Mario Party Superstars – Brian’s Will Is Completely Broken

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ShadowSydney Gaming

3:27 Benedict
5:43 What GDP stands for
12:31 Nogla can’t hear
16:36 Brian disconnected
21:08 Evan on a lucky space
28:07 Ok
33:11 Brian steals coins from….


    You missed one 6:13

    João Victor Resnik

    30:25 what did he just say?

    Raven Valkyrie



Oh my god, I love Mario party, they rage so much, and that moment where Nogla said veneers where it sounded like something else lol

    Mathew Beam 🅥

    Finally it’s here the clip u looking for:


    The rage is supper reminiscent of Mario kart and its great

    Jason Rogue

    You must be new.


    @Jason Rogue I’m not new silly, I’ve been watching since MW3


Don’t even need to guess how he gives up with Nogla in the thumbnail aswell 💀

Tj Sj

Vanoss’s 1hr long videos are a gift sent from god

    Mathew Beam 🅥

    Finally it’s here the clip u looking for:


    @Mathew Beam 🅥 OMG same!!! I’ve been waiting for SO LONG!! 😁😁😄😄

    Kate the cake

    ​@Mathew Beam 🅥 ppoiiii😊😊

    Owl Towel

    Mostly because they didn’t know the game saves the last turn they started

Mr. Quest

seeing terroriser get upset is one of the funniest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing

    Arjohn Antones

    You have the Pleasurement of Vanossgaming


    well youve yet to even watch the video so


    Bro the video is 43 mins and you commented this the minute it came out

    Times New Roman

    I think you meant hearing?


    ​@Nickstepher Brian posted his version like a couple hours ago

A Laughing Wolf

I’m happy to see panda playing with them here, the mix of panda, Nogla and Brian rage is always good

    Mathew Beam 🅥

    Finally it’s here the clip u looking for:


    hi again wolf


    i see you more than my own mom and dad


I just started watching but I already know 6:11 is the best part

    Brennan Cullis



    The awkward silence is so good

    The super Doge

    a 6 is one 180° horizontal spin away from a 9


    The silence was real


Mario party is too good with y’all. You need to do these more often!

Rogue Ronin

9:16 Brian like a sniper in the grass waiting for this opportunity behind enemy lines lmfao


Vanoss being so unlucky with the star is hilarious, it keeps swapping before he arrives.

Derek Potter (FuwaFuwa)

The subtle pause of Nogla saying 9/11 and everything going silent caught me off guard lol 😂

    First Name Last Name

    There’s audio but Evan cut it out for comedic effect, it’s because on their react channel it said it would be funnier if they took the audio out

    Obama doESn’t care #NFT 𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫

    There was never any audio it was all in your head


    @First Name Last Name Pretty sure they were reacting to a version with the audio edited out, and said it would be funnier if it didn’t have the audio after the pause

    Alex Garcia

    i was drinking water when that happened. nearly spit on my laptop

The voices are getting louder

Vanoss is gradually losing more and more patience with nogla as the videos go on


6:14 the silence had me laughing so hard at night 💀

Killer Assassin

Yes this is on of my favourite series already can tell Brian and nogla shouting and arguing lol😂😂

Shironn Kaito

Having Panda here with them playing Mario Party is incredibly great.

Blue Phoenix99

Bowser being unapologetically nice to Vanoss and Panda was so wholesome

Dalton Chalk

Seeing both Vannoss and Jiggly stand completely still when supposed to hi-five
So funny


You gotta react to more memes with Nogla and terroriser, y’all too funny


Nogla raging may be a classic, but Terrorisers rage is on another different level.


i can tell evan out of gmod or anything he isn’t familiar with, is ever so slightly slower, but we love him nonetheless, his videos make us smile no matter if he wins or loses.

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