Do NOT go out in the rain…

Whatever you do please do NOT go out in the rain
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The Lazy Gamer

Seán’s coming out in full force with the horror games recently. I love it!

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Jack said my content is better..


    ​@Joseph #Biden2024 He did not


    @Joseph #Biden2024 ratio


Horror with Jack is just something I crave now


    this is so real

    Lucien The Peacebringer

    Exactly, especially on a Friday night, it’s the best

    Christian Parrish

    ​@Lucien The Peacebringer it’s Monday


    @Christian Parrish 💀


    Good vibes

RoosterKing 7

i miss the old feeling of coming home with no responsibility and watching your vids until nightfall, please never change


    Change is coming for us all 😮

    RoosterKing 7

    @noobRenders the only thing that changes everybody is time. ironically, its just a matter of time until that change takes place

    Normal Creature

    ​@RoosterKing 7 deeeeep

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Jack said my content is better..


    ​@RoosterKing 7maybe change was the friends we made along the way


Jack always making these pure bangers, I truly love it

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Jack said my content is better..

    Cody Roht

    Yes, useless commentary to be ” fUnNy” *applause* truly a baaaaaaaaaangerrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Rayyan BinKashif

    @Joseph #Biden2024 am tried of seeing these kinds of people who just say anything for fame


Whenever i see jack posting a horror video i already know its gonna be a good video

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Jack said my content is better..

Tyler VanDevender

it’s the fact that i grew up with this man. middle school, high school, now here i am in college 🖤

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Jack said my content is better..


    Ey fellow mentally ill college student

    Tyler VanDevender

    @Froxerii love from texas 🖤

    G.H.O.S.T Kid



watching Jack play horror games is like free therapy

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Jack said my content is better..


    ​@Joseph #Biden2024 no he didnt goofy ☠️



    Cody Roht

    Well then, you must not have had it for like 8 years


He has blessed us with another horror video
A day later and I might’ve started to show withdrawal symptoms


    @Cody Roht It truly does doesn’t it

Brittany Taylor

”Thomas Jefferson is an important figure in the history of the universe he was one of the founders of Wendy’s“- Jacksepticeye 2023 😂


    Ahh yes “I invented Wendy’s and I discovered that the universe is in space” – Thomas Jefferson in Sean’s mind.


    Don’t forget December of Incarceration… that was a major part of our history

    z beeblebrox

    @Djentyman It’s Jefferson quoting Shakespeare’s play about the founding of America: “Now is the December of our incarceration”

    Crimson Spirit

    I started wheezing when he said that the character looks like a 30 year old “highschooler” in an 80’s movie XD

Reimi Chacha

I honestly don’t get why people would actively follow a person dressed like them or saying some creepy things like that. Like, my stranger danger senses would sound the alarm and take my butt straight to school.


Crazy how he went from living in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere constantly hitting his hand on a shelf and using books as a tripod for his webcam to being one of the most well known gaming YouTubers out there.


    it really goes to show what a lucky man he is.

    Shooting Star

    Wait..really..?? I didn’t know that..😢😢


    @Shooting Star go back and watch some. they’re still very good despite the jump in technology.


    ​@ModelOmegaTyler lucky? I’d call him hardworking.


    @sutoroberri trust me, i don’t doubt there’s been hard work put it, but a lot of it is luck that people actually enjoyed his videos unlike a lot of youtubers who do the same thing but just fall off.

Michelle DiPalo

Scariest part of the game for me, was the fact that Emily’s bed didn’t have a fitted sheet or any pillows.

    Shiny Firefly

    What about her study desk not having a chair? She’s using a typewriter standing up like that’s totally normal 😅 Emily was already a pod person.

Zed Kon

Horror game with jack is always so relaxing for me, i love to watch it while m going to bed

Chantelle Higgins

Love that the house has a very similar layout to the simpsons! At least the downstairs. Could be a generic floorplan in American houses lol. Love theses old style horror games they are so fun!

    Witch Doctor

    I just put the same comment up! someone else sees it too!!!!


I’d totally want to see a horror game with old school graphics but the monster or whatever is uncomfortably “in the flesh” (realistic looking/high res)


    oh that would be so unsettling i need it

    Leila Moh

    I love the idea of that!


    Oooh yes

    Lightning q267

    Undertale XD

    Lightning q267

    Undertale XD

Just Some Gal

Watching people play horror games is something, but Jack’s gameplay just hits different



Banana Warlock

Keep it coming, Séan. Been watching you from the very beginning of your YouTube career and throughout the years, it has become a routine of mine to watch a new video of yours in bed, before sleep. Even old videos, very often. I know you probably have other things going on and YouTube isn’t what it was back then, and that’s just the natural flow of things. But it’s bittersweet. I miss old YouTube, collaboration videos with others such as PewDiePie and CinnamonToastKen, etc. I know those days won’t come back, and that’s okay. I’ve let go of it. But I have not yet let go of you and your content. It’s what keeps me on YouTube.
It would mean a lot to me if you were to stick around for a long time.
It’s become a thing of comfort.
Thank you.


stormy night + cold room + thick blanket + a hot bowl of ramen + jack’s horror gameplay = perfection


    Stormy? Watch out for the rain abductor.

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