Vanoss Crew goes back to school #shorst

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Ashley Cranfill

Better run for your life before you get clapped up. Run buddy run. Good quick video. Good quality. Wya to go.


Delirious there is a new Mortal Kombat coming out on September 19th 2023


I remember this! Yumi was so damned mad and relatable. “I CAN’T DO BASIC MATH” still makes me laugh to this day. I hope you and your Familylirious are feeling better.

Anthony Barber

Vtuberlirious needs to come back. It’s always funny.

clayton kipp

Math was his weakness. Curse you math!!!😂❤

Mui Wanderer

Hardest school than School in Deathrun


That like 304

Gunner Shirley

Gotta love it when delirious makes a new video especially with the vamps crew rocking it in the episode especially if they call in cartoonz

Allen Earle

It was 1018


    First answer was 604, second equation’s answer was 1409.

vidale gamming

its 604


🧑‍🦼Omuarion 19 youyube 4ktink usa

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