The iPhone is dead. Long live the iPhone.

The iPhone is maybe the most successful gadget in the history of gadgets. But now, 16 years after it was first announced, Apple’s most important device and business is… not dead, not by a long shot, but don’t hold your breath for any big new ideas about how smartphones should work. Instead, Apple is turning to its next huge swing: a mixed-reality headset. But the Reality Pro, or whatever Apple ends up calling it, wouldn’t exist without the iPhone. The phone itself may be boring forever, but the world it created keeps getting more interesting. #apple #iphone #technology

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Yes it’s getting boring however I’m stuck with it because of the software reliability and security.

The Verge

Ted Lasso series finale. How do we feel?


    none of the jokes on Ted Lasso are remotely funny. Who writes this utter dross?

    Ye Liyan

    I feel it’s good to see David back! One of the OG hosts!


    Nice, easy to watch family series


    i dont know who she is sorry.

    Kev Nickel

    Soooooo good.

The Iron Throne

we are now in a plateau phase where iphone sales isn’t as much as it’s used to. iphones used to be half the price at where it’s now and there isn’t much the iphone is capable of doing that older generations can’t do.

La’Dangc-Sui Mienh

I’m good with my iPhone 12 pro max as of now. If iPhone 15 pro max have usb-c, faster charging, 6x optical zoom., then I would get it.


Great video. Hopefully the headset is something helpful and not another screen Apple expects us to shoehorn into our lives.

Akash Singh

Just use the phone and make sure the phone don’t use you,that’s all

Raffaele Fossa

iPhone is boring but it has still the best processor and battery life! I want the pixel to have the same hardware and then I’ll switch! 😂

Dante Bradley

I always thought the iPhone was boring. The iPhone X was the first time I felt excited about one of their phones. They haven’t captured that feeling again. I treat my iPhone like a business/work phone and my Android phones are the ones that bring me excitement.

The day Apple switches from SMS to RCS will be the day that I leave my iPhone behind.


    well said!


    Definitely (probably) not happening. Even if it does – they’ll have an Apple caveat 😅


I can still upgrade my iphone after 5 years it will still do the same thing the latest one does especially for someone who doesn’t really care about cameras. No matter how much you spend you still just scrolling on a diffrent glass

Ricardo Bachmann

Some Dieter Bohn appearances in this video. Miss his reviews

Pokhraj Roy

I mean, there’s a reason why Apple promotes its products AND Ted Lasso 😂

Stonebubble Privat

I’m exited for USB C and sideloading on Iphones. No more 30% apple tax

Pokhraj Roy

2:36 Basically a version of the Google Glass we’ve been waiting to see an update on


Windows phone was the best one. But now that it’s not around so I use my surface go 3 with Windows 11 and the Skype phone number and LTE as my smartphone. However I do have an iphone 13 for some apps that are just not on windows. I’d rather deal with Apple than Google

Pokhraj Roy

Imagine if they had Reality Pro in ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’.


IOS is getting faster, smoother, cooler with animation and all, and way much useful and practical… I think we r entering the era of software evolution especially with help of IA

Pokhraj Roy

It was so nice to attend David’s Ted Talk 😂

Dulaj Dilrukshan

I agree with this idea, they need to do something new this year. After watching google I/O they seems to do try new things and even implement new things to a phone.


Now THAT’S exciting


I love that insight on first gen apple products fundamentally being just iPhones. Makes me believe that this “solution looking for a problem” approach isn’t so bad…

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