even if I look 360degree



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