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There comes a point when your keyboard or controller is just too nasty and you’ve got to clean it. But what’s the best way? We try out a dozen tech cleaning products from Amazon and AliExpress on the dirtiest hardware we could find!

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Miracle Wipes – don't use on screens!
Color Coral Keyboard Cleaner
OXO KB & Screen Deep Clean
Air Duster
iCloth Wipes – don't use on screens!
Amazon Basics Cleaning Kit
Desktop Vacuum
Desktop Vacuum
7-in-1 Electronic Cleaner Kit
2-in-1 Screen Cleaner
19-in-1 Computer Cleaning Kit
OXO Laptop Cleaner
5-in-1 Keyboard Cleaning Brush
Microfiber Cloths 4pack

Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.



Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:53 We have gross tech.
2:14 Linus' magic goop
4:00 The worst value of all
5:54 Luke's Keyboard is GROSS
8:39 ALL the wipes
13:22 This product sucks
15:55 An enthusiastic little tool
19:06 Final Round
25:44 Teamwork!
27:56 Outro



Xed Malagkit

Nice to see Luke, you should hire him

    Rayyan940 0



    Please dont

    Henry Yau

    He fired him twice technically


    Have to convince the new CEO first. 😂


    ​@Xilebo Lmao😂😂😂😂😂


I really hope I don’t have to see Linus in a cheap maid costume


    Too late


    Turns out Floatplane wants to get into that OF market. Good for them.


    i hope i see more of it


    Would you prefer an expensive maid costume?


    ​@Chrys yes


It already seems like Linus is having more fun with videos, excited for the future in a way I haven’t been since the launch of the content factory


    Yeah, thanks for being a G, Terren.


    Pretty sure he is still the ceo

    Josh Britain

    He’s not stepping down as CEO just yet (6 weeks left I think) and this could well have been filmed before the announcement was even made.


    it has certainly felt that way, I’ve noticed it too. maybe we’re just looking for it subconsciously.

    C James

    @Josh Britain So? Whether this was filmed before the announcement or not, that doesn’t effect the OP’s point… he would already know that he will be stepping down soon, so would (in the OP’s mind, at least) make him happier, lighter, excited etc.

    Not saying I agree, or disagree with the OP’s statement, btw.

Steve-O Grump

It’s important to note that even though the brush might be better than “the goop”, the brush will dislodge debris and push it INTO the monitor, whereas the goop sticks, lifts and takes the debris with it.

    The Joe Tandy

    The best way is usually to run a vacuum nozzle nearby, use a horsehair or softer brush, and *flick* the debris towards the nozzle.


    Goop is the way to go. The best way is non-conductive solvent for a thorough cleaning, but the goop is the second best choice since it will not kick up dust, unlike brushes or vacuum.


    My favorite way to clean is a strong air pressure hose outside and then vacuuming with a small brush nozzle to get whatever might have settled somewhere. But ofcourse most people dont have access to a generator and air pressure hose


In defence of the Oxo stuff: they’re designed to be easy to grip for people with grip problems (arthritis, or nerve damage). So you’re paying the ergonomic premium – but also they’re usually pretty decent and durable.

    James Whale

    The Oxo handheld retractable brush thing with the microfibre pad on the other end is actually great for laptops. Had one for a few years now and it keeps the screen and keyboard squeaky clean. The brush is soft by design so as not to damage laptop keys.

    Skylar Taylor-Barrick

    Yeah, I’m a huge fan of the brand generally, well-designed tools for the kitchen especially that in my experience have held up to justify the premium.

    wobbly sauce

    This… accessibility


It seems like Luke never actually knows when the final sponsor segway will come.. it’s so cute ❤️


I think it would be interesting to see a video about what techniques (or combination of techniques) is the most effective for cleaning a variety of electronics without the “must be from aliexpress” limitation

Dima Ant

This “silly” content of luke and linus is so fun to watch. I hope they had a blast.

    Black Ryan

    Dude they had to of had a blast. I had a blast just watching. 5:25 – I was sitting. I stood up just so I could properly fall to my knees in laughter


    @Black Ryan I did the same thing with the cleaning goop too “that looks like it came off of my keyboard” -Luke


So great to see Linus and Luke in a normal video together again. Always hilarious 😂


    lol “normal”


    It feels like Christmas, WAN Show is obviously great but them just fucking around is always amazing


    Ever notice that Linus when around Luke won’t stop dropping sexual inuendos ? He does that when in videos with his wife too but not as much – when it’s just Luke and himself he gets beyond annoying with them . I think Linus really wants to be noticed / pursued by Luke even going so far as to wear the mad outfit in front of him also . I knew a guy who constantly did this around our gay friend and guess what – turns out he was gay also . . shocker. .

    Either way it isn’t a joke to wear women’s clothing , Linus . This is beyond offensive to trans people everywhere – period .


    @Sabbat Calm down okay? Try looking up what a ‘costume’ is, usually used for ‘acting’

    One Bad Day

    @Sabbat what??? 💀

Victor Lopes

I love these two together, but Linus and Jake is also a. Great combo


Anyone else notice how the laptop completely broke when Linus closed it?! 😂


    It looked so bad.

    Piotrek Rogowski

    I believe it was already broken,
    I own very similar one and it have similar damage (broken hole where hinge screw is screwed)
    I know for what to look at, and I can see this damage much earlier in the video (small gap between top and bottom part of chassis at the corner)


Having cats, that blower thingy (yes, I have one) is actually very useful removing cat hair both from the keyboard and the table. Not dirt or grime, of course, but it blows away hair easy enough.

Danial Onderstal

Love seeing luke and linus playing together, always a great vibe with those two

Etien Jasonson

A note about OXO Good Grips – they’re designed for people with motor control and/or dexterity issues, which sometimes means slightly odd design choices (at least to general users) and slightly steeper prices. Their tech stuff might not be so good, but their kitchen kit is top, top tier.


Linus and Luke have such a good synergy on camera and even David was such a great addition. I love this video.

Timothy Reeves

As a remote worker, the tiny, awful $4 vacuum is AMAZING for quick and relatively quiet crumb cleanup off the mousepad and desk during the inevitable over-lunch meeting.

Mark Lam

The two of you doing competitions are so great – brings back some memories of Scrapyard Wars. We need another Scrapyard Wars series – it’s been long enough and with pricing the way it is today, a refresh is probably worthwhile. Keep up the great work!


After becoming the CVO Linus has a new life in him. Looks happier, is more present on camera and doing crazy wacky stuff again. This is an amazing change for LTT and I’m here for it!


    And he’s not even CVO yet. Got another 5 weeks!

    Matts Koldewijn

    Even the announcement might not have been filmed yet by this shoot…


    @Matts Koldewijn most likely! But the recent wanshow has been really fun and him doing so much goofy stuff just goes to show how tired he was of being the CEO


    @Jord you can already tell the relief on his face ahahah

    Gianni Schicchi

    To all the above, you don’t just announce a CEO swap without having have been planning and hiring a replacement for some time. Even if this is pre-announcement surely the details had already been worked out with the shareholders

Rob Graham

NEED MORE LIKE THIS, these remind me of the older videos it’s awesome to see Linus and Luke together again in vids!


I love all the other hosts on the channel. I start off with that, because the next thing I have to say is that I love Luke and Linus together even more. It’s truly special seeing you two do a goofy video together again. I hope there’s more opportunities for that in the future, even if Luke is still too busy to do it regularly.

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