Lisa: Steve Jobs’ sabotage and Apple’s secret burial | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Sabotage, hired goons, and a landfill in Utah: this is a story about the life, death, and afterlife of Apple’s most pioneering flop, the Lisa computer. How it inspired generations of computers to follow; how Steve Jobs championed it, then turned against it; and how an outsider gave it another chance…before Apple closed the door on the Lisa forever. #apple #documentary #film

0:00 Intro
2:04 Chapter 1: Silicon Valley
4:59 Chapter 2: The Outsider
6:57 Chapter 3: Lisa
10:21 Chapter 4: Sabotage
13:38 Chapter 5: The Lisa Professional
19:13 Chapter 6: The Burial
23:08 Chapter 7: The Motives
25:09 Final location of Lisas and Steve's Return
27:04 Sun Remarketing final days

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Andrew Mulert

Hard to imagine Apple getting away with anything like this today.

Ihsan Zulhisam



I’ve been waiting for this release!

Pokhraj Roy

It’s nice to see a new Verge Documentary. Such fun 👏🏽




Didn’t someone recently do a piece on Lisa

Tom M

That’s crazy! But as you said, the amounts of iPhones and other things being thrown out nowadays is so much bigger, and I think businesses like Bob’s could help us with dealing that again. If Apple plays part that is, or if someone forces them to.

Jason Thiner

Keep making more tech documentary! Love this one!

Bob Carzo

Dope documentary. Crazy how a company that touts how “eco-friendly” they are is constantly proven to put roadblocks in front of used equipment, even decades ago.

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