The Downfall of Mobile Gaming

The unfortunate state of Mobile Gaming.
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I miss old mobile gaming so much, just the vibe it gave off.
The good times.


    The Java games were so good, and the first Android games came out. Gameloft and Miniclip had some excellent games.

    Ebuka Ekwu

    Bro just wants likes

    Mattia Giambirtone


    Supreme Calamitas

    @Mattia Giambirtone you need to watch it too little boy


Do you prefer console gaming? Or Mobile Gaming?
On a brighter note – I tested the most Viral TikTok Gadgets and it was every bit as delightful as you’d expect:


    Console, though I mainly use mobile because it is easier to access for me.

    Ebuka Ekwu


    Akanji Rahman

    I prefer console gaming






We might be at a point where just improving the graphics isn’t something most gamers (especially mobile) care much about anymore. The best rated game of the year, Zelda, just dropped and it’s running only old hardware and it’s not gonna be winning any graphical awards.

    Supreme Calamitas

    In my opinion, graphic rewards don’t matter as long as the game is good and fun to play, and it’s accessible.


    it’s running on old hardware because Nintendo doesn’t feel the need to make a new console

    kinsins shogun

    ​@Supreme Calamitas in case, mobile game (the big company) not caring about low end device, the good example is pubg mobile, they give low end device a low graphic and fps selection, but it’s doesn’t work, they just adding more and more skin and effect and make the game laggy

    Sloppy Toons

    I think it might not win any technical awards, but the art direction is nice. You could release a game with the same quality as that on PS5 and people would still buy it.

    alexis dogbo

    yeah, but a lot of newer mobile games look like absolute crap. At least Zelda is appealing art wise…


Mobile games then: Clash of Clans

Mobile games now: *Twerk Race 3D*

    Ya_Dude AndrewYT

    I am Not a Clash of Clans Fan, But I Will Play that Anyday Compared to what is Available Today 😭


    Iam a competitive twerk race player


    ive seen this ad countless times 💀

    Mattia Giambirtone

    At least a comment from someone who ACTUALLY watched the video. Thanks!

    Ya_Dude AndrewYT

    @Miyarumeeha HOLLUP 😳


2D games like Chess and Scrabble are a better mobile experience. The peak of mobile 3D is when it augments a 2D interface like Pokémon Go. Nobody wants to play a fully 3D game without dual-analog or keyboard+mouse.


    Ayy Chocolate rain!!

    Spokinate Edits

    this is so true lol

    Mīćhæł Pīņəß

    I wouldn’t say “nobody”, considering the millions of users who have CODM or PUBG or RR3 or Vegas Gangster etc on their phones

    Joel Conolly

    Agree. Even Pokémon Go is still the gold standard for AR mobile games. Definitely something fun.


    Tell that to the hundreds of millions of players who play PUBG, Cod Mobile and Fortnite.


It’s crazy that we used to only get a couple videos a month and no we’re getting them what feels like everyday! Keep up the great work!

    Prince Edward

    zip it up when you’re done

    JS Creativity

    @Prince Edward 😂


    Nope. The algorithm on YouTube sucks. First video I seen all month. When you 👍🏿 and subscribe” like all subscribers ask you to do it puts the others to the bottom.


Can’t believe you didn’t talk about simple greed on some mobile developers. Most of those mobile game ads look extremely similar, they have no soul to them. These games are made to generate revenue and nothing else. They shove ads in your face, and some charge obscene amounts to remove them.

    Miss Meta

    So true. I just quit playing because it too much.


    he’s done an entire extremely well written video about exactly that. but yeah, could have referenced it for sure.


    He already made a video ro about that


    If a mobile is free, that is the main way they earn money/revenue. Sure they may have purchases available, but if they’re small games with few developers, then it will most likely rely on ads.


    Like @Name3615 said, he always covered that topic in a separate video! Including how sooo many mobile games are just another online casino in disguise😐

0 To 100k Without Any Video’s

Two video’s in less then 24 hours..
This man deserves an award!!❤

Daniella_miranda’s Ways

I used to love mobile games, the main problem now the problem is the developers make the game with only money in mind instead of user playability and money

    Random Apple fan

    Yeah. Graphics quality is problem as well. I got A15 Bionic chip and I can’t use it’s potential because graphics in games is potato quality. People should focus on developing games that look potato on lowest graphics (so that way low end devices can’t handle it) and high end graphics on highest settings (for high end flagships)


    Yeah either it’s all pay to win or 5 minute bootleg garbage filled with ads. The games were good and flavorful when I had an iPod Touch 2g.

    Ben is a Nerd

    That’s every game regardless of platform nowadays, sadly.

    Isan Arditama

    main problem is ads, so many ads

    Filip Ruml

    @Isan Arditama If you turn off your wifi and/or data you can play without ads. Although admittedly that’s not super convenient.

・your non favorite person 👍・

I really miss Infinity Blade, it used to be my most played game and an all-time favorite. I don’t get why they had to delete it from the store

    xavier nic

    Blame the epic and apple battle. Remember it was meant to show how good powerful both iphone and unreal engine were.

    MTKK Productions

    Uh… I think you might have used the wrong brand account ’cause that looks like a legit opinion to me, not a bot comment.

    Sisa Musudroka

    ​@MTKK Productions the bots copy comments now, to seem more real, of course they get more likes(guess why) and the original comment gets buried


    @xavier nic it was removed BEFORE epic got pissy at apple (for no reason, since literally every other store takes a cut of their profits anyways and they were circumventing the tos)


Old school mobile gaming really was something else. Glad there are still some developers like Hoyoverse pushing the boundaries on what mobile games can be.


    I avoid Genshin Impact by a tenfold.

    Remember it’s still a greedy gacha game with lootboxes.

    Plus, I personally found it very boring. I personally don’t understand why’d you do a lot of boring grinding for hundreds of hours, but, your tastes, your time.

    No name 791

    ​@CommentarySheep grinding, yeah, ever heard f2p? If you not want every character, that’s fine

    Gurpreet Singh

    @No name 791 Genshin Impact sucks

    Michael Designs

    ​@Gurpreet Singh Agree

    Ganesh Karhale

    i have heard hoyoverse. they make genshin impact. you call it nice. i call it a huge time waste

Emmanuel Chinedu

2 videos in a day. My respect for you Arun is top tier.
Thank you for keeping me entertained with information

    nott robbot


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